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Lenovo Legion 5 Vs ASUS TUF A15: Which One is Better?



Lenovo Legion 5 Vs ASUS TUF A15

Lenovo Legion 5 is getting acclaim because of its simple design and a fast processor. The laptop becomes a highly popular one among gamers because of its exceptional display. The battery time is also favourable supporting your aesthetics and blessing your adventure time with its enormous features.

ASUS TUF A15 on the contrary is a reaction to the minimalism of the former one. It comes with the simple features serving your adventure time with the features that are nonetheless prime. Plus a battery time, which is quite fine.

Let us take you on a deep journey involving the features of both of the rivals and let you decide the finest one among them.

Legion 5TUF A15
Fine display.
HD camera.
Improved sound system.
Minimalist design.
Metallic design.
HD camera.
Dual speakers.
Improved battery life.
No thunderbolt conductivity.
Easily damageable plastic.
No thunderbolt conductivity.
Small keyboard and touchpad.


The Phantom Black Legion 5 comes with a plastic body with bezels which are thinner to let you allow more productivity. The theme is all dull black which gives a kind of elegance to the overall structure of it. Here the plastic essence employed throughout within the keyboard and the body makes it a true embodiment of minimalism.

ASUS TUF A15 is on the other side heavy with the enormous weight of the detailed design which includes two contrasting themes. One is Bonfire black and the other is Fortress Gray, both of them look quite decent though. Despite the heaviness embedded within its design, it is still lightweight. 2.3 kilograms is nothing compared to the 2.5kilograms of its rival.

When it comes to the number of ports available on the laptop, we find two different type-c USB ports along with the Ethernet connection lacking the basic thunderbolt in both.


The IPS technology is common to both of the laptops which makes the display gigantic. The refresh rate of 144Hz also contributes to providing essential color combination settings. Both of them have a similar big-fat 15.6 inches screen which is ideal for any kind of gaming experience.

When it comes to the finest resolution quality, we witness ASUS TUF A15 as the sole emperor with a resolution quality of 1080×2560 pixels which is huge. On the other hand, we have Mr. Simpleton Legion 5 coming up with a resolution rate of 1080×1920 pixels which makes it a runner up in this race.

2 x 2W Harman Kardon Speaker System with Chamber Dolby Atmos Headphone Support constitutes the audio mechanism in Lenovo Legion 5. Hence we can expect a perfect focus with brilliant bass settings. A15 on the other hand consists of dual speakers located at the back of the devices which are adept at giving the finest audio.


Honestly, there is not much to brag about the keyboard because many of the features are common in both of the devices. One thing which is admirable about Legion 5 is the medium and balanced size of its keys and keyboard as a whole.

You don’t get to face much difficulty because a soft press turns up the game for you. A15 on the other hand has a smaller size keyboard with keys that are sensitive to press but smaller in size. Both possess backlit keyboards with a 4-Zone RGB technology.

The touchpad gets a bit smaller than usual within A15 compared to the medium-sized Legion 5. The multi-touch feature is present within both of the devices but is more accurate and sensitive within Legion 5.


A 720pixels camera forms the frontal core of both the laptops. When we come to the anatomy of the camera, we tend to explore its HD nature which means the pictures and video recording is not going to be disappointing as you expect which of course is good news for all the gamers out there.

The battery comparison is between a 4-celled 80Wh battery of Legion 5 and a 6-celled 98Wh battery of A15. This pretty much sums up the battery life too. We get to find 5 hours within Legion 5 and 8 hours within ASUS TUF A15 which gives it an upper hand over the other one.


Both of the devices are items included within the premium range. There is a little bit of difference in between prices of both the laptops. ASUS TUF A15 initiates at a premium price of $1,180 whereas we get to find Lenovo Legion 5 for $1,170 which means there is not that much dominant contrast.


When it comes to the aesthetic sense. The top choice rests at Lenovo Legion 5 15” because of its flexibility and minimalist nature. Besides, the speakers also deliver some fantastic sounds which means that you are going to get a lot more than a mere gaming laptop. But if you are a hardcore metal fan, then you should think about ASUS TUF A15 because of its metallic design and bewildering features attached to this piece of metal.

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