Razer DeathAdder V2 is the new face from Razer known for its superior build and magical latency with a sensor that is to die for. Logitech G502 Hero is not any ordinary mouse but it comprises superb features from the build to the performance. Every single feature truly makes some fine sense and the perfect addition to the Logitech family.

This article is an attempt to highlight all the magnanimous features possessed by both of the kings to segregate one true ruler out of both.

DeathAdder V2G502 HERO
Plastic and minimalist build.
Smart scrolling wheel.
Optical LED sensor.
Improved latency up to 7ms.
Razer Synapse 3.
RGB technology.
Elegant build.
Improved scrolling.
Improved latency.
Thumb support.
Optical LED sensor.
Maximum support.
Limited compatibility with macOS.
Not ambidextrous.
Lack of wireless feature.
Not ambidextrous.
Not wireless.


Razer DeathAdder V2Logitech G502
Form FactorRight-handedRight-handed
Dimensions5 x 2.43 x 1.68 inches5.2 x 3 x 1.58 inches
Weight82g121 – 139g
SensorFocus+HERO 25K
Sensitivity20000 DPI25600 DPI
Programmable Buttons811
Onboard Profile55
SoftwareRazer Synapse 3Logitech G Hub
RGBScroll wheelDPI indicator


Upon first glance, you are going to find some striking differences between both of them. The G502 Hero is a bit more massive than the rival DeathAdder V2 which looks smart and advanced. The scrolling wheeling with G502 is a bit larger than that of V2.

There is a difference in between the colour themes combined with the default black theme of the mice. G502 Hero sparks with the icy blue shade and grass green shade are specific to DeathAdder V2.

Both of the devices support the right-hand operation and lack the essential ambidextrous property. The thumb resting support available within G502 Hero somewhat lacks within the rival. A difference in weight does exist here. The 170g weight altogether makes G502 more massive than 143g’s V2.


When it comes to the programmable inputs HERO wins the race by providing 21 total inputs which are reduced to the number 18 in V2, thus making it a less desirable one. Also, we get to find 12 buttons in HERO making it the gamers and professionals’ favourite while V2 rests at 8 buttons in total.

Besides, the wired latency rate provided within HERO is 10ms, so it reigns by beating the 7ms latency of V2. Both of them are wired and have a profiled switching option available to carry out the functioning smoothly.


Both of the devices come with the Optical (LED) sensor meant for managing all your gaming needs. A win-win but the models of sensors are distinct from one another. You find HERO 25k competing with Focus+ and the latter winning the battle. Maximum CPI (DPI range in HERO is also magnificent because of the 25600 CPI rate offered by this mini wonder. 20000 CPI range of V2 still lags when it comes to the charm which is specific to the former solely.

Logitech G Hub is the running force of Logitech 502 which gives it access to all the top listed games with a fine accuracy because of its extremely efficient latency rate. Razer Synapse 3 takes the charge in DeathAdder V2 which is very fantastic compared to the rival with a highly sensitive sensor which is truly powerful as a synapse.

Being fully compatible with the Windows and macOS, G502 Hero sets the bar high for its competitor. Though the rival DeathAdder V2 tries to compete up to all its might, still, the partial compatibility of it towards MacOS compatibility creates a big hurdle in its way of becoming the ultimate perfection.


Well! The design costs a lot when collaborating with the software managing the whole system. This applies to our mini beast DeathAdder V2 which comes at a rate of $64. The weighty rival, the big bro of the game G502 is still cheaper than the little one and can be a great deal for you for $52.


It all depends on the type of taste you carry and the kind of model you prefer to turn up the gaming on you. If you are a fan of minimalistic looks and features that are highly advanced, wrapped within the casket that is small. Razer DeathAdder V2 is your right choice. But, if you are still addicted to the big-fat mice who can give you the “real mouse” effect, Logitech G502 HERO is the one for you.