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Galaxy Tab S7+ Vs iPad Pro 12.9-inch: Which to Buy?



Both Samsung and Apple have taken some wide inspiration from the earlier models and have successfully developed a newly renovated model imitating the earlier style but better than the predecessors. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S7 Plus has been a great deal for many of the android users who were anxiously waiting for the large scale improvements in the earlier introduced models. This tablet has proven its worth by introducing a processor faster than ever and a design much improved than ever.

Apple’s iPad Pro 12.9 comes with the fastest processor and an elegant design which of course is the specialty of Apple. But, the features don’t end here. Apple’s pencil is more sensitive and that is good news for all the web and graphic designers out there. The design comes with delicateness and strength at the same time making it an all-time favorite rival of the opponent.

This article takes you to the depth of the features formulating the structures of both the tablets. So, grab yourself for some wonderful surprises ahead of this verbal journey.

iPad Pro 12.9-inchGalaxy Tab S7+
Stylish metallic built.
Fast charging.
Ultra 4K video.
Perfect rear camera.
A12Z Bionic chip.
Finest security systems.
Reliable battery life.
Metallic design.
Stylish theme colors.
Ultra-HD display.
Finest selfie camera.
Qualcomm chipset.
Octa-core processor.
Stereo speakers.
Very expensive.
No 3.5mm audio jack.
Mediocre battery life.
Mediocre screen size.


iPad Pro 12.9-inchGalaxy Tab S7+
Dimensions11.05 x 8.46 x 0.23 inches (280.6 x 214.9 x 5.9 mm)11.22 x 7.28 x 0.22 inches (285 x 185 x 5.7 mm)
Weight22.61 oz (641.0 g)20.81 oz (575.0 g)
MaterialsBack: AluminumBack: Aluminum
Biometrics3D Face unlock2D Face unlock, In-screen fingerprint
ColorsSilver, Space grayMystic black, Mystic bronze, Mystic silver

Many factors resemble each other when the design of both these tablets is considered. Surprisingly, both of them are giving a tough time to each other by using the same material for basic builds. The basic build of the tablets finds aluminum as its rescuer holding up a great responsibility of adding elegance in both the designs.

So, this aluminum finds its way in the main design by contributing to the build of the frame as well as the back of the tablets. This looks sassy indeed. iPad Pro 12.9’s bezels are much slimmer than the other which makes it a truly smart device of the smart age. The frontal portion is covered by the glass, which is not Gorilla glass. However, iPad Pro 12.9 receives a fair share of oleophobic coating and comes with a scratch-resistant glass of its own.

The theme colors however declare Tab S7 Plus as the trendier one because of its availability in three contrasting themes. We get to find Mystic Black, Silver, and Bronze themes over here which gives more sense of aesthetic than the default Silver and Space Gray themes of iPad Pro 12.9.

Though the bezels of later are smarter but still because of a heavier metallic touch, iPad Pro 12.9 gets heavier in weight and weighs almost 640g which is much larger than Tab S7 Plus. The android body comes with 575g of weight which is indeed a depiction of true smartness.

Both of the tablets come up with their respective stylus devices and both appear sensitive in terms of interacting with the main screen. Tab S7 Plus offers the nano-sim feature which is a feature we have already witnessed in many of the earlier found tablets. The other one, our very own iPad Pro 12.9 supports both the nano-sim combination and the latest e-sim feature.


iPad Pro 12.9-inchGalaxy Tab S7+
Size12.9 inches12.4 inches
Resolution2732 x 2048 pixels, 4:3 ratio, 265 PPI2800 x 1752 pixels, 266 PPI
TechnologyIPS LCDSuper AMOLED
Screen-to-body85.51 %84.65 %
FeaturesOleophobic coating, Ambient light sensor120Hz refresh rate, HDR video support, Ambient light sensor

Several differences are existing between both of the tablets. We find a Super AMOLED screen having a size of 12.4 inches within Tab S7 Plus. The other one has the mighty IPS LCD screen carrying size of 12.9 inches within iPad Pro 12.9. Despite the similar refresh rate existing within both of the models which are no doubt fine as the number marks up to a 120Hz rate, we still find minor differences lying in between both of the displays.

iPad Pro 12.9 offers a wider number of color combinations which play a significant part in making the screen finest and fairest of all. Yes, you can expect to watch your favorite seasons with a crystal-clarity over here. You look for the proofs for that, so allow us to tell you about the magic created over here. The true tone display feature combines with the wide color gamut to make it excellent which lacks within the rival.

The screen quality also becomes clearer as we get to the pixel quality present within both of the devices. iPad Pro 12.9’s pixel resolution quality is phenomenal, rising high at the stage with 2048×2732 pixels which is a big number to estimate about the screen quality which is ultra-HD. Tab S7 Plus has a fine pixel density but it doesn’t beat the humongous quality offered by its Apple’s rival. Here the pixel density rests at 1752×2800 pixels but is not that much efficient as that of the rival.


iPad Pro 12.9-inchGalaxy Tab S7+
RearDual cameraDual camera
Main camera12 MP (PDAF)13 MP (PDAF)
Second camera10 MP (Ultra-wide)5 MP (Ultra-wide)
Video recording3840×2160 (4K UHD) (60 fps), 1920×1080 (Full HD) (240 fps), 1280×720 (HD) (240 fps)Yes
Front7 MP (EIS, HDR)8 MP

Once again iPad Pro 12.9 beats Tab S7 Plus because of its fantastic camera quality. Though both of the tablets possess dual cameras there is a difference between the rear camera lenses of both of them. Tab S7 Plus has a wide-angle lens of 13MP which is fine enough but in the ultra-wide lens game, it loses easily with its 5MP camera.

iPad Pro 12.9 shows better camera lenses which is an expert at taking both the wide as well as the ultra-wide photos at the same time. Here the first lens is of 12MP while the ultra-wide one comes with a 10MP camera. The endless features do not stop over here within this tablet. Here, we also notice the brilliant TOF 3D Lidar scanner which is a quality lacking within the other one. Both of the tablets support 4K ultra-HD video at 1080 pixel rate.

