Alienware M17 R3 Vs M15 R3

Gaming laptops have become the latest trend of the tech-town. Many of the tech giants are busy impressing their clientele by bringing innovation within the tradition. Ali, Alienware has introduced two of its modes in different series. Though, both of the laptops belong to the third generation of two different series. But, the overall utility has made them the hottest topic of the market.

Here is a list of the features present within both of them, which serves as a guide to know them in-depth.

Alienware M17 R3Alienware M15 R3
Q-Max technology.
Nvidia G-SYN.
RGB FX backlighting keyboard.
Perfect battery timing.
Nvidia G-SYN.
RGB FX backlighting keyboard.
Multi touch gesture support.
Stereo speakers with no woofers.Lack of Q-Max technology.


M17 and M15, both have introduced their third generation R3 which is quite similar to the second generation or R2 in terms of basic design. The only exception is the availability of the latest RTX super technology over here. Aside from that, you can find the aluminum peeking through the sides, through the chassis and the back. Both are lightweight in nature, where you find 5.5 pounds within R15 and 6.6 in R17. Hence, the conclusion gets to us believing that R17 is a heavy laptop when compared to its rival. However, the difference is negligible when examined physically.

Both of the devices come in the same range of connectivity order, where you get to find USB type c-port, Display port and HDMI port. However, what I liked most about the laptop was the presence of Thunderbolt 3 port and an additional Ethernet port that is more than one can imagine.


Both of the laptops are very different from each other when it comes to their screen sizes. R17 just as the name depicts, has a 17.3inches which offers a maximum of 1080 pixel resolution. On the contrary, R15 has a 15.6inches screen offering the very same resolution level. Both of them come with the advanced Nvidia G-SYN technology which assures the graphic quality. The color contrast ratios in R17 are more efficient than within R15 which means you have this feature of color customization within R17. Though, the refresh rate is similar within both that is 144Hz.

M15 comes with 4-way stereo speakers that can turn into woofers which means enhanced sound quality. With M15, Alienware, finally introduces discrete Smart Amp Woofer technology. On the other hand, you get 2 way stereo speakers over here, which are not as efficient as the rival but provide fair quality sound.


There are not many differences in between keyboard of both the devices. Both are supported by the default RGB improved FX backlighting technology. There is a separate section of alphanumeric keys located within M17 alongside the separate travel key and brightness adjustment key. The keycaps are medium in size and are smooth enough to press and play for a longer period. You don’t find keys getting stuck anywhere.

The touchpad is quite responsive and smooth. M17 comes with an advanced precision point touch pad, whereas its rival has multi gesture feature located within the touchpad which makes response quicker than imagined.


The camera quality over here is very brilliant as compared to other gaming laptops. You get to find Alienware FHD (1920×1080 resolution) camera within both of the laptops. This is a new and interesting feature found within any of the gaming laptops. You get HD video quality whilst the cameras are located on the front part of the panel.

In terms of battery, both of the laptops are available in two variants. One is 56Wh and the other is 86Wh along with the presence of 3 and 6 smart cells. So, the battery time in both doesn’t show much difference lasting up to 6-8 hours.


A difference of 100 bucks exists in between both. M17 is a 100 dollars more expensive than its rival. Its price lies in the premium range starting from $1500. On the other hand, M14 also is high priced but as compared to the rival, it is somehow of a mediocre range.


Features make R17 the champion of this features’ tussle. The most advanced quality graphics and the use of Q-Max technology within the construction of its GPU makes it an ideal gaming laptop which can be used conveniently for playing almost every single kind of game because of the advanced G-SYN technology. But, the premium price might trouble you a bit, if your budget is not adjusted according to the premium quality laptops.