Elac Debut 2.0 B6.2 Vs Q Acoustics 3020i

Bookshelf speakers are becoming widely popular these days because of their handy use and fine quality. Two of the main competitors within this area are ELAC Debut 2.0 B6.2 which falls in direct comparison with its counterpart Q Acoustics 3020.

The chief reason behind the comparison of these two potential rivals is the presence of mutually common features within them. These features not only revolve around the performance but somehow have also impacted their design too.

This article lets you dig deeper into the reality behind both of them either behaving as the similar aids of each other or their enmity makes them distinct from one another. Let’s start counting the features.

Elac Debut 2.0 B6.2Q Acoustics 3020i
Powerful amplifier.
Silk dome tweeter.
6.5″ woofer.
Improved height.
Impressive frequency response.
Smart design.
2-way bass reflex.
Fine frequency response.
Lacks the customised stand.
Heavy weighted.
Small size.
Limited posts.


The most essential part of any speaker is its woofer which allows brilliant level amplification within it. Here we get to find the same kind of woofer, but the distinction exists within the building material.

On one hand, we have the extremely efficient woofer existing in B6.2, entirely composed of Women Aramid fibre consisting of a giant magnet within its centre forming the core.

There is the coated paper woofer with a heavy central magnet constituting the soul within 3020i’s speakers.

The distinction marked over here in between the two continues to deepen itself when we talk about the weight and height of the speakers.

Yet again, we find B6.2 more durable than the comrade because of its fantastic 16.3lbs weight as compared to 10.59lbs weight of the speakers belonging to 3020i.

There is this same distinctive pattern established with relevance to the height.

Here, we have B6.2 as the heightened one too in addition to the essential weight. We get to find 14.76″ long speakers over here which part ways from the shorties, the small speakers of 3020i considering their 11.0″ height.

The presence of 5-way binding posts in B6.2 compared to the 3-way post within 3020i is another feature assigning both of them their due ranks in terms of the design.


We have the common 6 ohms impedance existing in both of the mini monsters collaborating with the distinctive sensitivity rate. The little ones of 3020i are more sensitive in sound detection than the giant speakers present in B6.2.

Though the sensitivity mark is not that different yet, the 88dB rate of 3020i counts a lot when compared to the 87dB rate of B6.2.

Both of them consist of the speakers being adorned with the 2-way reflex enclosure allowing maximum amplification within each model.

Q Acoustics 3020i is also known for their fine colour combinations which exist in three different themes including Black, Walnut and the serene white shade compared to default black shade of B6.2.

Besides, the presence of a custom-designed stand to place the speakers is the specific feature of this beauty lacking in B6.2

The AC power source is responsible for running both of the speaker sets. We get to find variable power input capacity for both. B6.2 leads in the race of power input capacity and sets the value at 120Hz.

Compared to its rival, 3020i comes with 75W power input capacity which is required for the related amplification.


Well! Strangely this seems a bit out of the way that you are going to a specific destination and midway, you change your mind and just return.

This sort of thing tends to happen with the magnanimous frequency response rate of Q Acoustics 3020i, where we get to see the structure setting up at a frequency response rate of 64Hz and finally ending at 30,000Hz.

Initially, responding to quite high frequencies, it ultimately loses hope and hands over the ball to the opponent B6.2 who despite playing the game badly with 44Hz frequency response rate, surely ends it well by depicting the frequency rate as 35,000Hz.

This makes the latter one the most powerful speaker ensuring complete amplification over the maximum range. Not only is this the factor responsible for the success of B6.2 but, the presence of silk dome tweeter is the actual strength within it which manages to develop a frequency as high as 35,000Hz.

Contrary to this, the decoupled tweeter takes up the responsibility to 30,000Hz which is a fine quantity yet B6.2 serves as the powerful entity ensuring the finest and clearest amplified sound followed by proper bass and treble adjustments.


Fewer distinctions are existing in the price of both the amazing devices. Because of the presence of style and smartness within 3020i’s design, the price elevates a bit more than the normal 250USD range exceeding to the 300USD range.

As an alternative, other one, the simpler yet powerful one, the B6.2 is available within the affordable range starting from some two hundred and fifty bucks and ending at two hundred and eighty.


ELAC Debut 2.0 B6.2 is the favourite one out of both because of it’s high ranged frequency response which combines with its metallic build.

The essential amplification feature is also there which gets fantastic by the help of the silk dome tweeter. But, if you are like smart designs, you can obviously go for Q Acoustics 3020i.