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Samsung Galaxy A41 Vs A31: Which to Buy?



Samsung Galaxy A31 Vs A41

The Galaxy series from Samsung is considered the signature development made by Samsung. Under the subcategory of Galaxy, Samsung brought its users into a new galaxy full of wonders and amazing features regarding every single model developed under it. The A series from Galaxy got the attention of the world at a point when the S series was already taking over the market under its charm. Soon, the A series became equally important as that of the S. Recently, two new models are introduced under this series which are winning hearts.

Samsung Galaxy A41 is known for its delicate design and peculiar taste within the minimal style. The camera which gets the triple version over here also becomes the center of attention. We also get to experience fantastic processing speed over here which blesses the battery timing too. This means, there is a bundle of features you should expect from this beast.

In the competition, you get to find A31, its sibling which shows the characteristic sibling rivalry based on its features. The features involve a fine battery time, an amazing camera quality, and a reliable processor. These features indicate the initiation of a fierce market battle between both.

So, when there is a competition as stiff as this, what should be the right choice? Which one should win the battle on a rightful basis? In this article, we are going to jot down all the distinctive features occurring within both the models. So, you can get a better idea of the real “emperor”.

Galaxy A31Galaxy A41
Modern design.
Impressive display.
Perfect selfie camera.
Octa-core processor.
Reliable battery life.
Fast charging.
Impressive themes.
Large screen size.
Octa-core processor.
Long-lasting battery.
Fast charging.
Less RAM.
No wireless charging.
No quad camera.
No wireless charging.
The less impressive selfie camera.
Basic design.


Galaxy A31Galaxy A41
Dimensions6.27 x 2.88 x 0.34 inches (159.3 x 73.1 x 8.6 mm)5.90 x 2.75 x 0.31 inches (149.9 x 69.8 x 7.9 mm)
Weight6.53 oz (185.0 g)5.36 oz (152.0 g)
MaterialsBack: PlasticBack: Plastic; Frame: Plastic
BiometricsIn-screen fingerprint2D Face unlock, In-screen fingerprint
ColorsPrism Crush black, Prism Crush blue, Prism Crush red, Prism Crush whitePrism Crush black, Prism Crush white, Prism Crush blue, Prism Crush red

Since both of them are siblings, you are going to find the same kind of basic design in both. The overall touch within both of the devices is of plastic. The plastic framework gives a very minimal touch to the overall build of the devices. The front in both of the devices is covered by Gorilla glass which adds an extra layer of protection to the overall style. You are not going to worry about the sensitive nature of the glass anymore, because the Gorilla glass is going to come as your refuge.

The style is further enhanced by both of the devices in the form of their respective themes. The themes available within the devices are common. You get to find four diverse kinds of themes in each of the devices. The classic Black and Blue theme is mutual to both, then you find the trendy bright red which is quite appealing to eyes. The fourth and final theme color is White, which is meant to give you a soothing effect. All four themes are fabulous when it comes to staying trendy throughout.

A41 is much lighter than its sibling when we talk about the weight of both the devices. It stands tall because of being handy and lightweight with a weight of 152g. A31 on the other hand is heavier, coming up with 181g. Though, the style never fails to impress you.


Galaxy A31Galaxy A41
Size6.4 inches6.1 inches
Resolution2400 x 1080 pixels, 20:9 ratio, 411 PPI2400 x 1080 pixels, 20:9 ratio, 431 PPI
TechnologySuper AMOLEDSuper AMOLED
Screen-to-body84.88 %85.82 %
Features60Hz refresh rate, Ambient light sensor, Proximity sensor60Hz refresh rate, Ambient light sensor, Proximity sensor

The Super AMOLED display which occurs in both of the devices is one reason you find amazing display quality. The technology comes following the color combinations and the brightness adjustment patterns. Together, all these factors combine to give the display of both the siblings the finest quality. The display aspect ratio is common in both marking up a 20:9 level. This gives you the availability of the edge-to-edge view feature which means you are going to love your sparkling displays.

A31 comes with an increased display screen size, which is one good thing about its overall design. A 6.4 inches screen is a big deal when it comes to getting the amazing movie-like experience with the help of a phone screen merely. A41 is a few inches less in size than its counterpart with a 6.1 inches screen. This few inches difference does not remain a sharp contrast because you find the same resolution quality in both.

The resolution quality is similar in both of the devices. You get to find 1080x2400pixels resolution quality in them. This resolution quality explains the HD nature very impressively. With this much high-resolution quality, you get to find a picture which is a wonder in itself. This splendid resolution makes your movie and gaming time perfect. The pixel density is one thing over here that varies. A41 comes with a 431ppi rate, whereas the sibling, A31 has 411ppi density.


