Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 Vs Momentum True Wireless

Sennheiser is acknowledged for bringing out innovation within tradition. It has given a new dimension to the conventional earbuds via its diverse range. This range encompasses all the latest features found within every new headset. From its Momentum series, Wireless 1 and Wireless 2 were regarded as new beasts of the tech town coming within the close competition of each other. Both of them are giving a tough time to all other active competitors of the tech market. Wireless 1 is known for its active noise cancellation, whereas its competitor gives crystal-clear sound quality. However, some of the features in both of the headphones are contrasting.

In this article, we are going to provide you all the genuine reasons behind this race of Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 vs. Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 1.

Momentum True Wireless 2Momentum True Wireless 1
Flexible fabric.
Magnetic Protection.
Bluetooth 5.1.
The auto pause and play.
Presence of “Cycle”.
Smart controls.
Inbuilt equalizer.
Comfortable ear tip range.
Adept sound separation.
Excellent bass.
Smart controls.
Limited battery time.
Limited battery life.
Lack of multi-compatibility.
Sticky fabric.
No advanced noise cancellation.


Sennheiser is specifically known for its amazing design. Wireless 2 is an embodiment of this. It comes in a steel case covered with really comfortable fabric with magnets within the case. It is to prevent the earbuds from falling off. On the other hand, Wireless 1 comes with a steel case too but the fabric here is kind of sticky and sticks to every surface coming in contact. This becomes annoying sometimes.

Both of these earbuds are comfortable enough to wear on and come in three different ear tip sizes ranging from small, medium, and large. Apart from that, both have type-c USB charging which becomes convenient.


Within Wireless 2, you get 7.2 mm drivers which specialize in low and medium tones. Besides, an inbuilt equalizer helps you equalize sounds according to your own needs through Sennheiser smart control app. The active noise cancellation over here is perfect and you get the clearest sound while being on call. The cycle is the new name for innovation over here providing you your voice quality during a call. Wireless 1 is perfect for crystal-clarity and perfect bass alongside sound separation. Yet, at some points, the sound gets a bit mushy here.


Both of these earbuds are provided with two pairs of microphones for a clear-cut voice. However, Wireless 1 has stereo mics on both of the earbuds on the outsides, so you can expect to get high-quality sound over here. Another important feature of both is the mode of transparent hearing which is an additional feature provided by the mic located inside. They clear out all the chief noises as per your controls and thus you can easily hear to the clearest sounds while there is no distortion within the microphones during you speak.


Both the earbuds have an inbuilt Bluetooth feature. Wireless 2 has an upgraded version of Bluetooth 5.0. It has Bluetooth 5.1 within it. Whereas, the rival has Bluetooth 5.0 within it. Both of the earbuds support Google voice assistant. The interesting addition to this tale is that Wireless 2 is compatible with Apple’s music and it also supports Siri. Besides, with the help of the Sennheiser smart control app, you are provided with the feature of autoplay & pause within Wireless 2.


There is a huge difference between the battery life of the two. Wireless 2 earbuds have an approximate battery life of 7 hours. With the help of case, this battery tally reaches up to 28 hours which is a good deal. In Wireless 1, the earbuds have a battery life of 4 hours with additional 16 hours with the case. Both of them have lightning LEDs located on the case which serves as an indicator for the battery.


“Greater the benefits, greater is the worth.” This becomes true while talking about Wireless 2 which has a greater number of fascinating features. It comes at a high price, which again is too high than its rival. Compared to Wireless 1, here you are supposed to spend almost 100 more bucks. Well! That is huge no doubt but just as every valuable thing has its value set. Its features justify the expensive rates too. On the other hand, Wireless 1 is cheaper than it but has a limited number of features within a limited pricing range.


If looking from a point of view of comparison, Wireless 2 beats its sibling in the game of features. No one can deny its power when it comes to the latest smart control features present within it. However, this beast is not meant for those having a tight budget because of its elevated price. If you think you can pay a hundred or so extra bucks on Wireless 1, you should think of buying it then. Otherwise, within a budget that is run by savings, you should think more wisely and Wireless 1 can be a fine choice in that case.