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Sonos One vs Apple HomePod: Which is Better for you?



Smart speakers have become the new sensation of tech towns with their amazing controls. The traditional concept of speakers has been revolutionised with the advent of the smart speakers. Many leading tech brands are stepping into this area for the development of portable, smart technology enabled speakers which can prove their worth in front of the user.

Sonos One is one of the finest speakers coming from Sonos and available within the tech market right now because of the innumerable features it offers. On the other hand, Apple has recently stepped into the development of a personalised smart speaker which can bless the tech market with its amazing features. Many of the users have become confused in order to select one among them because the quality of Sonos and the name of Apple both clash with each other at the time of purchase.

In this article, we have listed all the major distinctions which are present in between both the devices segregating each one from the other.

Sonos OneApple HomePod
Sleek design.
Tweeter along with woofer.
Maximum amplification.
Virtual assistance support.
Elegant design.
Powerful drivers.
360 degrees deflection.
Wireless charging.
Smart controls.
No Bluetooth support.Limited compatibility.
Limited online music streaming.


Sonos one has a sleek design with two basic themes. The jet black theme looks very sophisticated whereas the lighter theme appears so refreshing. The size is “smart” constituting a 16cm which is the same in HomePod too.

Apple HomePod is very elegant(we all know how elegant devices it manufactures). Apple follows the pattern of delicacy and smoothness in the development of HomePod.

A default white theme looks very soothing. If looked from a closer perspective, HomePod is much desirable than Sonos one because of its characteristic elegance and the back has a smooth texture making it desirable for most of the users.

In terms of build, Sonos one comes with double digital amplifiers along with a tweeter, carrying a mid-way woofer within it. These features give Sonos one an extra edge over HomePod because of its double amplification.

HomePod on the other hand has some powerful acoustic drivers along with the 360 degrees acoustic deflector too. This build up gives HomePod an excellent control over the sound system.


Both of the speakers work differently with regard to the features they carry within them. Sonos one offers Wi-Fi and Ethernet control alongside having the Airplay 2, which gives you ability to share your music with other users in vicinity. However, Apple HomePod has Bluetooth, AirPlay 2, Wi-Fi and Ethernet. Despite the presence of Bluetooth feature over here in Apple HomePod, we all know that Bluetooth won’t be functional except on the devices supported by Apple. This makes the situation difficult for non-Apple users, who are in search of an all-in-one kind of speaker.

In terms of streaming, Sonos one offers a variety of available options to select. It gives you access to all the eminent streaming websites including Spotify, Deezer and Amazon Music along with twenty other streaming options. All you need to do is to make an account on the official Sonos app and control the rest of the functions via it. It allows access to both the virtual assistants including Google Assistant and Siri. Both of these are easily accessible here and hence you find diverse aid plus streaming.

Since HomePod is Apple’s origin, therefore, it only allows you limited streaming over Apple Tunes, it’s own music library and doesn’t provide any additional kind of support. This is the biggest downside of Apple HomePod , that here in the form of virtual assistant you only get Siri or Alexa and in the aspect of providing online streaming, you can merely connect yourself with Apple’s own music gallery.


It’s difficult to deduce any single result from both of them in terms of the quality of sound they provide. However, many of the users report that Apple’s tone mixing capacity is the perfect one being found so far and hence gives it a brilliant sounding quality with advanced filters and clarity.

However, Sonos one’s double amplification and woofer correspond with each other in order to boost up sounds according to their characteristic tonal quality which itself gives fresh kind of music. But, it is the 360 degree acoustic deflection of HomePod which gives sound a reverberating nature.


Both of them are rechargeable with a diverse battery life of their own. Sonos one’s battery lasts up to 10 hours whereas the amazing battery of HomePod can take sounding pressure for as long as 12 hours in a row, which is quite efficient in terms of performance. Both of them have a type-c USB battery charging port, whereas HomePod is also made adaptable to wireless charging.


Sonos OneApple HomePod
Size4.8″ x 4.8″ x 6.4″5.6″ x 5.6″ x 6.8″
Voice controlYesYes
Virtual AssistantAlexaSiri
Multiroom audioYes (Sonos, AirPlay 2)Yes (AirPlay 2)
BluetoothNoYes (not for music playback)
Smart home controlYesYes (HomeKit)
Line outNoNo


There is a sharp difference in between prices of both devices. Apple’s HomePod falls in a premium range of almost two hundred bucks and continues with different price limits from over there. However, Sonos One despite being expensive yet lags behind its rival in terms of the speaker price and stands at some 180 bucks varying accordingly from this value.


Now this is the actual question: which one you should think of buying out of these two. Apple’s HomePod is a very good option if you want to get the finest existing sound quality which lays special focus on high and low tones. But, with this, you should keep in mind that HomePod’s features will suit you most, only if you have an Apple device by default, since it draws its controls from the default Apple device. Hence, making it compatible with all other non-Apple devices would be a bit difficult. For those, Sonos one is a great option.

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