Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Vs Tab A 10.1

Samsung’s Galaxy series was widely acknowledged because of the arrival of Tab A which ensured sheer ease. The users for the very first time got to find a smart gadget with a simple design that was easier to use. This series renovated itself every year a bit and this year we find a very dominant change in the overall design of the device. But, on a deeper look, you will find out that it’s more than just design. It’s bringing you improved features at your doormat.

The latest from the A series is Tab A7. This time Galaxy has changed everything transforming it into a minimum-sized beast. The impressive camera quality, amazing processing speed, mesmerizing design, and superb sound system are the new gifts wrapped in the box of A7. These features have made this simple gadget an exquisite one with a traditional touch.

Tab A 10.1 comes in close rivalry with its sibling because of its advanced design, sound features, and reliability which is a characteristic feature of Samsung. This model is known for its up-to-date style and fascinating features including battery life and perfect sound.

If you are still wondering to get one of them. Give a quick read to the detailed features of both these siblings to get a better understanding of their grandeur. Here is a detailed list of both the tablets.

Galaxy Tab A 10.1Galaxy Tab A7
Sleek design.
TFT (WUXGA) technology.
Front and rear camera.
Dolby atoms supported.
Affordable price.
Metallic design.
High-resolution display.
TFT (WUXGA+) technology.
Dolby atoms supported.
Immense battery life.
Low storage memory.
No camera flash.
Less RAM.
No S voice.
No S pen.
No S voice.
No Stylus pen.


Galaxy Tab A 10.1Galaxy Tab A7
Dimensions9.65 x 5.88 x 0.3 inches (245.1 x 149.4 x 7.6 mm)9.75 x 6.20 x 0.28 inches (247.6 x 157.4 x 7 mm)
Weight16.54 oz (469.0 g)16.79 oz (476.0 g)
MaterialsBack: AluminumBack: Aluminum
ColorsBlack, Gold, GrayDark gray, Silver, Gold

The basic built of both tablets are similar to each other. The design material is aluminum alloy, which means you are going to get a metallic elegant touch within your handy device. The design of 10.1 A diverts more towards portability. This means you are not going to face any weight-related issue over here.

Tab A 10.1 is lightweight supporting the essential minimalistic requisite. This cute little tablet weighs about 469g which is amazing because who doesn’t need a tab that is handy enough to be a partner of every single event without consuming much space.

Tab A7 has comparatively more weight than its rival. The weight is almost 477g, yes, it’s much for an ordinary tablet. But you need not worry because you are not going to feel the “heaviness” at all because of the stylish easy-to-handle design.

The theme colors are the same within both of the models. You get to find three amazing theme colors within Tab A 10.1, its Gray, Gold, and Black. The same theme colors are present within A7 with an exception of plum color. The theme colors are quite decent for a minimal selection.



Galaxy Tab A 10.1Galaxy Tab A7
Size10.1 inches10.4 inches
Resolution1920 x 1200 pixels, 16:10 ratio, 224 PPI2000 x 1200 pixels, 5:3 ratio, 224 PPI
TechnologyIPS LCDTFT
Screen-to-body80.80 %78.94 %
FeaturesAmbient light sensorAmbient light sensor

The display is indeed a work of art in its real version. The display size varies in both of the models through the picture quality is the same with a few variations here and there.

Tab A 10.1 comes with a splendid 10.1 inches screen, supported by corner-to-corner view technology. This means you are going to find minimal bezels over here to let you watch all your favorite movies with a mini-cinema effect. The display quality is too nice to be described, which can be credited to its high resolution estimating a pixel value of 1920 x 1200pixels.

Tab A7 is known for its gigantic 10.4 inches screen, thus enabling you to watch anything with sheer perfection, making you forget that you are using a tablet. The resolution over here is beyond perfection. You find a resolution of 2000×1200 pixels which justifies its giant size. You can believe that here you are going to get a pleasant surprise concerning the size and picture choice.

The technology hired in both of the tablets shows a bit of distinction in terms of quality. Tab A7 is known for the TFT technology alongside (WUXGA+) feature. On the other hand, its potential rival, Tab A 10.1 comes with TFT technology with a mere (WUXGA) feature in its surprise chest.



Galaxy Tab A 10.1Galaxy Tab A7
RearSingle cameraSingle camera
Main camera8 MP (Autofocus)8 MP (Autofocus)
Video recording1920×1080 (Full HD) (30 fps)1920×1080 (Full HD) (30 fps)
Front5 MP5 MP
SpeakersMultiple speakersMultiple speakers
FeaturesDolby Atmos, Album art cover, Background playbackDolby Atmos

The camera quality doesn’t show much of differences because of being closely related to each other. However, some of the users have reported that the camera of Tab A7 offers better quality pictures because of its auto-light adjustments.

