Razer Kiyo vs Logitech C920

When you are a gamer and also stream your gameplays on a platform, a good streaming setup becomes a necessity for you. Now, there are many things that make your streaming setup truly remarkable and, good camera quality is undoubtedly one of them. You should always use the best camera in the field if you want to attain the best result. Therefore, we have decided to ease your decision of choosing the best product. In this article, we have compared the two best streaming cameras in the field, i.e. Razer Kiyo & Logitech C920.

Razer KiyoLogitech C920
Ring light.
Adjustable brightness levels with flattering lighting.
Omni directional mic.
Built-in stereo microphones capture sound from a wide range.
Reasonable price.
No image stabilizer .
No image stabilizer.
No versatile mounters.


The first thing to discuss these state-of-the-art products is their glorious design. The Razer Kiyo with its innovative design is truly a remarkable product. Unlike the typical structure of webcams, the razor kiyo includes a thick, innovative LED light surrounding the round webcam that enhances the picture quality of the camera and is one of the highlighting features of the product.

Moreover, the LED light comes with a dial so you can easily adjust the brightness as per your requirement. The rear end has a hinge that attaches firmly to your monitor. When tested, it proved to be more firm than its competitors. In addition to the hinge, the bottom disk of the webcam can be attached to tripods, in case you do not want to mount it on a monitor. The main issue with the design of this product is its non-removable USB cable. While this feature was available in previous Razer products, the non-removable USB cable has disappointed many customers.

On the other hand, in the case of Logitech C920 innovation was not seen in the design of this product. It was almost the same as the previous models. The rectangle-shaped single-lens webcam is designed to be mounted over the monitor. In addition to this, the webcam has dual microphones attached to the side in a shape of a slope.

Overall, the Logitech C920 has a relatively traditional design as compared to its competitors. The webcam also enables the user to connect it to a tripod and brackets. A disappointing factor about the design of the webcam is just like its competitor it has a non-removable cord that connects the webcam to the Pc. But, unlike its competitor, it’s made of thin rubber that is easily bendable, which increases the chance of it breaking and putting the webcam out of use.


When it comes to the image quality of the webcam, both products are head to head. The Razor Kiyo offers a 4-megapixel camera that records vibrant and high graphic videos. The camera excels greatly in a well-lit area and can take relatively intriguing photos. Even when tested in a dark room with minimum external light, the images turned out pretty decent just from the light of the screen and the LED light of the webcam. The LED light makes the colors pop in the images and videos which is a huge plus point if you stream in a dark room. The webcam supports OBS and Xsplit streaming software and can streams videos at the remarkable resolution of 1080 pixels at 30fps and 720 pixels at 60fps. Thus, making it a justifiable choice in this scenario.

On the other hand, Logitech C920’s image quality does not disappoint either. When tested, the webcam surprisingly performed remarkably in a dark room with light coming only from the screen. With 720 pixels resolution at 60fps, the camera provides commendable images and becomes ideal for live streaming and recording videos. The product has seen a major update as previous models failed to perform this majestically in low-light and made the video un-usable for those streaming in dark surroundings. Images that have a resolution of 1080p are rarely taken from a webcam, but again the Logitech C920 is no ordinary webcam.


The Razor Kiyo offers some remarkable features that were not seen in its previous models. As mentioned earlier, the webcam includes a LED light around the lens and also has adjustable lighting levels so you can adjust it for your needs. In addition to this, the webcam also includes remarkable auto-focus features which are ideal for streamers. This plug-and-play product is undoubtedly one of the best in the field of webcams.

In terms of features, the competitor Logitech C920 does not disappoint either, with its most primary and remarkable feature being the background removal option. The webcam uses the Intelligent Shape Recognition software the removes the background surrounding the user in front of the camera. Although the manufacturers need to work on its proficiency but keeping in mind the fact that this feature is not available in products of this price range, it should be considered as a win. Apart from this, the webcam’s capability to perform remarkably in low light is a commendable feature.


Razer KiyoLogitech C920
Built-In Ring Light5600K daylight-balanced LED ring lightNo
Mounting HardwareL-shape jointTwo-part arm
Tripod MountYesYes
Cable Length4.9 feet6 feet
Resolution1080p at 30fps
720p at 60fps
480p at 30fps
360p at 30fps
1080p at 30fps
720p at 30fps
Automatic HD Light CorrectionNoYes
SoftwareNoneLogitech’s Webcam Software for Windows


Both of the remarkable devices, the Razor Kiyo, and the Logitech C920 are intriguing in their separate ways but the one thing that is common in both of these devices is that they have high and stinging prices.

The Razor Kiyo is available at the high price of $143.94 while the Logitech C920 is available at a comparatively low price of $99. While these prices are high they repay their customers with remarkable features as mentioned above. They offer ideal features that a dedicated streamer may find the need to use.


We hope this article helps you in choosing the right device that fits your requirements and fulfills your need while streaming. Both devices have their own pros and cons, and we wish you the Best of Luck in selecting the right one.