Astro A10 Vs A40

Astro has always remained a big name when it comes to the development of trendy headsets. This tech master has given birth to a variety of headsets which are alluring in distinct ways.

A10 is considered a giant in suitable price providing you with an amazing quality. It is built by keeping in mind the needs of gamers. Hence, you can expect it to be an up-to-date headset carrying the essence of modern times.

Astro 40 is the latest headset in town which is supposedly the perfect one in town till now. It is however a bit expensive than its rival but because of its crystal clear sounds and focus on every bit of detail, it compensates its elevated price. Besides, Astro 40 is known for its absolutely fascinating design.

Down here is a list of features which sets Astro A10 in close competition with A40. Let’s give you a tour to all the interesting features which are specified to both of these headsets.

Astro A10Astro A40
Metallic design.
Comfortable earcups.
Adjustable head band.
Volume controls.
Boom mic.
Suitable price.
Super trendy design.
Comfortable head band.
Adjustable ear cups.
Customize volume controls.
Active noise cancellation.
Type-c USB feature.
No type c-USB feature.
Much less focus on minute details.
Warm ear cups.
Limited compatibility.
Detachable mic.


A10 comes with a metallic hand band which is adjustable enough. Apart from that, it is lightweight too, it’s another thing that on the first look it appears massive. Because of having a metallic body, it is resistant to fall and does not wear off easily. This is a good news for all the careless gamers out there. A40 comes with an adjustable slider that can be easily moved to the point of personal convenience. This specific feature makes it prominent in the race of trendy headsets.

Both of these headsets comfortably fit over the head. The only exception to that is the cushiony material ear cups found in A10. They make it a bit outdated as compared to A40. Because, your ears are easily warmed up after a few moments when you wear A10. This is not the case in A40, where the ear cups are extremely comfortable.


A10 is almost similar to that of A40 in terms of the audio output. The chief reason behind this is the usage of same drivers within both of the headsets. A little difference in the quality is noticed in A10 where the low tones are not as audible as that of A40.

For A40, all we can tell you is that they are extraordinarily-loud when it comes to the sound quality. A40 is known for its sound level. Another feature here is the active noise cancellation which is dominant. The noise cancellation is quite impressive in A40, where you get to find no background noise during the games. It means all your concentration will be upon the game and the game merely.


In A10, you get a drop down boom-mic that is unusually excellent. You can expect to get the finest voice using it. The equalizer and bass everything is so balanced, you cannot expect to find a more perfect gaming headset. The quality matches with that of its rivals.

With A40 you are provided with a detachable mic. This is somehow strange because a headset with an elevated price as that of A40 is expected to have mic in the most perfect form. But, it’s natural that a detachable mic easily wears off, if not taken care of properly. This is the only downside of A40, otherwise the mic is fantastic. If cared enough, it can last longer than you think.


Both A10 and A40 are compatible with your PC gaming and Xbox. MixAmp is the signature feature of both the headsets. It allows you to customize your volume controls with that of the game itself. This way you can focus on the tiniest of the sounds present within the game. In A10, you are provided with a remote control if you upgrade from MixAmp to MixAmp600. Within A40, you are given the app controls. Another feature about A40 is that it comes with a type-c USB charging mode, when it goes wireless. This feature is of prominence because without having any USB, you can simply establish connection with your own phone. It is way more convenient than traditional mechanisms.


With amazing number of distinct features, though both are efficient, yet the prices differ. This difference in prices is reported while getting A40, which stands tall in terms of its high price because of more number of enchanting features. A10 however, is more affordable than its rival. In order to get your hands on A40, you are supposed to spend about 50-70 more bucks compared to A10.


As both of the headsets are manufactured by the same tech developers. Hence, both have many interrelating features. There aren’t sharp differences in between the two in terms of features except a few. As we know that A40 is an upgraded version of A10, so by default, it carries more number of features than the former one. This exceeding number of features makes it more expensive. So, if you are willing to get A40, you are supposed to spend more than that of A10. For all those with a tight budget, A10 is the solution to all your gaming issues