Acer Predator XB273K Vs LG 27GN950

Smart screens are gaining immense popularity within the masses due to their minimalistic design and smart features. Smart monitors have become a trend and gaming is getting widely popular because of their advanced features. They have revolutionized the whole concept of traditional gaming substituting it with a newer and more modernistic way of life. Gamers are always mad about brilliant designs and amazing features, hence, the pioneers of tech industry are bringing a revolution within traditional innovation too.

Acer is one of the strongest contender of the tech town because of the number of durable features it offers. Now, LG is also bringing modern touch within the traditional designs. Acer’s hottest model, the Predator XB273K falls in close competition with LG’s 27GN950 monitor model. Both these monitors are getting acclaim because of their latest technology.

In this article, we will give you a wordy tour of both these models, so that you can opt the one of your own choice.

Acer XB273KLG 27GN950
Nvidia G-SYN.
Ultra 4K resolution.
Flicker free technology.
Maximum connectivity ports.
Nividia G-SYN compatibility.
Black stabilizer.
Flicker Free Technology.
Sphere lighting.
Contrast distortion.No left/right swivel.


Both these monitors have a 27 inches screen providing the ultra HD resolution. The pixel quality within LG 27GN950 is a bit more impressive than its rival. Both of them have contrasting panel types. While LG comes with the flexible IPS panel, Acer comes in ultra-flexible AHVA IPS panel which is super comfortable.

The HDR feature though is available in both the devices, yet LG’s HDR quality is much more impressive than the contender. With Display DR 600, you can expect to enjoy all the gaming stuff, battles and arenas encounters in a way you have never before.

Input connectivity within the monitors are again a thing to be praised. In addition to the Display port, USB and HDMI ports are also located for connectivity purposes. There are 7 connectivity ports located on LG, whereas the rival exceeds by having one extra connectivity port other than the usual 7 ones.


The latter shows a variety of features. Here, the features seem innumerable. It works with adaptive sync technology by default and is compatible with the Nvidia G-SYN technology and AMD FreeSYN technology. LG is not only known for these existent features, but it also gets acclaim on the basis of additional features only specific to it.

It has Dynamic Action-SYN, with the help of which the dominant aspects of the game can be controlled. Besides, the sphere lighting feature and Black Stabilizer provide picture-perfect graphics. The eco-friendly mode, or the blue light filter is also present. Thus, LG gives you a “pocket full of features” which gives you more control over your device and you can customize it the way you want.

Acer on the other hand has its signature Nvidia G-SYNC technology, which further includes the flicker free technology along with it. In Acer, as per my observation, the controls are still there, yet you can’t control them which paves way for LG to take the market in its chasm.


Because of the stack of features, LG has, its price elevates up to the premium range. Though, both of the monitors fall in the premium range. Yet, LG is a bit more expensive than Acer because of the additional as well as advance number of features, it offers. You are supposed to pay a hundred and fifty more extra bucks in order to finalize LG’s purchase, as compared to Acer.


LG 27GN950 is the champion over here because of the versatile collection of features it offers. The triple synchronization ensure the graphical as well as processing perfection. Along with this the flicker free Technology over here is more highly modified because of the Dynamic Action Syn. The contrast and brightness levels are subtle here and can be customized. Hence, this will turn into a good deal if you are willing to spend a huge sum of money this weekend for no one else but gaming.