Amazon Fire HD 10 Vs Apple iPad 10.2

Amazon Fire HD 10 (2019) has become the latest sensation of the tech town because of being the unique one in the group of traditional tablets. The new model, smart design, active processor, and operating system which has given a new face by enhancing the number of active features.

Apple iPad 10.2, competes with Fire HD 10 because of the smartest features, premium nature, smooth functioning, and a desirable operating system which becomes the ideal OS for many. Apple has innovated and renovated many of the designs over time, but iPad 10.2 is called the finest of all those previous ones.

In this article, we have listed several striking differences that are present between both of the tablets. By now, your curiosity must be killing you. So, we are going to let this curiosity end for you. Here are the prominent features of both.

Amazon Fire HD 10Apple iPad 10.2
Cool design.
Micro-SD compatibility.
Bluetooth sharing.
Voice assistant Alexa.
12 hours of battery life.
HD IPS display.
Metallic design.
HD resolution.
Advanced camera feature.
Voice AI Siri.
A12 Bionic chip.
Maximum storage space.
Stereo speakers.
Limited camera features.
Single speaker.
No fingerprint lock.
No front camera.
Low storage memory.
Less RAM.
No Bluetooth sharing.
Fast draining battery.
No 4K resolution.


iPad 10.2Fire HD 10
Dimensions9.8 x 6.8 x 0.29 inches (248.9 x 172.7 x 7.4 mm)10.31 x 6.26 x 0.39 inches (262 x 159 x 9.8 mm)
Weight17.39 oz (493.0 g)17.78 oz (504.0 g)
MaterialsBack: AluminumBack: Plastic
BiometricsFingerprint (touch)
ColorsSilver, Space gray, GoldPlum, Plum, Twilight blue, White

Design is the first aspect, you look for whenever you are going to choose a great gadget. As we believe that 50% of a gadget’s significance relates to the style it carries and the material which is used for the build. So, looking at the overall design of both the tablets, we find a contradiction.

Fire HD 10 has more focus on the minimal side, whereas its rival is known for its premium design. This difference results because of the plastic build of Fire HD 10, which makes it quite handy. It appears a simple gadget with no additional razzle-dazzle. The color theme is occupied by Plum, Twilight blue, default Black, and an all-White charisma.

Apple iPad 10.2 comes with an aluminum body. This metallic touch adds grandeur to the overall design and structure. Besides, a home button down the display directly gives you access to all the major app. Along with it, you get three side buttons, which are meant for volume and power control.

There is a little difference between the weight of both the devices which isn’t apparent. However, Apple iPad 10.2 is quite light-weight as compared to its rival with a weight of 1.07 pounds, compared to 1.11 pounds of Fire HD 10. So, you can conclude that Apple iPad 10.2’s sleek design can turn up the game.


iPad 10.2Fire HD 10
Size10.2 inches10.1 inches
Resolution2160 x 1620 pixels, 4:3 ratio, 265 PPI1920 x 1200 pixels, 16:10 ratio, 224 PPI
Screen-to-body74.94 %69.64 %
FeaturesOleophobic coating, Ambient light sensorAmbient light sensor

Amazon Fire HD 10 comes with an amazing 10 inches screen that is apparent from its name. The resolution over here is HD with a broad screen display carrying 1280 x 800 pixels in its wallet. This display rate is 149ppi which combines with more than a million splendid color combinations, providing you an excellent picture.

Apple iPad 10.2’s display is undoubtedly a screen from the future. It comes with a 10.2 inches RETINA display which means you are not going to worry about your tablet’s security anymore alongside 6 million color combinations. There is a lot more to add to its attributes. The most peculiar feature about iPad 10.2 supports Apple Pencil.

The resolution over here is HD giving you 2160 x 1620 pixels resolution, along with the resolution rate of 264ppi, which is impressive suggesting you watch all your favorite programs with clarity matching crystals.

Though the same technology is used within the display of both the tablets which means the advanced IPS technology. But, on a deeper glance, we get to find further modifications within the IPS technology residing inside Apple iPad 10.2. It comes with a back-lit LED too in addition to the display technology ensuring you perfect sensitivity of the sensors.


iPad 10.2Fire HD 10
RearSingle cameraSingle camera
Main camera8 MP (Autofocus, BSI sensor)2 MP
Video recording1920×1080 (Full HD) (30 fps), 1280×720 (HD) (120 fps)1280×720 (HD)
Front1.2 MP (HDR)2 MP
SpeakersMultiple speakersLoudspeaker
FeaturesDolby Atmos

If Apple is famous for one thing other than its signature logo, it’s the brilliant camera quality which it possesses. Apple iPad 10.2 gives the practical reflection of this statement where you get to find an 8 MP rear camera and 1.2 MP front camera. The camera comes with several additional features associate with it.

