ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 Vs Alienware M17 R3

Gaming laptops have become the need of the time because of their state-of-the-art design, advanced number of features and easy handling. Hence, the tech industries are well aware of this and they tend to develop the kind of gaming laptops which can stay in the market as well as the people’s mind for a very long period of time. Alienware is known for its hardware quality. This quality when blends with the latest technology, the third generation of M17 comes in to being and this faces a tough competition with ROG Zephyrus G14 from ASUS.

Alienware M17Zephyrus G14
HD 17 inches screen.
Nvidia GE RTX technology.
Q-Max Trchnology.
Position-Precision technology.
HD camera.
Advanced HD quality.
Smart AMP technology.
Presence of thunderbolt port.
IPS display.
Poor quality stereo speakers.No web-camera.
Low contrast ratios.
Limited Bluetooth access.


Though both of them are categorized as smart laptops, however both show some variances in terms of their design and themes. M17 R3 is more in weight when compared to G14. The difference of weight between both makes a 2.97kg for the former and 1.7kg for G14. So, G14 is the actual “smart” in between the two them. G14 is available in two color themes which are black and white, whereas M17 replaces the traditional boring names with new terms having the same color themes but with new name.

Both of the laptops are built in a way that they provide all the connectivity ports on the two borders of the laptop. This includes the latest USB port, HDMI, Display port and of course the thunderbolt port within both of the laptops.


In terms of display, there is a huge difference lying in between both of the models. Here, we come to see a 17 inches screen of M17 in comparison with 14 inches screen of G14, well this clears it all that who is the most efficient one of the two. Apart from that, the 144 Hz refresh rate is of course a great addition within both of the devices, providing the finest quality graphics with a 1080 pixels resolution.

Both of the devices come with 2-way stereo speakers with the only exception that within G14 one finds the presence of smart AMP technology which makes the amplification of gaming sounds much convenient and real-time sounds are obtained while gaming.


The keyboard layout is pretty much different in between both of the laptops. Within M17, one finds the default Alienware backlit RGB FX lighting keyboard which is highly advanced along with the presence of alphanumeric pads for controls of the gaming. In G14, you find this arrangement quite disorganized but the mic mute key, volume up and down key are the soul of the keyboard and they add to the aesthetics of the keyboard too.

With M17, you find a touchpad with very sensitive sensors having a precision position technology which responds to a very little change very carefully. This feature lacks in its rival, though you find the precise drivers working over here smoothly.


The biggest change occurs here in the form of the camera availability. You will be surprised to find out that G14 doesn’t have any kind of built-in camera and it supports an outer source for accessing the camera feature. On the other hand, we find a HD quality camera within M17 with great video adjustment settings with respect to the surroundings.

The battery life however shows G14 more powerful than its rival because of a battery having the capacity of 65Wh which is more than M17’s default 56Wh capacity. The battery timing within both is also interesting, M17 ‘s battery isn’t at all long lasting, so it gets finished within 2.5 hours of gaming whereas its rival’s battery can last up to a 4 hour hours during gaming.


There is a sharp contrast in between the prices too. The chief reason behind this contrast is the big and smart LED screen of M17 which sets out its price in a premium range of $1800-$2000. On the contrary, G14 is quite cheaper when comes in competition with the former. The range is highly affordable as it initiates from $1100-$1400.


There is no doubt that M17 is the winner of this comparative match, as it offers a number of distinctive features. The most peculiar feature about this laptop is the screen quality and the size along with the precision position technology. Much of the advanced features are eventually a part of this giant making it a perfect purchase for all the gamers out there. However, if your budget does not allow you to spend a large number of bucks, you can also settle for G14 but then you must need to make up your mind that it is not going to give you the advanced features which is your quest from a long time.