ELAC Debut 2.0 B6.2 vs KEF Q150

ELAC Debut 2.0 series has just stepped into perfection by accommodating performance with the assistance of the latest technology which is employed within the design as well as leads the way with maximum functional output.

This beast is giving a tough time to other competitors who have already made their name within the list of finest bookshelf speakers.

KEF Q150’s is a model known for its build quality because of possessing the smart nature. The trendy speakers look catchy as well as one loves the perfect systemic order of their performance. This makes them a strict rival of B6.2.

This article reveals the secrets hidden underneath their amazing build giving you the answers of all your how’s and why’s.

ELAC Debut 2.0 B6.2KEF Q150
5-way metallic post.
2-way bass reflex.
Improved size.
Fine amplification.
Silk dome tweeter.
Smart design.
5-way metallic post.
CFD port.
Maximized amplification.
Silk dome tweeter.
Lacks custom designed stand.
Lacks CFD port.
Average size.


Both of them are known for their characteristic 6.5″ woofer present as an essential part of the original design. The repetition exists in terms of the building block of their speaker’s woofer.

Both of them possess the new Woven Aramid Fiber Woofer present along with the presence of a central large magnet allowing maximum amplification within each of the models.

B6.2 is quite heavier than the rival KEF Q150 which gets reflected within the weight aspect.

We get to find B6.2 having a weight as large as 16.3lbs compared to the weight of Q150 where we get almost 12.3lbs. This isn’t the only difference but the dominance of B6.2 also appears within the speakers’ respective heights. The 14.76″ speakers of B6.2 are tall enough to beat the medium size 11.29″ of Q150.

Other than this, we find B6.2 becoming an elegant speaker module by the presence of default black theme which gets replicated in Q150 by the presence of Black and White themes. Both of the speakers are modulated by the assistance of a 5-way metallic binding post other than the metallic grille owned by Q150.


KEF Q150 gives a tough time in the battlefield to its ELAC rival when it comes to the impedance measurement. The former gets an 8 ohms impedance ensuring its lead by beating the 6 ohms impedance existing in ELAC.

But, the latter takes this revenge by alternating the sound sensitivity controls. A maximum 87dB sound sensitivity is calculated within the mighty B6.2 compared to the 86dB limit present in Q150.

The magnetic grille existing within Q150 enhances the amplification rate further within the speakers compared to the ELAC. The most interesting feature within Q150 is the availability of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) port design.

The presence of this feature lets the speakers inhibit the sound leakage through the port which otherwise reduces the quality up to a few decibels. This feature is absent within the B6.2.

Though, it tries to compensate by the presence of a 2-way bass reflex enclosure in it which is already present in the rival Q150.

These AC- power induced speakers show variance in terms of their power input capacity. We get to find B6.2’s overall power capacity ending at 120W.

This value alternates by the presence of 100W power input within Q150. These are the maximum inputs needed for the proper amplification of sounds as well.


The dominance of B6.2 also seems to vanish in terms of its frequency response rate. We have a new champion which is known for producing the exceptional frequency response rate initializing from 47Hz up to 57KHz.

This is gigantic, madly gigantic because this range ensures rhythm and beat with perfect clarity. However, B6.2 consists of 44Hz range which ends at 35KHz value in total.

Compared to the majestic frequency response rate of Q150, this seems more of a mediocre kind allowing mid ranged sounds pass through it easily.

Both of them possess the Silk dome tweeter which has gone through some major changes within Q150 ensuring you the optimal response rate of 50KHz compared to the 35KHz existing in B6.2.

So, Q150 rules over the rival B6.2 when it comes to perfect and levelled sound followed by rhythmic pattern and superb bass adjustments.


Q150 is considerably a high priced speaker pair compared to the mediocre B6.2. A wide difference exists between the costs of both the gadgets.

We tend to B6.2 lying in the mid range with its cost price starting somewhere at 250USD compared to the initial price of Q150 which is almost near to 400USD indicating the now budget group to stay away from this one.


KEF Q150 is the ultimate champion between both. The reason is the presence of innumerable newest features, as some of the older features are renewed over here creating a new essence.

This makes it an all time favourite for its clientele. However, if the price range turns into a major issue for you, you still have the refuge of yours in the form of ELAC Debut 2.0 B6.2.