Galaxy A31Galaxy A41
RearQuad cameraTriple camera
Main camera48 MP (PDAF)48 MP (PDAF)
Second camera8 MP (Ultra-wide)8 MP (Ultra-wide)
Third camera5 MP (Macro)5 MP (Depth information)
Fourth camera5 MP (Depth information)
Video recording1920×1080 (Full HD) (30 fps)3840×2160 (4K UHD) (30 fps), 1920×1080 (Full HD)
Front20 MP25 MP

The cameras differ over here in terms of their lens sequence. A41 possesses a triple camera, whereas, a quad-camera forms the core of A31. The main lens of the rear camera in both of the devices has the same pixel quality. The 48MP camera is enough to give your pictures a new life covering all sorts of wide and ultra-wide angles. A31 has an additional macro feature associated lens of 5MP which gives you a better focus and best in-built camera settings.

The selfie cameras located in both of the devices are different from each other. One can say that A41 is a master at taking quality selfies with its 25MP front camera. Not only the front camera is the only wonder over here but it is the features associated with the selfie camera which make it a special one.

You can take Panorama and HDR pictures with the help of both the front and back cameras. This feature is common in both of the devices. Though, A31 comes with a 20MP front camera. Both of the cameras support 4K ultra-HD video recording, which is a great addition for making your videos alive.


Galaxy A31Galaxy A41
Headphones3.5mm jack3.5mm jack
SpeakersEarpiece, LoudspeakerEarpiece, Loudspeaker

Both of the devices imitate each other’s sound pattern by coming up with the main loudspeaker. This sound providing beast is located at the inner side of the device. It supports a 32-bit audio quality which implies that the sound will be bearing a crisp nature with strong bass adjustments. In addition to that, we have a 3.5mm audio jack available, supporting hands-free audio.


Galaxy A31Galaxy A41
System chipMediaTek Helio P65 MT6768MediaTek Helio P65 MT6768
ProcessorOcta-core, 2000 MHz, Arm Cortex-A75 and Arm Cortex-A55, 64-bit, 12 nmOcta-core, 2000 MHz, Arm Cortex-A75 and Arm Cortex-A55, 64-bit, 12 nm
GPUMali-G52 MC2Mali-G52 MC2
Internal storage64GB64GB

The chipset which gives the phones their characteristic nature is the same in both the siblings. The presence of Mediatek MT6768 Helio P65 gives an idea that nothing is going to be distinct over here in terms of the processing. This gets verified when we further find out an Octa-core processor in both supporting a 2.0GHz processing speed which is impressive.

There is one thing, we would like to mention specially. It is the fact that this processing speed is not very preferable compared to the other smartphones belonging to their creed but is not that much less, that you feel the systems crashing at regular intervals. The processing speed manages the overall system very intelligently so that you rarely find the screen freeze issues.

When it comes to the RAM, we find three different variants in A31 compared to a single RAM variant available in A41. The three contrasting variants of RAM are available according to their respective storage capacity. We get to see 4GB RAM with the 64GB storage memory variant.

In contrast, the 128GB storage variant has further two different variations in terms of its RAM. One comes with 6GB RAM, while the other with 8GB. A41 on the other side comes with the basic 4GB RAM coming up with 64GB storage memory. Both the devices provide micro-SD support, making the expandable memory up to 512GB.


Galaxy A31Galaxy A41
Device typeSmartphoneSmartphone
OSAndroid (10), Samsung One UIAndroid (10), Samsung One UI

There are no differences at all in terms of their software. Both possess the in-built Samsung One UI 2.0. This provides both of the devices their innate “Samsung” features. You get access to all the major products and services offered by Samsung including the Galaxy store.

Android 10.0, the recently upgraded operating system runs in their veins providing them all the essential security settings. The presence also grants them entry into the Google world, where you receive all the recent apps and services developed by it, and Google Play services come at your doorstep.


Galaxy A31Galaxy A41
Capacity5000 mAh3500 mAh
TypeLi – Polymer, Not user replaceableLi – Polymer, Not user replaceable
ChargingFast chargingFast charging
Max charge speedWired: 15.0W

A non-removable Li-Ion battery occurs in each one of them. The battery capacities are different in each one of them. Firstly, it’s the A31 coming in limelight with its 5000mAh battery, which then alternates with A41 with its 3500mAh battery.

The stand-by time of both the batteries is impressive ranging from 9 hours to some good 13 hours. The stand by time in A41 initiates with 9 hours depending on the battery age. The A31’s battery initiates a maximum of 12 hours approximately. Both the batteries support fast charging up to 15W.


Because of being siblings to each other, the prices of both A41 and A31 are closely related to each other. Both of them fall in the affordable range. We find A41 a bit pricier than its simpleton sibling. A price of $220 for it is mostly because of its glossier features which are somehow more polished over here. A31 comes at $200, suggesting that it is still the good old chap.


There are not many striking differences between both. One reason for this is because both hail from the same series which has homogeneity regarding features. This is a fact that Samsung Galaxy is more impressive than Samsung Galaxy A31 because of its display. Some new adjustments are a part of this model, which also elevates the price to a certain extent. Otherwise, you can go for A31 if you are an addict to taking landscape photos because of its Quad-camera. However, for better selfies, you always need to come back to the former A41, since this purchase offers you much better selfies than the sibling.

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