Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Vs Lenovo Tab M10

Samsung Galaxy series is considered the leading mobile series compared to its competitors present within the market. The adaptability of Galaxy tabs and mobiles makes it a hot favorite for most of the clientele. We all know, how advanced is technology getting within the Galaxy series. Galaxy series is known for renovating its older design with nothing but a bunch of new ideas and some fresh and latest technology.

This can be perfectly comprehended by the arrival of Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 within the techno-world. The tablet is known all over the tech kingdom because of its smart design and next-level security features. The plus point of the tab is its long-lasting battery which is considered “refined and renewed” by many of the tech experts.

Despite, the significance of Tab A7, at the moment there are several other tablets which have left their impression on the mind of users and they simply can’t get enough of that. This becomes true for the latest Lenovo Tab M10, which is regarded as a “finely cracked deal” because of the versatile features it offers ranging from the basic design to its software incorporated within it.

It is indeed a very difficult task to select one out of both which can serve as the new ruling king within the techno-land. For you, we are coming up with features that are highly variable within both. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Lenovo Tab M10Galaxy Tab A7
IR camera.
High-resolution display.
Octa-core processor.
Dual Speakers.
Expandable memory up to a TB.
Modern design.
One UI 2.5.
Advanced security settings.
Short battery life.
Limited theme colors.
No fast charging.
Less expandable memory support.
No Stylus pen.
No S voice assistant.
Less RAM.


The design plays an important role in the selection of a smart gadget. The same is the case with both of our selected devices. Tab A7 comes with a metallic design with aluminum as its chief building material. The metallic touch looks very trendy meeting the criteria of elegance. Themes within Tab A7 include the default Black, Silver, Plum, and Gray setting the bar high for others.

Lenovo Tab M10 also adds a metallic taste in its build which is quite appealing. Here again aluminum fills its sacred duty by being the significant building material. The design is quite modern over here and seems to fascinate you a lot. Tab M10 comes in two contrasting themes. One is Iron Gray and the other one is Platinum Gray, so you are going to find minimalistic design over here.

Tab M10 is quite lightweight when is compared to the rival Tab A7. A weight of 460g fulfills the criteria of a modern light-weight tab carrying convenience within the tech-encrypted veins. Tab A7’s weight is 476g, which looks like a bit more but then the features which are contributing to its build are enormous. So, you can assume that within Tab A7 gigantic features lead to the prodigious size.


Tab A7 comes with an excellent display size of 10.4 inches which means you are going to enjoy your movie time, just like the way you do within the cinemas. Tab M10 also remains in the lead with a 10.3 inches screen. The screen quality is quite impressive, so you should be assured of the crystal clarity over here.

Tab A7 is known for the corner-to-corner view feature which means the presence of minimum bezels and more screen to view the picture more clearly. The technology used for the adoration of the tab is TFT (WUXGA+) which ensures an excellent picture with millions of color combinations and brightness adjustment features. Hence, the next level technology present over here exactly explains why this tab comes in the list of the best.

Tab M10’s display is very impressive because of the 90% screen-to-display ratio. This means that you are going to find out an extremely smooth screen within it with very low distortion because of the display technology employed within it. The display technology found over here is IPS, renewing itself with some of the best display features like a 10-point multi-touch feature and wide-angle viewing display.

The picture resolution quality is almost the same within both of the devices. Though, Tab A7’s resolution rate seems to take the lead over here with a resolution quality of 2000x1200pixels. Still, the 1920x1200pixels resolution quality of Tab M10 becomes successful in its attempt to keep the attention of the users towards it.


So, we have to share an interesting fact about the camera of Tab M10 which is related to its camera. Now is the right time to disclose it before you, so the good news is within this little beast, you get to find an IR camera which better picture taking ability as compared to its rival Tab A7.

So, we have to share an interesting fact about the camera of Tab M10 which is related to its camera. Now is the right time to disclose it before you, so the good news is within this little beast, you get to find an IR camera which better picture taking ability as compared to its rival Tab A7.

Tab A7 is known for the presence of its extremely smart Quad speakers which are known for the mesmerizing sensitivity possessed by them. Our competitor also doesn’t want to lag within this race. So it comes with dual stereo speakers with precise sound detectors. Tab A7’s speakers are however the perfect one for their bass and environment settings.


The presence of a Qualcomm SM6115 blesses Tab A7 with a speed of 2.3GHz, which is beyond imagination. All you have to do is to think about the processor management and everything gets processed in no time with zero level difficulty or without any kind of halt. This feature is by far the most superior feature present within Tab A7.

The Octa-core processor present within Tab M10 is proof of its majestic processing speed with a 2.3GHz processing rate. You don’t expect to find any kind of delay in terms of information rely upon and everything continues smoothly without any kind of blockage.

The 4 GB RAM within Tab M10 gives a tough time to its competitor who with a 3GB tends to be at a distance from the beast. Though the RAM occurring within both of the devices is a mark of fast performance, yet we all know that winner can be a single entity and here Tab M10 seems to win this game in terms of performance.

Both of the tablets have the same storage memory which exists in two different variants. One is 32GB and the other is 64GB. However, both do support the micro-SD card and manage expandable memory quite efficiently. However, Tab A7 is commendable in this regard because here, you can expand the storage memory up to 1TB compared to the 256GB of Tab M10.


Both of the tablets receive Android’s latest 10.0 version, which has recently been introduced. Previously Android 9.0 was there to add soul to both of the devices. Having Android means access to Google Play services and much more, so both of the devices the latest features from Google.

Besides Tab A7 also has One UI 2.5, which is significant because of the presence of the latest in-built features and security settings from Samsung itself. In the meanwhile, Lenovo doesn’t receive any kind of additional in-built assistance except the FHD technology present within it.


With a 7,040 mAh battery and fast charging capability, Tab A7 stands out as the more desirable one out of the two. This means that you are going to find a battery that is efficient from the perspective of the long run. The battery capability is indeed proved by the 15 hours duration, which is quite a long time.

Tab M10’s battery capacity is 5000 mAh which is indeed impressive. This battery adds durability within the battery life which is almost 9 hours. Sadly, there is no fast charging feature available to console you for the inadequate battery life.


Lenovo Tab M10 is cheaper than its counterpart. Though there are not several differences that occur between the two tablets, still it is the cheaper one out of the two. Starting with a price of $230, it serves to satisfy the clients’ needs with its amazing features. On the contrary, the magician from Samsung is available at a rate of $270, which marks a difference of few extra bucks from Tab M10.


Although there are not several differences that exist between the two. Still, Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 is remarkable for its efficient performance and long battery time along with the additional security features and a design which is nothing but a representation of the minimalist style. The advanced level speakers and an adaptable camera make it an unforgettable gadget in the long run.

But, if you are a camera-junkie who prefers taking and editing pictures all the time, then you can mold your choice a bit and go for the Lenovo Tab M10 which holds a primary significance mainly because of its IR camera.