Asus ROG Zephyrus M15 Vs HP Omen 15

ASUS ROG Zephyrus M15 has become a hot favourite because of its next-level performance. The performance does not merely involve its functioning but the level of support it offers to the gamers who are about to step into the adventure. The amazing display screen correlates with the fantastic battery timings making it a hot choice.

HP Omen 15 comes from a tech giant so you can already expect perfection running in its veins. The design is so handy which gives you the most with the help of its display features and speakers so cool.

In this article, we are going to reveal some interesting features of both of these beasts which are going to aid you in making your decision about the fairest of all.

ROG Zephyrus M15Omen 15
Minimalist design.
Desirable themes.
HD display.
IPS technology.
Improved Dual Speakers.
White backlit keyboard.
Thunderbolt 3 supported.
HD display.
Metallic and minimal combo in design.
Dual speakers.
Finest battery life.
Unreliable plastic body.
No webcam.
No thunderbolt connectivity.
Poor camera quality.


We have our plastic aluminum alloy when it comes to M15. The durability gets a new name and a new shape over here. This durability is not only limited to the overall build but the adjustable aluminum hinges are another reason for considering it an up to date design.

The weight over here is not that much and a simple 1.9kg gives you the finest features wrapped within it. HP Omen 15, on a large scale, is metallically accompanied by a bit of plastic at some places. When it comes to elegance, Omen 15 wins this race with the help of its elegant blackish theme. Though the competition gets tough with the help of the prism black and gray themes of M15, yet the former still seems impressive.

Omen 15’s 2.4kg mediocre weight also contributes to make it an option in the list of gaming equipment because of its convenience. When it comes to the connectivity we get to see both having Type-C USB and Ethernet ports. One additional advantage is the presence of Thunderbolt 3 within M15 which lacks in Omen 15.


There are many similarities between both regarding display. A 15.6 inches screen surrounds the core of the laptops with IPS technology. This gigantic screen accompanies the finest resolution quality of 1920×1080 pixels. The only difference prevailing between the two is the nature of their refresh rates. M15 has a more powerful refresh rate of 240Hz compared to the other one bearing 144Hz refresh rate which makes the screen fabulous within M15.

Both of them possess dual speakers. Here, the microphone audio mechanism is managed by the Dolby Atmos technology and is of the next level. The bass settings within M15 are beyond appreciation because this time the amplification has seen some major revolution. Omen 15’s owned Omen audio system also remains successful at impressing users.


Gone are the days when people used to bear that rough traditional-looking keyboards. Now is the time for some major development and White backlit keyboards are more in fashion. Following this trend, both of the devices possess White Backlit keyboards with the 4-Zone RGB technology.

This technology expresses itself within the thicker keys of M15 and a bit thin ones of Omen 15. The keyboard within M15 is very well developed where every single key is precisely developed and gets to receive fantastic preciseness over a single press. Omen 15’s keyboard’s style is the next level.

The touchpad within both doesn’t have many differences and the drivers are very precise in both of them. The multi-touch gesture is supported by both. The buttonless touchpad of both the devices gets more area within the M15 and is a bit narrower in Omen 15.


There is no webcam within M15 and we get to see a 720 pixels camera within Omen 15. Well! That doesn’t create much of the difference because unfortunately you are not going to get fine quality pictures over here and the lightning issue prevails over here in case of no-light circumstances. So, you can conclude that the camera is not much pro over here.

The batteries however tell different tales of their own. M15 battery lasts up to a total of 6 hours which is a fine time considering your gaming requirements. On the other hand, Omen 15’s battery life is up to 7 good hours which adds enchantment towards its functioning.


Both of the laptops come in the premium range. M15 however exceeds its competitor with a difference of a few extra bucks. Its initiation rate is $1,200. We get to find Omen 15 with a price as suitable as $1000. This relates to the festive sales where you can get it at a much cheaper rate.


ASUS ROG Zephyrus M15 is undoubtedly the champion in terms of its performance and supreme features. Based on reports assorted after closed observations, many of the users declared it as the finest one because of its display and built. Though HP Omen 15 has a great style and its quality is matchless when it comes to perfect sound and battery. Still, it lags in terms of processing power and keyboard magic which is the specialty of its rival.