Logitech G933 Vs G935

Logitech is a giant in terms of developing quality headsets. Gamers consider it as their favorite choice among various audio tech rivals present in this vast market. Logitech has brought different versions of headsets, all of which have quite contrasting yet interesting features within them. Logitech G933 is the latest from the Logitech Corporation. This new headset in terms of its features falls in direct rivalry with its sibling G935. G935 is also regarded as an improved upgrade of G635 because of certain common features present in both. The major concern of gamers thus rests upon getting their hands on the most efficient one out of these two.

Here is a checklist of all features which we have exclusively formulated for you. This features list can provide you with all the logical reasons for setting the battle of Logitech G933 vs.G935.

Logitech G933Logitech G935
Comfortable adjustment.
Active noise blockage mechanism.
Suitable price.
Improved wireless mechanism.
Mic Mute feature.
Leatherette ear cups.
Auto controls of play & pause.
Volume Booster.
Improved Positional Sound.
Prone to damage.
Sound leakage.
Frequent distortion.
Lack of Bluetooth.

Logitech G933 Vs G935: DESIGN & COMFORT

Both the headsets have plastic as the chief constituent of their body. The differences show up themselves right within the color range. G933 is available in black and the Artemis Snow version of this headset which of course is a limited edition is in white color. Though the color range looks promising, yet it lacks a proper covering case. This lack of the case makes it more susceptible to damage but thanks to the genuine brand. If you are going to keep it with care, it will surely last longer than you can expect. Another surprise within it is a boom mic hidden right deep under the ear cups. The headset appears a little bit heavy after one round of play or so.

G935 has ear pads with nothing but leatherette which adds more comfort to the traditional looking headset. Another interesting feature of it is that it has got a volume wheel. This looks so refreshing when compared to the rivals in the market. Besides, a volume mute button and 3G keys are there as a part of the original design. The only downside to this is regarding the warmness because of the leather ear pads after a long period. But, on the other hand, adds more protection to the headset.

Logitech G933 Vs G935: AUDIO PERFORMANCE

Logitech G933 has a simulation sound turn off the feature. This is a brilliant feature to obtain the best audio quality because here you can turn off all the adjacent surrounding sounds. This works best in the presence of Dolby Digital or DTS where you are offered a variety of profiles focusing upon the sound quality. G933 offers you a variable equalizer that you can adjust according to your requirement. This headset has made it easy to pay attention to fine details within gaming. You can easily ear the minute sounds with the help of it which gives a very realistic account of the game.

G935 is known for its excellent sound quality. It specializes in providing positional sounds. The positional sounds in G935 are of a different kind. With the help of Logitech Santee Assassin audio technology, the positional sound over here has become phenomenal. Here, you get a DTS headphone X version 2 which means sound having a virtual quality somewhere close to 7.0-7.1. This is a perfect choice if you are looking for a headset that could effectively provide you high tones.


Probably, the core power of G933 lies within its mic power. The core power of the G933 microphone is its passive noise isolation blockage. It signifies that with G933, you will be unable to hear all the background noises with utter perfection. There is a loophole too within this and that’s the noise leakage over here is significantly apparent. This doesn’t remain a major issue because the leakage is “not that prominent” at all.

G935 has its microphone designed by keeping the latest innovation in mind. Here, you get a mic mute feature alongside the auto-pause & play feature. Both these features are highly advanced within it. The mic can be muted simply by flipping it, which later upon mute gives out a beep sound to indicate the mute feature. The multimedia G keys over here help you in customization. A little bit of problem while bending mic towards mouth is reported, otherwise it’s perfect.


Both these headsets come with the feature of providing you audio while the headset is off. Both of them have RCA cables that can be plugged into a USB adapter to get audio in a non-traditional way. While G933 has a conventional USB adapter for its functioning, G935 has a micro-USB mechanism. Another downside within G935 is that it lacks the Bluetooth feature within it. Hence, you cannot connect the headset with your smartphone. This is bad news for all the phone junkies out there. Both of them come with removable batteries that are durable at most. G935 has additional volume-boosting, sound boost system, and custom equalizer which of course makes it a desirable choice.

Logitech G933 Vs G935: PRICING

With a great number of favorable features attracting gamers, G935 aces over its rival in the battle of price and you have to spend at least 20 more bucks at it than G933. Though, the number of alluring features within it still compensates for the high pricing. Yet, the choice depends upon your budget and need too. With a fair price and commendable features, G933 is still a good option to consider.

Logitech G933 Vs G935: FINAL VERDICT

If we look at the comparative features of both these headsets, there is no doubt that G935 wins this race. The only disturbing fact about this headset is its maximum price range which is again not affordable for all. Yet again, features are not only a distinguishing thing. Logitech G933 has also some brilliant features at an adjustable price. If your budget compels you to get the finest in tech town, go for G935 but with a budget so tight, G933 will be a reflection of wisdom.