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Razer Basilisk Ultimate vs Logitech G502 Lightspeed: Which to Buy?



Razer Basilisk Ultimate vs Logitech G502 Lightspeed

Logitech G502 Lightspeed has become one of the most active mice of 2020 because of its wireless nature that contributes a lot with the presence of the essential Logitech G Hub. The design of the mouse is another factor behind its fame on a wide scale.

This minibeast finds its direct competitor in the form of Razer Basilisk Ultimate. The performance induced mouse is specifically built with a sensor that is precise enough to catch your heart in its grip. Because here sensor isn’t the only thing but the build quality is fabulous this making it a tough competitor of the other.

Razer Basilisk UltimateLogitech G502 Lightspeed
Rechargeable batteries.
Activation Switch.
Precise sensor.
Focus+Optical LED sensor.
Thumb resting support.
Sleek design.
Rechargeable batteries.
Activation switch.
Logitech G Hub software.
Fully compatible.
Not ambidextrous.
Partially compatible with macOS.
Not ambidextrous.
A bit slow sensor.


This time you are going to amaze yourself when you will look at both of them at a single glance. The reason behind the emerging surprise lies within the similarity occurring in the basic design. The exception is the presence of bluish shade blending with the black in Lightspeed. A similar nature is from the presence of both freewheel and notched wheel in each one of them. So be prepared for mega fun.

The beauty of Lightspeed tends to fade a bit with its massive weight of 173g. Calling this number massive is because Basilisk comes with 140g of weight which is quite suitable compared to the huge size of the former. Both of them get to find the essential thumb support lacking the ambidextrous property in either one of both.

The rechargeable battery induces the design of both to come with a micro-USB port too besides the charge activation switch.


12 Mechanical buttons formulate the entire mechanism of Lightspeed, whereas 3 are equipped as the side buttons. The side button count is similar in Basilisk Ultimate making it a common 3, though the number of mechanical keys reduces by 1 digit making the count 11. But the programmable inputs over here are abundant setting the mark of 24 compared to the 21 programmable inputs of Lightspeed.

This is accompanied by the presence of Profile and CPI(DPI) switching buttons in each one of them.


The competition is originally between their respective Optical LED sensors and the models ruling over them. Focus+ is a much smarter sensor compared to the HERO 25K. There is a distinction noticed between the CPI(DPI) count of both. Lightspeed wins the count with a 25,600 CPI rate compared to the 20,000 CPI rate of Basilisk Ultimate. The 10ms latency rate of Lightspeed also plays a fantastic role in describing its authority compared to the 7ms latency rate of Basilisk Ultimate.

Razer Synapse 3 existing within Basilisk Ultimate makes it partially compatible with macOS devices but fully usable in Windows. For this particular feature, many of the gamers prefer Logitech G502 Lightspeed, because who doesn’t want irritation-free gaming.


Because of the sensitivity associated with the sensor Basilisk Ultimate enjoys a much higher price than its other rival. The originating price falls from the hundred bucks and then ends somewhere around the count of thirty. The budget is more friendly within Lightspeed making it a fine choice.


Both of them have many qualities similar to each other which make the competition a bit difficult. Since both of them perform impressively in their specific pathways. Hence if you are a sensor person Razer Basilisk Ultimate is there. But on the whole Logitech G502 Lightspeed serves as a complete package.

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