On the contrary, Amazon Fire HD 10’s rear camera equals 5 MP and sadly you don’t get any front camera over here which is quite surprising. The 5 MP camera comes with a light balance and auto-focus feature. Hence, you can still think of taking fine quality pictures over here.

Apple iPad 10.2 is a giant in terms of camera features, where you get to find burst, timer, HDR, and Panorama modes in addition to the auto-focus feature. Live Photos is another fascinating feature. Here, the camera comes with a back-light flash which isn’t available in its rival. Though both of the devices provide 720 pixels video resolution, yet the quality is more impressive in iPad 10.2.

A single loudspeaker relates to the overall sound system present within Fire HD 10. But, iPad 10.2 consists of HD quality stereo speakers known for their sensors and bass controls. So, if you are about to begin this purchase, be sure that you are going to get some of the finest realistic speakers with iPad 10.2.


iPad 10.2Fire HD 10
System chipApple A10 Fusion APL1W24
ProcessorQuad-core, 2340 MHz, Hurricane and Zephyr, 64-bit, 16 nmOcta-core, 2000 MHz
GPUPowerVR 7XT GT7600 PlusYes
Internal storage128GB32GB, available to use: 25.3 GB
Storage expansionmicroSDXC up to 512 GB

The clash of processors faces an interesting situation. On one side, you get to find a powerful Octa-core processor with a processing speed of 200 MHz. On the other hand, Apple iPad 10.2 comes with an up-to-date A12 Bionic chip with 64-bit architecture and a Quad-core. It contributes to a high processing rate compared to the conventional processors.

The RAM of Apple iPad 10.2 is 3GB, which of course becomes commendable compared to the 2GB RAM of Fire HD 10. So, you are going to feel free in terms of multi-tasking because of the stable RAM limit in the former as compared to the latter.

The storage memory also shows a deep contradiction within both of the devices. Apple iPad 10.2 is a champion over here with a mesmerizing 128GB memory. This in other words can be interpreted as you can easily manage all sorts of tasks over here efficiently.

Fire HD 1o’s default memory is only 32 GB, but with the aid of micro-SD, a 512 GB memory appears as the savior of your important personal and professional activities.


iPad 10.2Fire HD 10
Device typeTabletTablet
OSiPadOS (13.x)Android, Amazon Fire UI

Take a deep breath before coming to this point because here you are going to find out some of the weirdest surprises. We all know that the software comparison between these two means a comparison between iOS and Android. With iOS 14.1, Apple’s iPad 10.2 again takes the lead here, being in comparison with Fire OS along with Android 9.0 (Pie).

With iOS 14.1, you get to find the latest features immersed within the tab with all their splendor. Access to the personal voice assistant Siri is there. This AI technology has been enhanced in the latest upgrade. Apart, from Siri, you find the accessibility features, Apple’s built-in apps, multi-window feature, and advanced security set-up.

Fire HD 10 gets a combination of both Google and Amazon’s in-built app including the famous voice assistant Alexa, Kindle, and amazon prime. On the Android side, we have Google Play as our refuge.


iPad 10.2Fire HD 10
Capacity8827 mAh6300 mAh
TypeLi – Ion, Not user replaceableNot user replaceable

The battery capacity is poles apart within both of the tablets. We find Apple iPad 10.2 sitting on the throne ruling solely in the battery world with its 8827mAh battery capacity. The second in command is our very own Fire HD 10 with a 6300 mAh battery capacity. This humungous difference between the battery capacities directly indicates the charge life.

Fire HD 10 has an average battery life of 12 hours which is not that bad. The charge value differs concerning the other agents which are chiefly consuming battery. Apple iPad 10.2 has a battery life of 10 hours, which is quite surprising. This low charge time is linked up with the maximum number of features that consume a lot of charges.


Fire HD 10 is cheap than its rival because of the limited number of features and on an honest note mainly because of the low storage memory and limited camera features. This does not mean that it is a bad purchase. Initiating with a price range of $130, it’s specifically made for the low-budget ones.

Apple iPad 10.2 comes at a premium price of almost $340. Well! This thing should not surprise you a lot because we all know how expensive the Apple family is. This expense comes from the advanced and newest features introduced with every single generation which are hard to be witnessed in other competitors.


Apple iPad 10.2 is the ultimate beast that is wild with a freaking cool and premium style. The beast is untamed, signifying the unlimited number of features which make the world go-gaga. Siri’s more intelligent than ever after this upgrade and the maximize control of your device with security that appears tight is a great tech-appetite.

The premium price of this beast tends to be problematic for mediocre users sometimes. So, for all the mediocre ones, Amazon Fire HD (2019) is indeed a life-saver. This tablet introduces you to a series of in-built features and eases up the fight for you.