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Razer DeathAdder V2 Vs DeathAdder Elite: Which is Better?



Razer DeathAdder V2 Vs DeathAdder Elite

Razer reigns undoubtedly within the mousey mice world. The level of technology incorporated within the designs and the feasibility the models carry are beyond appreciation. Every single mouse from Razer speaks of its tale in a particular and interesting way. You get to find the efficiency of the device just by the basic build.

Razer DeathAdder 2 is another member of the Razer clan which falls in direct enmity of Razer DeathAdder Elite where features are a bit sparked up than ever.

This article digs deeper into the specificities associated with both of the mini monsters.

DeathAdder EliteDeathAdder V2
Impressive Build.
Profile Switching feature.
Razer 5G sensor.
Minimal design.
Focus+ Optical LED sensor.
Maximised CPI(DPI) rate.
Improved input count.
Not ambidextrous.
Mediocre CPI(DPI) rate.
Limited compatibility with macOS.
Partial compatibility with macOS.
No wireless feature.
Lack of ambidextrous property.


PriceView Price on AmazonView Price on Amazon
Sensor5G 16k Optical SensorFocus+ 20k DPI Optical Sensor
SwitchesOmron Mechanical SwitchesRazer Optical Switches
Durability50M Click Durability70M Click Durability
Buttons7 Programmable Buttons8 Programmable Buttons
CableStandard Braided CableRazer Speedflex Cable
Weight105g Midweight Design82g Lightweight Design
FeetStandard Dock Feet100% PTFE Mouse Feet
MemoryNo On-board Memory SupportUp to 5 On-Board Memory Profiles
Scroll WheelStandard Scroll WheelInstinctive Scroll Wheel Tactility


Razer family is known for its sheer smartness which is a phenomenon common to all of its mice. So, you can assure yourself of the smart design which turns extra smart and wider in the Elite one. The distinction is marked by the smart scrolling wheeling within both. The wheel, however, becomes more like an invisible entity within DeathAdder Elite.

Both of the buddies are wired mice, so, you don’t get to find any sort of wireless functioning over here. Besides, the green shade appearing in both the devices blends well with the default deep black theme.

When the weights are measured, sibling rivalry becomes dominant.

The width of Elite contributes a lot in making it an extra massive with the look that appears a smart one. The 131g of weight with the weight of the wire are a big deal beating the 113 grams of V2. Both of them support the right-handed controls, being the ideal ones. A type-c USB port is their gateway to attach with the PC.


V2 offers you both mechanical and optical buttons, which is impressive since it offers you a greater number of inputs than the rival. A total of 18 programmable inputs is the property specific to V2, compared to the 16 inputs of Elite.

What is more fascinating about the V2 is the presence of a profile switching button within it alongside 8 buttons in total. The 7 buttons altogether present within Elite lack this property despite having the common 2 side buttons present in both.

Both of them come with the profile switching feature, tackling the sensitivity conveniently in each one of them. However, V2 takes the lead because of its CPI(DPI) switching button in addition to the one altering sensitivity merely.


The Optical LED sensor is now becoming common to most of the mice. Both of them repeat the same property within them. However, the difference lies within the distinctive model of the particular sensor employed within them. Razer’s owned 5G sensor model holds the control in Elite, whereas V2 is known for the Focus+ monster managing its controls.

V2 has some fantastic CPI(DPI) limit ending at a 20,000 mark which seems huge for most of the tech junkies. It’s sibling, lags behind it in this property covering the path with 16,000 CPI count.

Both of them have Razer Synapse 3, which is the basic software taking control. This, however, allows both of them partial support to the MacOS but fully compatible with Windows thus becoming a hot favourite of a lot of Windows users.


There isn’t much difference between the prices since both of the mice are siblings, repeating the same properties. However, V2 is a bit more expensive than its sibling with a teeny tiny distinction of ten or so bucks. The good thing about both is their availability within affordable prices.


Razer DeathAdder V2 wins the tussle because of its improved input feature correlating with a performance which is specific to its magnanimous sensor. The trendy design appears catchy, making it a perfect option to consider. But, Razer DeathAdder Elite is no less than the rival completing the essence of traditional mouse revival by the presence of modern and improved features within it.

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