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Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless Vs G502 HERO: Which is Better?



Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless Vs G502 HERO

Logitech has become a master of surprises by surprising the clientele with the help of its technology which exists in the form of both its wireless and the wired versions. The best within the wired version is Logitech G502 HERO which is known for its durability.

On the contrary, within wireless properties, we have got Logitech G502 Lightspeed wireless to amuse as by its design. But if you are a pro at gaming then the right choice of a mouse counts a lot because it is going to impact your performance within gaming.

This article is an attempt to solve these issues of yours and to assert the best one out of them both based on distinct features.

G502 LightspeedG502 HERO
Smart design.
Focus+ Optical LED Sensor.
Improved CPI settings.
Profile Switching.
Thumb rest support.
Micro USB port.
Focus+ Optical LED sensor.
Fine CPI performance.
Thumb support.
Complete compatibility.
Not ambidextrous.


Well, upon a single glance one can aim that G502 HERO is the elder sibling which got high-fi within G502 Lightspeed. In other words, G502 Lightspeed is a better version of HERO with several of the new features.

Looking at it, you can just find yourself going ga-ga over the massive improvement. Though the wheels are still the same in both. Both of them come with the typical notched wheel but in addition to that, the free wheel serves as an extra treat to both eyes and hands. This corresponds with the thumb rest feature existing in both of the devices which is an epitome of perfection.

But there is a massive improvement within the weight area too. We get to find the newcomer, Lightspeed carrying 173g of weight which is still more than its HERO form, where the weight is 170g.

The only distinction separating both of the twins from each other is their physical connectivity. You find HERO abiding by the traditional taste of a wired mouse, so it becomes wired. While Lightspeed being an upbeat model is wireless which sets the stakes high for it.


There is no micro USB port available for HERO, which is the only specificity of our wireless buddy, Lightspeed. Apart from that, there are 21 mechanical buttons in both of them and each one comes with 3 side buttons which are meant for easing up the task for you.

Presence of the same number of programmable inputs in both of the devices further clears their sibling bonding. 21 programmable inputs are enough to achieve the best kind of experience. Besides, both of them were adorned with the profile and CPI(DPI) switching feature.


The siblings enter hand in hand with each other within the tech Town when it comes to their sensor. Both of them have the same HERO 25K Optical LED sensor which is glorious in terms of blessing them with a latency average of 10ms. One more common feature to be added in the list of their mutually shared attributes is the presence of the same CPI(DPI) rate of 25,600 in both of them.

The Logitech G Hub is their functional software which gives them complete compatibility with Windows and macOS which is a satisfying thing for gamers who use either one of the OS.


The price is nice when it comes to both the twin mice. However, Lightspeed takes an extra leap because of the wireless build and hence you get to find this one soaring high at the cost sky. Meanwhile, the other one is the true HERO proving its name and becoming affordable for the mediocre circle of gamers.


Since both of them are carbon copies of each other which were altered at the very end. So, it doesn’t count a lot if you make a fine choice between either one of them based on their respective features and performance. The main emphasis over here is the design which according to the need of time goes with Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless because of the wireless property. However, if you still fascinate conventions then Logitech G502 HERO is the one for you.

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