Coming to the selfie camera, we find Tab S7 Plus performing much better than its counterpart as it comes with an 8MP selfie camera that offers HDR and Panorama selfies too. One good thing about the 7MP selfie camera of iPad Pro 12.9 is the auto-face detection feature. Both of the cameras take ultra-HD selfies which is a feature to die for.


iPad Pro 12.9-inchGalaxy Tab S7+
HeadphonesNo 3.5mm jackNo 3.5mm jack
SpeakersMultiple speakersMultiple speakers
FeaturesAlbum art cover, Background playbackDolby Atmos

There are no differences between both of the tablets when it comes to the audio system available within both. Both of them possess 4 stereo speakers which means you can expect to get crisp sound from both of the devices. Plus, you also need to prepare yourself for the corresponding earbuds because there is no 3.5mm audio jack present to fulfill all your wireless audio needs.


iPad Pro 12.9-inchGalaxy Tab S7+
System chipApple A12Z Bionic APL1083Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ SM8250-AB
ProcessorOcta-core, 2490 MHz, Vortex and Tempest, 64-bit, 7 nmOcta-core, 3000 MHz, Kryo 585, 64-bit, 7 nm
GPUApple 8-core GPUAdreno 650
Internal storage128GB128GB

We get two different kinds of chipsets running the entire mechanism of both the tablets. There is a distinction between the chipsets. On one side, we have the Qualcomm SM8250 Snapdragon 865+ running the entire system within Tab S7 Plus which means the processing speed is surely extraordinary. Meanwhile, iPad Pro 12.9 comes with the A12Z Bionic chip which is considered the most modernized till now. Both consist of octa-core processors though the difference lies in their processing speeds. Tab S7 Plus comes with a 3.09GHz processing rate, whereas the other one has a processing power of 2.5GHz.

Tab S7 Plus has two diverse RAM variants. One is 6GB, while the other is 8GB. However, iPad Pro 12.9 comes with a single 6GB RAM variant. The storage memory capacity of iPad Pro 12.9 exceeds the rival coming up with a storage capacity of 1Tb. In Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus, you find a capacity of up to 512 GB with an expandable memory source. The micro-SD feature lacks in the iPad Pro, but that is not a big deal anyway because of its internal storage memory.


iPad Pro 12.9-inchGalaxy Tab S7+
Device typeTabletTablet
OSiPadOS (13.x)Android (11, 10), Samsung One UI

Tab S7 comes with the latest One UI 2.5 which functions in correspondence with the Android 10 version. This version has rightly brought some dominant changes in the overall performing look of the tablets. You find amazing interface features for newly designed Google updates. Besides this, the accessibility to all Google Play Services is advanced than ever.

iPad Pro 12.9 comes with the latest iOS 14.2 upgrade which comes with improved security settings. This time we get the finest security features with some improved application management and a new collection of emojis to make up for your days and more sensitivity towards Stylus.


iPad Pro 12.9-inchGalaxy Tab S7+
Capacity9720 mAh10090 mAh
TypeLi – Polymer, Not user replaceableNot user replaceable
ChargingFast charging

The batteries are quite efficient within both of the devices. We get to find non-removable batteries in both devices. The battery capacities vary from each other. We find 10090mAh battery capacity within Tab S7 Plus, whereas our iPad Pro mate comes with a good fat capacity of 9720mAh battery capacity.

The stand by time within iPad Pro is better than the others. We get to find 11 hours of battery capacity without internet surfing. It becomes 8 hours when the situation deals with internet connectivity. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus lasts some 10 hours without any internet connectivity but 7 hours are the estimated mark during the connectivity period. Both of them support fast charging.


Both of the tablets fall in the premium ranged category. The number of features available within both of the devices counts a lot when it comes to the bucks. You need to make yourself prepared for the high prices of both. Tab S7 plus initiates at $830 which is quite a value for those dealing with the stiff budget. Unfortunately, you cannot find iPad Pro 12.9 as your rescuer because it is more expensive than the other rival. Initiating at $999 it is indeed a big burden on the pocket.


iPad Pro 12.9 wins this battle in terms of improved performance mechanisms. The camera quality, brilliant display, and the mechanics of perfection involving the design all contribute to make it a fine piece of art and tech at the same time. Though the price falls in the premium category, yet you won’t regret the bucks being spent on it. But, If you are fond of amazing selfies then your savior comes in the form of Samsung Galaxy S7 Plus where the front camera is beyond perfection combining with the latest Bixby technology.

Karan is senior editor of this website. He is known for his passion for tech related stuff and not only handles the writing ventures at My Next Tech Gadget as a tech writer but has also successfully pioneered many tech websites.

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