This year has been a year filled with surprises. Most of the surprises were no doubt shocking for the world and altered the perception of life. But, not all of the surprises are bad surprises. Among the pleasant ones, the introduction of three varying categories of smartphones from OnePlus. The 8th generation from OnePlus saw a diversity of changes within it.

The three new models which formed the core of its 8th generation are OnePlus 8T, OnePlus 8 Pro, and OnePlus 8. With identical names and variable features, these three battle directly with each other concerning the number of features present within them.

As being originated identical to each other, the 8th generation gets to receive some of the contrasting traits within every member of the following generation which makes the user curious about them.

This article will help you find out all the contrasting traits present within all three. The prime purpose is to mention all the features which range these three models following their perfection level. So, cutting it short, let’s begin with the article so that you can find out which one is the new “champion” enchanting you by the charm of its features.

OnePlus 8TOnePlus 8 ProOnePlus 8
Metallic design.
Modern color themes.
Gigantic display technology.
Quad camera.
Fast charging.
Metallic built.
Impressive display screen size.
Improved resolution rate.
Quad camera.
Fast charging.
Impressive Octa-core processor.
Triple camera.
Impressive display.
Fast charging.
No headphone jack.
Lack of wireless charging.
No headphone jack.
No wireless charging.
No headphone jack.
No in-depth camera lens.


If we look at the basic building of these three, we are going to find out that none of the models shows a variance from the other in terms of the overall design. All three of them take aluminum as their chief building material and you get to find a basic aluminum frame within them.

A glass-coating at the front and backside of all three models gives them additional durability because the nature of the glass is Gorilla glass. So, you are not going to worry about the protection of your display because Gorilla glass manages it quite well.

All three phones have contrasting color themes, which of course gives you a diverse taste in terms of the shades. 8T comes with Aquamarine Green, Lunar Silver, and a limited Cyberpunk edition which seems to take your breath away with the art-of-the-coming age.8 Pro has Glacial Green, Ultramarine Blue, and Onyx Black shades straight out of the deep sea giving you a soothing effect. While OnePlus 8 repeats two of the themes from 8Pro and provides you additional two themes including Interstellar Glow and Polar Silver.

In terms of weight, we have 8 Pro as the heaviest of all. It has 199g of weight which makes it a bit heavier than its counterpart 8T which has a weight of 188g and then we have the OnePlus 8 which should better be referred to as the “baby” among three weighing only 180g which makes it a smartphone in an actual sense.


The display technology within all three of the devices is the same. All of them possess Fluid AMOLED screens which offer the HDR10+ technology making the screen flawless. However, 8 Pro’s screen is additionally impressive because it consists of 1B color range which means you have a vast variety of colors to choose from, which is going to go to make your screen balanced with perfection. All three of the screens support HD display.

8 Pro again takes the lead with its 6.78 inches compared to the 6.55 inches prevailing within OnePlus 8 and 8T. The screen size difference though doesn’t appear that much contrasting from each other as all three of the models give a fine quality picture. You get to find the pixel density rate within 8 Pro the finest one, estimating to 513ppi, which means the screen is going to be a paragon of exquisiteness.

The pixel density within 8 and 8T are identical to each other, making the number 402ppi. Though the density is not that efficient as that of the Pro version, yet it never fails to impress the users because of its attributes which are numerous because of the display technology being employed.

The picture resolution gets finest within 8 Pro as it serves the eyes with the Ultra HD quality bearing a resolution rate of 3168x1440pixels which seems glorious. The other two members of the clan also quench the users’ thirst with the resolution of 2400×1080 pixels within both OnePlus 8T and 8.


Both the 8T and 8 Pro possess an intelligent Quad-camera mechanism that turns into a triple camera in the case of the OnePlus 8. All three devices have a main lens of 48MP pixel which is very efficient when it comes to taking wide-angle photos. From here, the difference prevails among the three marking up an additional in-depth photo feature within 8T and 8 Pro. The in-depth lens becomes 2MP in the case of the former and 5MP within the latter, which also behaves as a color filter camera.

Other than that, we get to find the varying lens in all three capturing ultra-wide pictures with the utmost ease. The ultra-wide lens in 8 Pro is very powerful with the 48MP resolution giving you a direct exposure to get more out of a mere photograph.

All three have a 16MP selfie camera which comes with the availability of HDR and Panorama features within all. The selfie camera is pretty much active in controlling low-light situations which means you are going to take the finest pictures without keeping in mind the difference between day and night. All three of them support HD video recording which shifts into 4K Ultra HD recording, making your experience an eternal one.


All three of the models possess stereo speakers as the major audio source which accepts 32-bit audio quality. In addition to this, you find Dolby Atoms sound running within the magnetic speakers located within them. However, you better should arrange some fine quality wireless buds if you are fond of hands-free audio because here you are not going to find out the essential 3.5mm headphone jack for the headsets.


All three of them possess Qualcomm SM8250 Snapdragon 865, which means you should expect an impressive processing speed within all three. Since all three have their entire system on the same chip, you don’t get to find any striking differences between them when our topic turns towards the processing speed. The presence of the same chipset and an Octa-core processor carrying a 2.84GHz speed is mutual within all of the models.

Every single model has two varying RAM variants with impressive RAM capacity. The two variants existing within the respective models are 8GB, which comes in association with the basic 128GB storage memory variant, and 12GB which exists in the advanced 256GB storage variant. Both of the speeds are commendable since they prohibit any kind of screen glitches or short term memory issues. Sadly, you don’t find any expandable memory over here to boost.


All three possess the characteristic Oxygen OS11 which gives each of the device the characteristics features including in-built apps and security settings. Besides, Android 10.0 is the operating system that has renewed the internal functioning of the devices with the help of its newest upgrade.

This upgrade gives a modern look within the interface, a more intelligent Google, and fast access to the Google Play Services alongside the latest app upgrades which seem impressive than ever. The security and accessibility features are also improved over here.


The battery capacity varies within all three. OnePlus 8 Pro again wins the race by providing a 4510mAh battery capacity. The runner-up is the 8T with a 4500mAh battery capacity and the OnePlus 8 has a battery capacity of 4300mAh which is significantly less than the former ones. Besides, all three have batteries that have non-removable nature.

Both OnePlus 8 Pro and 8T possess an 11-hour battery life. Whereas we get to find a 9 hours standby time in OnePlus 8. The battery life is quite stable and you don’t get to find any draining issues over here. All three support fast charging where 8T supports this feature up to 65W while 8 Pro and 8 manage this up to 30W.


OnePlus 8 Pro is the most expensive of all three because of the maximum number of features. It initiates for $730. While our second competitor, the mighty OnePlus 8T stands for $620. The third on the list is the OnePlus 8 which initiates for $520. This clears the range effectively by putting the OnePlus 8 Pro within the premium range, 8T within mediocre when and OnePlus 8 becomes quite affordable.


OnePlus 8 Pro serves as the right choice if you are looking for a device that could impress you with its effective battery life, effective camera features, and fantastic display. Though the price seems a bit over-the-edge, yet it stands as the best one within the 8th generation models. If you are still contemplating over the stiff budget, then the OnePlus 8T comes to your rescue by providing you innumerable effective features. OnePlus 8 though looks appealing, yet the features seem a bit outdated.