Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT Vs Razer Huntsman Elite

Corsair, a well known giant of gaming industry exclusively famous for their high performance gaming gadgets and streaming gears. Corsair produces a wide range of high quality peripheral devices including mechanical keyboards, precision mice, wireless headsets, PC components and a lot more to facilitate the passionate gamers and esports enthusiasts from all around the globe.

Corsair products are manufactured with cutting edge designs and advanced features to provide their users with exceptional gaming experience. Here is why Corsair is a choice when Corsair K95 Platinum XT vs Razer Huntsman Elite are compared.

Corsair K95 Platinum XTRazer Huntsman Elite
Elgato Stream Deck support.
PBT Doubleshot keycaps.
Improved wrist rest.
Onboard memory.
Speedy switches with slight touch.
RGB backlighting and under glow.
Manetic leatherette wrist rest.
No USB passthrough.
Only one switch type.


When it comes to design, we consider it to be the first thing to attract a buyer when looking for something. Here when we compare our Corsair k95 platinum XT with Razer Huntsman Elite, we see both of them are built with minimalistic design having RGB backlit keys, adjustable brightness, detachable wrist rest and non-detachable cable.

What puts Corsair K95 Platinum XT ahead of Razer Huntsman Elite is its size, dimension and weight in which Corsair K95 Platinum XT proves to be bigger in size but lighter in weight also having longer cable.


Features are the most important when if comes to picking a product among a number of available choices. When comparing our Corsair k95 platinum XT with Razer Huntsman Elite in terms of features, we see that both of them have enormous quality attributes such as, macro programmable keys, scroll wheel, and numpad.

But, Corsair k95 platinum XT have some extra features which make it exceptional among the other. Its key features are USB passthrough, Onboard memory and Its software compatibility with both Windows and macOS unlike Razer Huntsman elite.


Performance proves to be a huge deciding factor when searching for an ideal product because user experience is what matters the most to any manufacturer. Regarding performance, both Corsair K95 Platinum XT and Razer Huntsman Elite got some ingenious marks.

Corsair K95 Platinum XT has Cherry MX Blue key switches while Razer Huntsman Elite got Razer Linear Optical. Corsair got a clicky feel while Razer rather feels linear.

Razer takes an actuation force of 37.2 gf while Corsair requires 54.5 gf when typing. Corsair K95 Platinum XT is nosier than Razer giving an overall better typing and gaming experience compared to Razer Huntsman Elite.


Which one is worth the features and benefits possessed for its price will be decided here. In the market all around the globe, both Corsair k95 Platinum XT and Razer Huntsman elite are sold for the similar price i.e. $199 but the features Corsair k95 Platinum XT carries for that amount is definitely worth it when compared to the features of Razer Huntsman Elite for same cost.


As we can see that both Corsair K95 Platinum XT and Razer Huntsman Elite got almost same features but Corsair K95 Platinum XT have additional features like Onboard memory, USB passthrough, macOS software compatibility, a longer cable and better user experience in terms of both gaming and typing, all this for the same amount of money as Razer Huntsman Elite which makes Corsair K95 Platinum XT a better choice when the two are compared.