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Tab S7 Vs Tab S7 Plus: Which Samsung Galaxy Tablet You Should Buy?



Tab S7 Vs Tab S7 Plus

Samsung has proved its credibility to the entire tech world by the introduction of the historic yet perfect Galaxy series. The concept of a traditional tablet is altered with the introduction of the latest models introduced by Samsung under its flagship Galaxy.

The tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus is winning many hearts because of its prodigious size, the perfectly functioning processor, and a display that is nothing but an epitome of uniqueness all along. This tablet has also gotten some major camera changes this time and these changes are evident from its very design.

Its sibling the fairly popular Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 is also in the race because it bears a close resemblance with the former one. Here the size is also fantastic with the camera feature all set for a revolution. The processor is fabulous with an efficient chip system constituting the entire functioning of this tech beast.

This article gives you an idea about all the basic features which have made these siblings close rivals of each other. So that you can get a fine idea about the new choice of the tech market this winter, which can be a suitable gift option for you during the holidays.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus
Metal built.
Durable display.
Fine color combination.
IPS technology.
Octa-core processor.
Stylus support.
Metallic design.
Ultra-HD display.
Finest resolution.
4 stereo speakers.
Perfect rear camera.
Favorable battery life.
Précised stylus.
No 3.5mm audio jack.
Small display screen.
No 3.5mm audio jack.


Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 PlusSamsung Galaxy Tab S7
Dimensions11.22 x 7.28 x 0.22 inches (285 x 185 x 5.7 mm)9.99 x 6.51 x 0.25 inches (253.8 x 165.3 x 6.3 mm)
Weight20.81 oz (575.0 g)17.71 oz (502.0 g)
MaterialsBack: AluminumBack: Aluminum
Biometrics2D Face unlock, In-screen fingerprintFingerprint (touch)
ColorsMystic black, Mystic bronze, Mystic silver, Phantom navyPhantom navy

Since both of them are siblings of each other. So, there are no special differences noted between their basic builds. The framework which serves as the backbone of the tablet is trendier with the presence of aluminum.

The aluminum frame adds strength and durability to the structure of the tablets besides giving them a stylish touch. It also appears at the backside of both the brothers satisfying the rules of aesthetics. The glass front is durable enough to prevent minor scratches.

One thing which needs to be highly admired within all tablets of Samsung is the presence of the fantastic theme colors as an integral part of its original design. The same rule repeats itself in both of the newly introduced siblings.

You get the surprise of three different themes within both of the models. Each one comes with the essential Mystic Black, Mystic Bronze, and Mystic Silver. All three of the themes add decency and improve the overall look of the tablet.

When it comes to the weight, we get to see Tab S7 behaving as the younger sibling being a light-weight wizard. It has 498g mass which makes it quite a baby in the world of giant tabs. Tab S7 Plus however comes with a reasonable weight of 575g and is comparatively heavier than the younger ones.

Both of the new models add a tiara within their final looks by supporting the very necessary stylus whose latency within Tab S7 Plus is better than that of Tab S7.


Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 PlusSamsung Galaxy Tab S7
Size12.4 inches11.0 inches
Resolution2800 x 1752 pixels, 266 PPI2560 x 1600 pixels, 16:10 ratio, 274 PPI
TechnologySuper AMOLEDLCD
Features84.65 %83.62 %
Front cover displayHDR support, Ambient light sensorHDR support, Ambient light sensor

Prominent differences exist when we move to the display factor. The foremost is the availability of contrasting display technologies within both. Tab S7 Plus has the Super AMOLED display technology which means we are going to get a better picture over here with maximum color combinations.

The other one, Tab S7 has the magnificent LTPS IPS display which verifies the presence of great pixel quality over here. Both of them come into action with the same refresh rate of 120Hz.

Another major difference exists between the displays of both devices. Tab S7 being the younger sibling lags in its screen size too. You get to find an 11.0 inches screen here which is fine in terms of the picture quality but is not enough to quench your thirst of fulfilling a movie-like impact with the help of a mere tablet. The screen within Tab S7 plus is 12.4 inches which is quite astounding and amusing at the same time.

The resolution also gets some changes within each of the models. Tab S7 Plus has a fine quality resolution compared to the other one. Here the resolution rate is 1752×2800 pixels which is quite a number approving the ultra-HD quality. While the other member of the clan, the younger Tab S7 has a resolution rate of 1600×2560 pixels with much-distorted pixel density as compared to the other one.


Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 PlusSamsung Galaxy Tab S7
RearDual cameraDual camera
Main camera13 MP (PDAF)13 MP (PDAF)
Second camera5 MP (Ultra-wide)5 MP (Ultra-wide)
Video recordingYesYes
Front8 MP8 MP
HeadphonesNo 3.5mm jackNo 3.5mm jack
SpeakersMultiple speakersMultiple speakers
FeaturesDolby AtmosDolby Atmos

These days every single smart device is all about its camera. The same camera quality is maintained within both of the tablets from Galaxy’s latest inventory. The rear cameras of both the devices come with the same quality of lenses involving both the wide and ultra-wide angles. Yes! You got that right. This time, we get tablets which too come with dual cameras just like that of the phone. The rear wide-angle camera is of 13MP in both, which accentuates with the 5MP lens of the ultra-wide lens.

The selfie game is quite obvious over here with the help of up-to-date camera technology. This brings the 8MP selfie camera close to perfection with the help of its HDR and panorama selfies. The selfies taken within both of the tablets are more like a phone camera in terms of the perfection attached to them. The ultra-HD video recording is another pro feature constituting the functioning of both the devices.

The audio within both of the tablets is of the same crisp level by the presence of 4 stereo speakers. The presence of four speakers within each tablet makes both of the sound systems fantastic and crisp. But, if you think about getting hands free audio, then you need to be prepared for the wireless earbuds since you don’t find the necessary 3.5mm audio jack over here.


Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 PlusSamsung Galaxy Tab S7
System chipQualcomm Snapdragon 865+ SM8250-ABQualcomm Snapdragon 865+ SM8250-AB
ProcessorOcta-core, 3000 MHz, Kryo 585, 64-bit, 7 nmOcta-core, 3000 MHz, Kryo 585, 64-bit, 7 nm
GPUAdreno 650Adreno 650
Internal storage128GB128GB

Both of the siblings are adorned by the fantastic Qualcomm SM8250 Snapdragon 865+ chipset which is powerful enough to carry the entire system of the tablets on its shoulder. To assist this magnanimous chip, we get an Octa-core processor in both of the tablets whose processing speed is surprisingly the best. You can trust the 3.09GHz speed as taking up the processing to the next level.

Both of the tablets come with two different RAM variants to increase their already detailed list of attributes. You get to find 6GB and 8GB RAM variants both coming into action along with the varying storage memory capacities ranging from 128GB to 512GB which means utter perfection. If you want to expand your storage memory capacity, then you do get the micro-SD card option to consider.


Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 PlusSamsung Galaxy Tab S7
Device typeTabletTablet
OSAndroid (11, 10), Samsung One UIAndroid (11, 10), Samsung One UI

No difference exists between the software features of both devices. Since both of them originate from the same parent that is Galaxy. So you find the essential Samsung One UI 2.5 existing within both of them. This gives you the latest Samsung security features and complete accessibility to the Galaxy store.

Android 10.0 is the latest software managing the whole performance of both the tablets. This software after the latest upgrade has become more improved than ever. The latest messaging app and multiple additions within the Google family, its play services, and increased in-app security are what you get from both the tablets.


Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 PlusSamsung Galaxy Tab S7
Capacity10090 mAh8000 mAh
TypeNot user replaceableNot user replaceable
ChargingFast charging
Max charge speedWired: 45.0WWired: 45.0W

The Li-Po ion batteries within the laptops are non-removable, having variable battery capacities in each one of them. Varying battery capacities are a reason behind the minute differences existing within the battery lives of both devices. Since Tab S7 is the younger one hence the battery capacity also lags behind the other one. Here, on average you get a battery capacity of 8000mAh which is of course a big figure but not big enough to beat the 10090 battery capacity of the Tab S7 Plus.

As we have mentioned earlier, the due battery capacities are a reason to describe their battery lives as well. Hence, Tab S7 Plus approximately lasts up to 11 hours in total whereas the stand-by time for our second competitor Tab S7 is 9 hours which is not bad at all. Both of the tablets support fast charging which adds a bit of sparkle.


The price varies from the mediocre range to the premium one. Tab S7 comes in a budget friendly range which is quite manageable for most of the buyers. Initiating with $600 it presents a wide range of features to the clientele.

You can also expect to find some great holiday discounts on the price of both the tablets. As we move to the second tablet, the mighty Tab S7 Plus comes at a premium price starting at $800 which is a bit expensive for those who want to go for advanced features in a budget-friendly range.


It can be claimed that Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 both are siblings to each other. The reason behind this is the presence of innumerable similar features present within both. Though Tab S7 Plus has more features and some of the features already present within Tab S7 are renovated over here which makes it the hottest choice.

You get to find the finest camera qualities and battery timings with a processor all geared up with the characteristic essence of Samsung embedded within it. So, it can be a fine deal to get it because of the adorable smart screen size and an Ultra-HD display which has matchless qualities. However, if your budget prevents you from buying it. You can consider Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 a fine choice in that case.

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