Both the tablets do come with a rear and front camera, although the camera flash lacks within both of them. Yet, the rear camera is a great deal offering you an 8 MP quality with innumerable in-built effects and camera settings. You don’t get to find better.

Panorama shots over despite the presence of this feature. Maybe the chief reason behind this is the pixel distortion which is faced by usually in low light conditions. The front camera is much impressive in terms of taking selfies because of its admirable focus and a 5 MP camera. This makes both of the tablets raise their bar within the presence of other market rivals because not every tablet has a front camera which can take really good photos.

Tab A7 has Quad speakers supporting Dolby atoms sound technology which means a certainty to get a refined quality sound. On the contrary, dynamic dual speakers of Tab A 10.1 are no less than any premium quality speaker. They are supported by Dolby Atoms which is also persistent within the rival.

The presence of this technology signifies that the quality of sound within both of the tablets is straightly going to be out of this world.


Galaxy Tab A 10.1Galaxy Tab A7
System chipSamsung Exynos 7 7904Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 SM6115
ProcessorOcta-core, 1800 MHz, ARM Cortex-A73 and ARM Cortex-A53, 64-bit, 14 nmOcta-core, 2000 MHz, Kryo 260, 64-bit, 11 nm
GPUMali-G71 MP2Adreno 610
Internal storage128GB32GB, available to use: 19.5 GB
Storage expansionmicroSDXC up to 512 GBmicroSDXC up to 1000 GB

Both of the giants come with an Octa-Core processor, though the processing speeds vary as we dig deep into this tunnel of processing information. The processing rate of Tab A7 is very impressive, as it stands apart with a speed as wonderful as 2.3GHz which means you’re going to open your apps without any freezing session and multi-tasking is very convenient within this speed range.

The processing speed of Tab A 10.1 is 1.6GHz which seems so minute in comparison with the breathtaking processing speed of its rival. However, this speed still manages a large number of programs’ organizations alongside multi-tasking. The RAM over here is not much desirable because of a low count. The RAM here is merely 2GB which is indeed surprising because this RAM limit these days seems too insufficient and outdated.

RAM within Tab 7 is 3 GB which can be accepted with an open heart because it is too splendid in terms of its performance. Despite, a low RAM, you get to find an amazing processing speed that equalizes everything perfectly. What else one can ask for from such a smart device?

The storage memory sharply cuts each other within the battlefield. Tab A7’s storage memory is indeed a wonder reaching up to 64GB, which is indeed good news for you. This can let you manage all your essentials to stay in a single place. While the furious sibling lags with a 32GB memory of its own.

Both the tablets support a micro-SD card but the expandable memory differs in both of the devices. Tab A7 comes with a 1TB micro-SD compatibility which is again huge. While the rival also impresses with a 518GB expandable memory.



Galaxy Tab A 10.1Galaxy Tab A7
Device typeTabletTablet
OSAndroid (10, 9.0 Pie)Android 10

Both of the devices have Samsung as their parent, so you can expect to get the latest One UI 2.5, which has just been announced in both. This gives you access to the Galaxy store, Samsung’s in-built apps, device control, auto hotspot feature, and advanced security settings.

The Android 10 upgrade is also responsible for adding more colors to the rainbow of functioning, which takes you into another land by the advanced Google settings, new look for Google associated apps, fast browsing, and the all-new Google play services which are renovated to bless your tab with the finest features round the operating system.



Galaxy Tab A 10.1Galaxy Tab A7
Capacity6150 mAh7040 mAh
TypeLi – Ion, Not user replaceableNot user replaceable

The battery capacity of Tab A7 is 6,820 mAh, which explains its massive strength and durability in terms of battery power. We get to find a battery time as long as 15 hours. Even then it’s not a big deal to charge it in an instant up to levels you cherish because this tab is fast chagrining supported up to 15W. So now be free from the fuss of plugging in your tab to the charger repeatedly.

Tab A 10.1’s battery capacity also reflects some decent numbers estimating at 6,150 mAh. This number, though doesn’t match its competitor’s strength, still serves to give you active 11 hours which isn’t a bad deal.



There is a sharp difference between the prices of both of the devices. Tab A7 is available in a premium range starting from $270, which of course becomes expensive for many of those whose budget is stiff. So, the sibling Tab A 10.1 comes to the refuge of money savers and makes itself available at a rate as affordable as $200. Well! That’s a very amazing deal indeed.


Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 is undoubtedly the champion of this tab-to-tab battle. The gigantic size, enormous features, massive battery time, thin screen, metallic design, and immense storage space all equally contribute towards its win and make it lead with a visible difference from its rival. The premium price shouldn’t be a big deal for you because the price matches the premium feature, which it offers. This justifies it as being a “premium” gadget. If the price is still disturbing you, then you can always turn towards the rival Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1.