Turtle Beach Recon 70 Vs 50X

Many of us want to spend our savings wisely and nicely. For gamers, savings are like blessings. Therefore, they want to spend it on buying gadgets that could prove themselves as long lasting and amazing. Turtle Beach Recon 70 gained immense popularity because of it being the best in an adjustable price. According to many of the gamers claim, it was the best headset within a cheap range as compared to other rivals in the tech community. As if this wasn’t the best deal you could get. Turtle Beach Recon 50X came into action. This no-so-expensive headset has win the confidence of many gamers in a very short period of time. So. The choice between the two often becomes difficult as both are super amazing.

Here in this article, we are going to provide you all the significant features of both. So, even if there comes a riff between Turtle Beach Recon 70 vs. 50X, you get your hands on one in no time.

There is this series of list which compares the former with the later.

Turtle Beach Recon 70Turtle Beach Recon 50X
Impressive design.
Swiping mic.
Decent equalizer.
Comfortable fitting.
Multi-device compatibility.
Trendy design.
Separate mic.
Fair priced.
High vocals disruption.
Distortion on high vocals.
Lack of noise cancellation.
Separate plugin adapter requirement for Xbox.


Both of these headsets are fully made up of plastic. With a plastic body, you can expect nothing but lightness and convenience. The headsets are convenient to wear and add no pressure at all.

Turtle Beach Recon 70 has ear cups are made up of leather. This adds a bit style to the minimal design. The headset is very effective in muffling up extra voices. The background noise cancellation is much effective over here and you listen to the music without any kind of halt. The headband is very comfortable and easily fits up on the head.

Comparing to Recon 70 to Recon 50X is not that much efficient. There is a very little to almost zero muffling of the background noises. Besides, a little bit pressure on head is also reported by many of the users. The headset is not pretty much comfortable to wear on.


Both of the headsets have 40 millimeters speakers which is actually an excellent feature to obtain within a fair range. Turtle Beach Recon 70 provides you with equalizer that is adaptable on all volumes. It means you can expect to find the perfect bass at any kind of volume. Turtle Beach Recon 50X comes with an extra layer of cushioning that gives you finest quality sounds every time. Recon 70 is known for zero distortion whereas its rival is significant for the sound clarity.


Turtle Beach Recon 70 has a well adjustable microphone with an impressive voice quality. It has this amazing mute and unmute feature, where you can easily mute the sound just by a little swiping gesture. It can be unmuted straightly by bringing it in close vicinity of your mouth.

Recon 50X comes with a separate microphone which can then be adjusted right at a twisting corner of the headset. This microphone is an all-purpose microphone. You can use it not only for gaming purposes but for meetings and for vlogging purposes because of the voice clarity. The mic here comes with an in built access which starts functioning right after plugging it in within the headset.


Both the headsets are compatible with the Xbox and PlayStation. There is nothing detachable or additional that comes alongside the headset. Both serve as the plug and play gadgets and both are available in a variety of color range which of course makes it a bit trendy.

Since, the gadgets themselves have simple mechanics of working, therefore the quality also shakes at many places. Unfortunately, you are unable to get the most perfect and right kind of volume controls but still at this price, it’s a fine deal.


Both of these headsets are fairly cheap when compared to their rivals in the market. Recon 70 offers more number of features when compared to Recon 50X. Hence, it becomes a bit pricey too but still you are not wasting your money if you have got your hands upon it. Recon 50X is a gadget made for the content ones who are in search of fairly nice features at fairly nice price.


Both of the headsets bring innovation and quality at suitable rates. The choice to choose one out of them lies totally upon you. If you have got some extra bucks to spend, then go for Recon 70. But, if you are looking for adjusting with your budget that is not much enough, you can settle for Recon 50X. As both the siblings are from the same parent, you won’t find much difference within the quality except at few places. Well! That is because you pay a few extra bucks for Recon 70, so naturally it has got an upper hand in this race of Turtle Beach Recon 70 vs. 50X.