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Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless Vs Razer Viper Ultimate: Which is Better For You?



Wireless mice are gaining significance within the gaming sector because of their ease at use. These kinds of mice are much different from the traditional sensitive mice yet are more mechanical and improved in terms of their properties.

Logitech G502 Lightspeed caught the attention of the public when its Lightspeed sensor became a talk of the town. The latency which is huge and carries a grandeur of its kind competes well with the Razer rival. Razer Viper Ultimate tends to give a tough time to the former because of the presence of the similar wireless property within it combining with many other properties as a whole.

Logitech G502 Lightspeed WirelessRazer Viper Ultimate
Digitized design.
Micro USB port.
Enhanced DPI rate.
Complete compatibility.
Focus+ Optical LED sensor.
Micro USB.
Not ambidextrous.
Premium range.
Partial compatibility with macOS.


Logitech G502 Lightspeed WirelessRazer Viper Ultimate
Button Count118
Programmable ButtonsYesYes


Within Razer’s Viper series, much influence has been put forth on the performance aspect of the device rather than modifying the design. Hence, the fine-looking Lightspeed wins this battle because of being smart, an epitome of the digital era and at the same time a blend of oceans’ blue theme with the characteristic black.

This isn’t the only improvement present in Lightspeed but the availability of a freewheel in addition to the characteristic notched wheel is a big addition over here. This feature lacks within the other rival which only sets the desk with a notched wheel.

Modifications and ornamentation of Lightspeed, however, has one negative impact and that’s regarding its weight. This time the ball goes in Viper Viper Ultimate’s cost which weighs 109g altogether keeping the game simple. Lightspeed, on the contrary, weighs 173g becoming a heavily weighted mouse because of the design which appears a representative of the smart era.

Lightspeed comes with the thumb rest which lacks within Viper Ultimate. It tries to compensate for this by its ambidextrous nature. Both of them are rechargeable with batteries and an activation switch.


The foremost significant feature available in both is the presence of micro-USB ports within them which is quite new. Apart from that, we get to find 12 mechanical buttons within Lightspeed and 8 are there in Viper Ultimate. Both of them are members of different clans so the side buttons are numbered according to that. With 4 side buttons, Viper Ultimate comes at the top of the race compared to the 3 side buttons of Lightspeed.

Well! We get to find some really big programmable inputs within Lightspeed making the mark at 21. Viper Ultimate easily gets beaten down by the former due to the presence of 18 inputs in total. Other than that, both of them come with the characteristic profile switching and CPI(DPI) switching buttons, enhancing the sensitive nature.


Focus+ Optical LED sensor of Viper Ultimate falls in direct rivalry with the Hero 25K Optical LED sensor. This creates an interesting situation and we get to find the distinction within the CPI(DPI) rates of both. As expected, Lightspeed gets 25,600 CPI limit compared to the 20,000 existing in Viper Ultimate. The 10ms latency rate of Lightspeed G502 is also a big deal when we start comparing it with the 7ms latency rate of Viper Ultimate.

Well, the fantastic thing is the presence of Logitech G Hub within Lightspeed which ensures complete compatibility with Windows as well as macOS. However, Razer Synapse 3 has partial support for macOS which might get problematic for the Mac users in general.


Razer Viper Ultimate because of the nature of its sensor gets to find a minor elevation within the price range. Although, both of them are premium range devices, yet Lightspeed shows a bit mercy on budget and leaves you with an initiating rate of $90 which gets elevated in the other one.


If you are in search of a finest wireless device within a budget which is suited to you and doesn’t become too hard on your pocket carrying maximum features in its pocket, Logitech G502 Lightspeed is the one for you. Despite the traditional al Logitech G Hub software, it still maintains its quality and has a lot to offer. But if you are in search of the newest sensor with preciseness Razer Viper Ultimate is at your service.

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