Gaming laptops serve as the new weaponry for killing gamers’ quest for adventure. They are present within the tech market for a very long time and winning the hearts of many of the gamers because of their convenient nature.

Many of the companies understand the significance of development of a fine gaming laptop and are bringing themselves in this market to get triumph over their competitors.

ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 is the talk of the town because of the feature it has and is said to be the tough competitor of HP’s Omen 15 laptop. Let’s have a detailed look on the collective features of both of the beasts.

ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14HP Omen 15
Advanced graphics.
Bluetooth 4.2 version.
High color contrast.
IPS display.
Diverse themes.
Enhanced size.
Gesture supportive keyboard.
Amazing RGB controls.
Smart LED screen.
Metallic touch and diverse themes.
Poor quality camera.
Small keycaps.
Congested numeric pad.
No active AMP smart sound rectification.
Poor functioning camera.
No sound customization.
No ultra-HD quality.


The initial design of both the laptops is almost similar to each other in terms of the presence of a jet black color accentuated by an aluminum magnesium alloy body within ROG Zephyrus G14 and a metallic touch within Omen 15. Zephyrus is peculiar in this regard that it gives an additional greyish touch from the inside.

In terms of weight, ROG Zephyrus is the new “smart” laptop of the town which weighs almost 1.7kg compared to the huge weight of its rival falling at a range of approx. 2.9kg.

Both of the laptops are provided with a 3.5mm headphones jack port along with a type-c USB port as well as the Display port on either borders of the laptop.


Just as the name suggests, both of the laptops come with the sizes as mentioned within the model itself. This gets a bit interesting because here we see a new technology beating the old one. Zephyrus is quite intelligent in its claim for providing a smart screen of 14 inches which has a resolution rate as similar as the 15inches of HP Omen 15 screen. The overall resolution rate is 1920×1080 pixels referring to the HD quality graphics.

Another interesting feature available within Omen 15 is its compatibility with the advanced Nvidia graphic card technology which makes it ideal for most of the gamers. Besides, the refresh rate of 144Hz is a great deal too.

However, within Zephyrus G14, the refresh rate meets somewhere at 120Hz. Both of the devices have dual speakers with the exception that Zephyrus‘s speakers are more on the sound boosting side than the video adjustment but it still provides fine sound detailing within big arcade games.


Both of the devices are quite identical in terms of their keyboard layout. The most exclusive feature is that bot support backlit technology. The RGB backlit technology within Omen 15 is exemplary along with the presence of numpads specifically built up for the gamers in order to get a direct Control.

One thing which seems so alluring about Zephyrus is the presence of its ultimate sensor key which senses and detects the fan adjustments within the CPU and then customizes them.

The touchpad is smooth and comes with a very high precision sensor within Omen 15. Both of the laptops do have the gesture support within the touchpad features.


Both of the laptops do have a 720pixels camera meant for the gaming video conferences in particular. However, we know that gaming laptops rarely possess good quality cameras with advanced video making features. Hence, the camera isn’t that great within both of the devices. Still, the blurriness isn’t that much obvious within Omen 15 when compared to Zephyrus G14.

The battery capacity differs in both of the devices. Zephyrus G14 comes with a 76Wh battery whereas Omen 15 is known for its 70Wh battery capacity. Another difference lies in between the number of cells in between both. Zephyrus G14 in particular has a 4 Celled battery which runs up to six hours when used with internet surfing and for playing games.

However, the rival is a 6 celled possessor in the form of battery which lasts up to as good as 6.5 hours. This time can be extended by using the laptops without an active internet surfing mechanism.


ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14HP Omen 15
ModelROG Zephyrus G14Omen 15
Release date7th January 20202nd June 2020
SeriesZephyrusOmen 15
ColoursMoonlight White, Eclipse GreyMica Silver, Shadow Black
MaterialMagnesium Aluminum Alloy (Case material)
Operating systemWindows 10 HomeWindows 10 Home
Battery Capacity (WHR)7670.9
Battery Cell46


ASUS ROG because of its latest ASUS technology stands tall as the most expensive one laptop with a price range of $1100-$1600. This premium range however gets nullified within the rival when its price sets itself up at a mediocre range of $1000.


No doubt Zephyrus has the best quality graphics which are fabulous in terms of character detailing, color and contrast focus. So, for gamers who have a craze for realistic gaming and want to be a part of the game they are playing. This can be a great option, only if your budget also meets with the desire in your heart. Otherwise, for mediocrely who are wise enough to save some bucks on the purchase, Omen 15 will surely turn up the game for you.