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Sonos One Vs Bose Home Speaker 500: Which to Buy?



Technology has revolutionized everything. There was a time when speakers were only related to the jet black themes with heavy size, which were painful enough to be lifted within public and private plus the limited number of features which made them a not-so-cool gadget.

But, with the advent of technology, the whole connotation attached with the word “speaker” has changed. These gadgets have taken a cool leap and transformed them into one of the most desirable accessories to be used with smart phones because of their design and portability.

Sonos one and Bose Home speaker are getting immense popularity within the tech circles because of their up-to-date features and durability. However, the choice of the finest one out of them still remains a big issue. Here, we have tried to resolve this confusion by jotting down a quick comparison of both.

Sonos OneBose Home Speaker 500
Sleek design.
Double amplification.
Maximum streaming.
Built-in woofer.
Sleek design.
Built in Bose Music app.
Ethernet & Bluetooth.
No Bluetooth.No quality filter.
No double amplification.
Limited streaming options.


The basic design of both the speakers is same. However, Sonos One appears trendier than its rival because of the color catalogue it brings forward in the menu. The choice between black or white grill entirely lies up to your taste. Another good thing over here is the presence of a touch-sensitive control panel, which is delicate enough to initiate the system on a go. Both of the speakers are 16cm talk, so the portability is commendable and both easily mix up with the kind of device from which you are controlling them.

Sonos is built with the wireless audio tech functionality. You are hardly going to find out any loophole in this little beast. Bose, on the other hand is adorned with six different presets which can be customized just to access the radio or streaming sites.


Sonos One and Bose Home Speaker 500 are interesting in terms of their connectivity. Both of them provide the Ethernet support, in case your Wi-Fi is malfunctioning which means there is no concern for bad signaled internet.

Voice assistance is turning into the basic requisite for users today. So, there is a good news with respect to the voice assistance. Both the speakers have the voice assistance feature within them, which means that you can have access to both the Google Assistant and Siri or Alexa. Another good news for the Apple users is the availability of Airplay 2 which means you can easily share your music gallery with other users.

Sonos has one down side as compared to its rival Bose. It only supports Wi-Fi connection and doesn’t have the Bluetooth feature within it unlike its rival. But offers streaming over more than twenty different music streaming websites including Spotify, Deezer and Amazon music which is absent within Bose. Bose however has a separate Bose Music App which is specifically built to keep a track of all the offline and online music distinctively.


Bose comes with a full range driver alongside a 360 degrees sound deflector. Sonos on the other hand has a tweeter, alongside a mid-woofer. The best part is the presence of two class-D digital amplifier which give the finest sound. Here you get to find the crispiest sound ever with a special focus on low and high tones.

The melodies in terms of their tone quality are presented. It does not follow the full loud mode in a blind mode unlike various other speakers available within the market. But, it is known for playing sounds likewise their intensity. This rhythmic pattern lacks within its rival where all the tones are identified and played in a singular pattern which adds a very uniform taste in the musical cuisine.


There is not much difference in between the battery life of both the speakers. However, Bose Home Speaker 500 aces the battery time completely by lasting up for a 12 good hours compared to the 10 hours of Sonos one. Within standby mode, both have almost 20 and 22 hours of playback time. Both the speakers are rechargeable and use a type-c USB port for charging.


Sonos OneBose Home Speaker 500
Audio outputTwo Class-D digital amplifiers, one tweeter, and one mid-wooferTwo custom drivers
MicrophoneSix microphone arrayEight microphone array
LCD DisplayNAYes
Adjustable bass and trebleYesYes
Stereo outputOnly when paired with another speakerYes
Streaming services supported50+Spotify, Amazon, Pandora, SiriusXM, Deezer, iHeartRadio
Humidity resistantYesNo
Alexa and Google AssistantYesYes
Wi-fi network2.4GHz2.4 & 5GHz
AUX portNoYes
Ethernet portYesNo


There is a difference of almost hundred to eighty bucks in between prices of both the speakers. Sonos one’s price range initiates at $180 and reaches up to $200. However, Bose Home Speaker 500 has an affordable range starting from $140, thus making the deal easier for many.


Sonos one is hands down the best portable speaker available within the tech market. Its distinction in terms of streaming variety and double amplification gives a crisp tone to the sound. So, you get an amazing listening experience over here. Though, it is a little bit expensive compared to the other portable speakers yet the sound refines over here makes it more desirable purchase. So, if you are thinking about saving these holidays for the sake of quality, go for Sonos one.

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