Logitech is quite famous for its gaming equipment and streaming products. They made some of the coolest mechanical keyboards, gaming mice, webcams, wireless headsets, and other hardware PC components to facilitate the gamers, streamers, and esports geeks.

But the thing we are interested in is its webcam as they seem to be the favorites of very esport lover. In this article, you will find a head-to-head comparison of the two of the webcams launched by Logitech that are Logitech StreamCam vs Logitech Brio webcam.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

Electronic stabilizer.
Built-in omni directional stereo microphones with noise cancelation.
4K Ultra HD Video quality.
5x Zoom.
Does not support multiple connection types.
No noise cancelation.
No Zoom.
No image stabilizer.


A product has to be appealing and good-looking because the design is the first thing a buyer notice while buying a product.

Logitech SreamCam has a wide box-shaped design with a full HD wide lens placed in the center. It has a live white LED indicator and inbuilt electronic image stabilization which greatly reduces the camera shake while recording. With a 5-foot long cable attached to its back, you can easily connect the device with your PC. It has a dual front-facing microphone, which makes the sound quality so much better.

On the other hand, Logitech’s other webcam Logitech Brio webcam is no less than its competitors. In fact, it is the best webcam available in the market in terms of technology. It a high definition camera with which you can zoom up to 5 times. This webcam has two Omni-directional microphones that have noise cancellation properties allowing you to record your videos without any interruptions. With its universal mounting option, you can easily mount it on your PC or tripod.


Image and video quality are the most important features of the webcam and hence the most important deciding factor in a webcam.

When we see the image and video quality of the Logitech StreamCam it supports the full HD 1080p at 60 frames per second. It gives an AI-enabled and exposure, resulting in a vibrant and pulsating image. The thing we do not like about this webcam is that it does not allow and support live streaming of the video on other platforms. This is a big set-back for a webcam when its competitors have these features.

In comparison, Logitech’s other webcam, Logitech Brio has a 4K ultra HD at 30 frames per second and 1080p at either 60 or 30 frames per second. It supports the RightLigh 3 and high dynamic range (HDR) technology which is suitable for all the lighting conditions. Its next-generation 4K image sensors deliver HD quality, even when you zoomed it in.

Here the Logitech’s brio is a winner because of the better video and image quality.


Logitech StreamCam has some of the remarkable features making it one of the perfect webcams. Its highlighting features are its auto adjustable body design and range of recording options making it a top-notch webcam. Moreover, the in-built microphones in the camera are a huge benefit too. They are highly sensitive microphones and can even record menial sounds such as the squeaking of a chair. We also like the unique design of this webcam as it is quite different from the typical design of webcams that Logitech used for its previous webcam. All these features make Logitech StreamCam quite popular among the users.

While Logitech Brio is as better as Logitech StreamCam or you can say slightly better. Its RightLight feature, facial recognition, ultra HD 5 times zoom and infrared sensor technology makes it a perfect webcam. Not to forget about its two Omni-directional microphones that are just another feather in the cap.

No doubt Logitech StreamCam is a good webcam but the advanced and up-to-date features of the Logitech Brio has made it the dream webcam of every esport lover.


Resolution & Frame Rate1080p at up to 60 fps4K at up to 30 fps
1080p at up to 60 fps
720p at up to 90 fps
Field of View78°90°
HDR SupportNoYes
MicrophoneStereo / Dual MonoStereo
Size5.4 x 5.4 x 3.2 inches4.01 x 1.06 x 1.04 inches
Vertical VideoYesNo
ConnectionUSB-C 3.1USB-A 3.1


The price of a product is the most important factor most o of seeing while shopping and hence the price of the product decides whether you will buy this product or not.

The Logitech StreamCam is available at a steep price of $175, on the other hand, Logitech Brio comes at the price of $200. Quite a difference but the advanced features of Brio justifies its high product.

So if you are looking for a webcam with good features under 180 bucks Logitech StreamCam is not a bad option at all.


After seeing all the above comparisons you must have made your mind up till now, but if not, do not worry! We will summarize all the specs and features of both products once again so you can make your mind this time.

So the best thing we like about the Logitech StreamCam is its fine and unique design and the fact it comes under $180 makes it one of the finest webcam in the market. Its anti-shake feature makes it perfect for both novice and professional.

While Logitech’s Brio is hands down the best webcam in the market and our personal favorite too. Although it’s a bit pricey its 5 time HD zoom, Omni-dimension microphone, infrared sensor technology make it worth it to spend some extra bucks on this (our personal favorite webcam). We hope that this final verdict has helped in choosing the webcam that perfectly fits your needs so you do not waste your money on the thing you do not want.