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Lenovo Legion 5 vs HP Omen 15: Which to Buy?



Lenovo Legion 5 vs HP Omen 15

Over the course of the years, laptops have taken the whole world under their charm by their style and peculiarity specified to them. Lenovo and HP are two famous players within the commercial market known for the intricacies embedded within their laptops’ designs. Both of them have recently introduced two different models from their respective catalogs which are getting immense acknowledgment.

Lenovo Legion 5 comes in direct comparison with HP Omen 15. Here is a list of all the features which make both of them close rivals to each other.

Legion 5Omen 15
Minimalist design.
HD display.
Perfect sound system.
HD camera.
Backlit keyboard.
Elegant design.
Rollover Anti-ghost keyboard technology.
Dual speakers.
HD camera.
No thunderbolt connectivity.
Plastic body.
Inadequate battery life in gaming.
Small keys.


Legion 5 is a Phantom Black beast whose whole body consists of plastic. You can expect this coming from Lenovo because plastic is the chief ingredient within Lenovo laptops. On the other hand, a plastic body with an aluminum keyboard looks more elegant over the dull black Omen 15 model. The design is more or less the same within both.

We get to find two different USB type-c ports within each one. Alongside that, the presence of Ethernet and audio jack makes your gaming interesting enough. Legion 5 serves as a giant with 2.5kg weight compared to 2.3kg of weight making up the entire structure of Omen 15.


The display screen within both comes with the same size. You will be amazed to find a 15.6 inches screen making up the core of both the laptops. This giant screen gives you a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels within both of the models. This also predicts the finest gaming quality you are ever going to expect. The IPS technology employed within both of the models is one reason for its successful display quality.

The display quality is a separate factor, let alone be the refreshing rate which gets you entry into another world of colorful possibilities. A refreshing rate of 144Hz gives you the best possible color outcome. The 300nits brightness adjustment rate found within both is another reason behind the splendor.

2 x 2W Harman Kardon Speaker System with Chamber Dolby Atmos Headphone Support is the force behind Legion 5. Such a gigantic speaker system makes your gaming experience fantastic by providing special focus over every single gaming voice ranging from the loudest to the faintest.

This alternates by the presence of Bang & Olufsen; DTX: X Ultra Dual Speakers with the characteristic HP Audio Boost 2.0. This means here you can expect sound which is nothing else but finest in terms of its crisp and loud nature. The bass over here is ideal which gets an extra boost because of HP’s very own boost technology.


Legion 5 is known for its White backlit keyboard which is an obvious requirement of a fine performing keyboard nowadays. This demand gets filled when you get medium looking keys which are quite interactive and sensitive to the touch response. You don’t need to press too hard if you want to enter the input.

This one feature is quite likable over here. The backlight over here is 4 zoned which means now you are not going to get this dimension related issue. Omen 15 comes with all these features including the backlit technology and its multi-zoning with only a single exception. Here you get to find the Rollover anti-ghosting key technology which is a big innovation at the hands of tradition.

Both of them possess multi-touch touchpads having the gliding feature appearing as the distinguishing feature of both. Because of the presence of a small keyboard structure, Omen 15 leaves much space for the touchpad which sometimes appears unresponsive compared to the very sensitive drivers of Legion 5.


Both of them do possess a front camera with the very same pixel quality. The 720p camera is a good source for handling your video calls and gaming sessions altogether. One good thing about the cameras within both of the devices is the availability of its HD nature.

The battery within both of the devices contrasts with each other by the availability of their respective cells. Legion 5 comes with a 4 celled battery, whereas Omen 15 has a 6 celled battery. The battery life however is the same as 5 hours in both.


Both of the devices are known for being premium price items because of their high-ranged values. However, Legion 5 gets a bit pricey than the rival with a price set at $1,159 and Omen 15 is at $1200. Since much of the features are similar between both, so you can expect the finest in each one.


When we talk about the style, it’s HP Omen 15 which gets the ball in its court. Shifting from the style, you get to the performance feature which is not that much different in both. However, Lenovo Legion 5 is more reliable in terms of battery quality. The processor over here is also very impressive. So, you can expect more than a lot from both.

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