Apple is bringing innovation in every single piece of the model. Every new model reflects perfection and smartness to its core. This is one reason that the Air series from Apple is acknowledged because of its mechanics and design both. The technology is getting improved generation after generation because of its adaptability and inclination towards ease.

Apple’s this year’s progress got reflected within its highly anticipated model iPad Air 4 (2020). This model is being considered as the most advanced model till now because of the availability of maximum convenient features. Also, the model is attributed because of its sensitivity to Apple’s characteristic stylus pencil. The design is especially regarded as a remarkable one because of its efficient battery life.

Apple’s signature iPad has also seen a rise this year and with the progress of the generation, the features have evolved too. The number of amazing features which decide its fate as the most up-to-date of all is one reason behind the success of this model.

Because of the resemblance in terms of the features available within both the devices along with the admirable traits. These two siblings come into close rivalry with each other. This rivalry makes the user a bit nervous in terms of making the right choice. So here’s is detailed comparison.

iPad Air (4th generation)iPad (8th generation)
Metallic design.
Maximum storage.
Perfect RAM.
Impressive Display.
Sufficient Battery life.
Sleek design.
Crystal clear display.
Sufficient battery life.
Impressive rear camera.
Face id settings.
Accessibility issues (though rare).
Less RAM and storage capacity.
Unimpressive front camera.


iPad 8iPad Air 4
Starting price$329$599
Screen size (resolution)10.2 inches (2160 x 1620)10.9 inches (2360 x 1640)
CPUA12 BionicA14 Bionic
Storage32GB, 128GB64GB, 256GB
Rear camera8MP (f/2.4)12MP (f/1.8)
Front camera1.2MP (f/2.4)7MP (f/2.0)
Battery life10 hours web surfing over Wi-Fi10 hours web surfing over Wi-Fi
Size9.8 x 6.8 x 0.29 inches9.7 x 7 x 0.24 inches
Weight1.08 pounds (Wi-Fi), 1.09 pounds (cellular)1 pound (Wi-Fi); 1.01 pounds (Cellular)
ColorsSilver, gold, space graysilver, space gray, rose gold, green, sky blue


We know that both of the beasts hail from Apple, so the overall build is quite similar to a metallic touch adding to the elegance of the respective designs. The chief metal which is employed within the design is Aluminum. So, Aluminum is the specialty over here deriving adding durability alongside decency.

iPad Air 4 is significant mainly because of the number of themes it offers to its clients. The themes in themselves are a bundle full of joy. The theme ranges from the characteristic Silver, Space Gray to the blooming Rose Gold, stopping at fantastic Sky Blue, and adding some Green in the scene.

iPad (8th generation) gives you two basic themes. The basic themes are those which thereby default including the Silver and Space Gray. So, we would suggest that if you prefer themes which are a bit cool and up-to-date, go for iPad Air 4’s contrasting range. But, if you prefer the basic minimal theme colors, the 8th generation is made for you.

iPad (8th gen) is more weighty compared to its light-weighted sibling. In the former, you get to find a weight of 490 grams which becomes of course a huge value because of the comparison faced by the 458 grams of Air 4. Though, one thing needs to be admitted quite clearly which is the mutual property of both of the devices. Both of the devices are light and convenient as compared to the other models.


The Retina display present within the 8th generation improves and renames itself as Liquid Retina Display within Air 4. It also means that over here the picture will be clearer than ever. A variance in terms of the screen size also exists. The screen size within iPad Air 4 excels its rival by a difference of 7 inches.

The screen size within iPad Air 4 is 10.9 inches which are quite large and remarkable in terms of advanced quality because of the 10.2 inches screen, which is doubtless and entirely based upon the characteristic IPS display technology used within it. Air 4’s display is fully laminated but the screen brightness of 500 nits is common to both of the devices.

The picture quality also differs within both of the models. We get to find a fantastic image carrying a resolution quality of 2360×1640 pixels which is quite amazing. Though the other competitor doesn’t lag that much behind with 2160×1620 pixels. Still, the quality within Air 4 seems out of the world because of the presence of a Wide color display (P3) and a True Tone display feature.


Both of them do possess a wide-angle rear camera with the difference between their respective quality. Air 4 is known for the presence of a 12MP rear camera and the competitor gets to find an 8MP camera. Both of the devices have multiple camera settings and support the HDR as well as Panorama settings to provide a clear picture of their attributes. Moreover, both of them are possessed by a five-element lens which increases the clarity further.

The 7MP front camera of Air 4 competes with a 1.5MP front camera of the 8th generation’s iPad. So, one can easily guess the perfect selfies which are going to be in the basket of Air 4. It is also known for its ideal video recording feature where the video is of 1080 pixels which in other words means an HD quality video compared to the video developed by iPad 8th generation.


Both of the devices come with a pair of stereo speakers. However, the speakers within Air 4 do get an upper hand over their rivals because of the presence of the landscape audio feature which lets you play your audio in the landscape mode. So, forget the days when the landscape was only specified to photos, now it is the turn of audio too.


The difference between the performance mainly lies upon the presence of the relative Bionic Chips. In the Air 4, you get to find an A14 Bionic chip coming in assistance with the 64-bit architecture. On the contrary, you get to find an A12 Bionic Chip repeating the same architecture of 64bit compared to its rival. The neural engine further assists their processing speed which is already magnanimous.

The RAM within Air 4 makes it more efficient than its rival as it comes with a RAM double the size of its counterpart. The 6GB RAM compared to the 3GB one of the counterparts works in an unbelievably impressive way ensuring no software glitch at all.

The storage memory of both devices varies from each other. On one hand, you get to find two different memory variants of Air 4, starting from the basic memory variant of 64GB to the advanced 256GB variant which is absent within the competitor. Here, you get to find a variant up to 128GB which is quite less than expected.

Another downside to both of the devices is their inability to take up an SD card’s support. So, there’s not any expandable memory over here within both of the devices.


There are no specificities in terms of the software employed within both of the devices. The iOS 14.2 is the latest upgrade which is received by both of the devices. The latest software version provides them access to all the in-built apps plus the accessibility feature which is considered ios core.

Both of the devices are compatible with the Apple pencil, which however works more efficiently within Air 4. Apart from that, Siri is compatible with both of the devices providing essential voice assistance with more convenience because of the latest upgrade.


The battery capacity is pretty much the same within both of the devices. A mutual battery capacity of 7,040 mAh makes the battery time last up to some good 9-10 hours which is quite a decent running time. This is the running time including the video-playback which signifies that you are not going to be disappointed with the enormous level battery and its running time too supported by a type-c USB port for charging purposes.


There is a sharp difference being noted when we come to the prices of both of the devices. iPad Air 4 is available at an initial pricing range of $599 which then elevates further based on the variants. On the other hand, a $329 initial range sets up the price of the iPad 8th generation. The difference between the prices of both the models can be credited to the number of features available within both.


iPad Air (2020) is our final choice because of the availability of its impressive camera quality combining altogether with the display quality which is very amazing indeed. The clear audio quality also contributes a lot to it becoming the hottest choice for the users. Though, the premium price can become a major hurdle for those approaching it with a tight budget. Yet you are not going to regret your spent bucks once you make a purchase. Although, iPad (8th generation) is a fine choice yet the limited storage memory can turn up an issue for you.