ASUS Scar III Vs Zephyrus S GX502

ASUS is known for its extraordinarily flexible and amazing quality of tech gadgets it manufactures. From the time, gaming laptops are a part of the industry, it is working to manufacture laptops that can stay in tough competition compared to other potential rivals in the market. Two of its most famous laptop models include Scar III and Zephyrus S GX502 which are fascinating a number of buyers.

ASUS Scar IIIASUS Zephyrus S GX502
RGB lighting supported.
Precision drivers.
Smooth graphics.
Highly intensive panel.
G-SYN technology.
RGB lighting compatibility.
Impressive brightness.
High contrast and color combination.
Low quality speakers’ sounds.
No in-built camera.
No in-built camera.


The design is quite similar to each other as both the siblings have originated from the same tech father. Both Scar III and Zephyrus come with a 1080p screen resolution which obviously means that you are not going to get any ultra HD screen within both. Both of them have contrasting refresh rates. Well! The interesting thing about the refresh rates over here is that within both of the devices they are available in different versions. However, the basic refresh rate is 144Hz which is very impressive compared to the structure of the laptop.

GX502 comes with the G-Sync feature, whereas the sibling doesn’t possess this feature. This gives GX502 an upper hand over its rival cum sibling. The theme of both the models vary. Scar III appears to be of a greyish or silver theme whereas, GX502 has an all-black theme. Both of the devices are the latest 5.0 version of USB type-c connectivity along with version 5.0 of Wi-Fi.


There are not much distinctive facts noticed about the display of both the devices. The 240Hz panel is much efficient in detailing however GX502’s brightness adjustments are commendable. Apart from this many other display features in between both the devices correlate each other. The black lighting though apparent in both is not prominently visible and the color contrast ratio also provides pretty much same kind of graphic. However Scar III sometimes shows a bit of distortion in terms of displaying graphics clearly.

The sounds in both of the devices are of average level. You cannot claim them as very high definition because of the in-built speakers which work on low tones effectively. However, customizing the volume controls is a feature worthy of praise.


Both of the laptops are provided by extra number of keys in order to function more conveniently. Scar III enjoys an extra feature in the form of the fan adjustment button at the top right corner. Bothe the keyboards support RGB back lighting, hence you can expect to get fully illuminated keyboards. However, this varies in both, most number of features are enjoyed by Zephyrus where the RGB adjustment varies per key.

The touchpad of both the devices is very smooth because of the precision drivers within it. However, Zephyrus’s touchpad seems smoother and is comfortable to work on from both sides.


Talking about the camera, it is important to know that both these laptop do not have any kind of in; built camera and you are supposed to attach any external video camera source in order to have a webcam session.

Zephyrus S GX502 has a battery life lasting up to 6.2 hours in total which is quite higher when compared to Scar III’s battery life which is almost 5 hours in total.


There is not much difference in between prices of both of the laptops. Zephyrus S GX502 is a bit more expensive than its rival starting from an amount of almost $2200, which becomes a $2000. However, these high prices rate for the high refresh rates and SYN- technology found in between them.


Zephyrus S GX502 is more efficient when compared to its rival because of the G-SYN which is specific to its built. Apart from this feature, the high refresh rates and the RGB adjustment altogether constitute it as the champion. However, the elevated price can turn like a hurdle for gamers who value affordable yet quality stuff. But, don’t worry, you are not going to be disappointed on spending your money in as haste but the features will amaze you over here.