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ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 vs Lenovo Legion 5: Which to Buy?



ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 vs Lenovo Legion 5

The Legion series within Lenovo is considered as a masterpiece of both arts in terms of its style and innovation when viewed from the point of view of it carrying the latest technology of all time. Legion 5 15” is highly renowned within the gaming circles mainly because of the finest display technology immersed within it which accentuates the processing power and gives a disastrous combo indeed.

Zephyrus ROG G14 which is also regarded as the mighty beast hailing straight from the ASUS is not only a beast in terms of its design but serves you with its latest gaming attributes securing a top place within the list of the finest.

This article takes you to a detailed visit of all the chief constituents that are making both of these devices the best of 2020.

Lenovo Legion 5ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14
Minimal design.
HD webcam.
HD display quality.
Impressive keyboard.
Fantastic speakers.
Metallic design.
HD display.
Dual speakers.
Impressive battery life.
No thunderbolt connectivity.
Single theme color.
No webcam.
No thunderbolt connectivity.


The minimal nature of Legion 5 gets prominent with the aid of its plastic structure. You can simply state that this beast of plastic has modernist and minimalist notions within its phantom black veins. It has a mediocre weight, estimating up to some 2.5kg. This gives you simpleton vibes with a design having two type-c USB ports and no thunderbolt connection which is missed in it.

G14 keeps the game much simpler for itself yet makes it more decent. The decency in the design comes from the metallic magnesium alloy design of it. The presence of an all-white moonlight default theme soothes your eyes. The most amazing factor is the 1.6kg weight of it which increases up to a kilogram making it 1.7kg in case of the AniMe Matrix addition. The thunderbolt also tends to remain an absent entity over here.


This time the competition arises between a 15.6 inches display screen of Legion 5 and a 14 inches display screen of G14. We get to find IPS technology running within both which remains successful at garnering attention.

The difference within the refresh rate clears out the picture more for us. We get to find a 144Hz refresh rate within Legion 5, substituting with a 60Hz refresh rate of G14. The display quality in terms of pixels remains the same and has an HD nature coming up with great 1920×1080 pixels. Impressive indeed.

The dual speakers coming from the very expert Harman Kardon speaker system within Legion 5 find a great competition with the dual-speakers existent within G14 coated by the smart AMP technology. It means the bass is to control and loudness meets focus in terms of the combination offered by both. Dolby Atmos technology is the leading technology behind its microphone control.


Both of them possess a White backlit chick-lit keyboard. However, the actual variant is the size of both of them. Within Legion 5, we find out a mediocre keyboard powered by 4-Zone RGB technology and keys with very responsive press detection sensors. This gets a bit minimal within the rival. Rest, everything is the same over here except the small-sized keys when compared to the former.

Zephyrus G14 has a very sensitive touchpad that responds instantly. The drivers are more precise over here than the other. You also notice both of them depicting the multi-touch gesture feature which makes both of the respective touchpads pros at pointing inconvenience.


Well! We do have bad news for all the Zephyrus G14 fans when it comes to the camera. Sadly, you don’t get to find any webcam over here which is pretty much surprising. Looking at the rival’s 720 pixels camera, the overall feel remains incomplete within G14 because of this downside. Legion 5 impresses the users with a camera that has an HD nature.

The battery capacities don’t seem surprising yet G14’s 76Wh battery is a bit more efficient than its competitor. You get to see 6 hours of battery life here which makes it an ideal solution for all your gaming problems. Legion 5 gets in the race with its mediocre 5 hours battery life which is not that bad indeed.


These premium ranged items show a premium ranged differentiation in between their respective pricing. Surprisingly, G14 initiates at $1440 which is a lot more than the mere $1200 of Legion 5. Part of the elevation within G14’s price comes from its metallic luster. This alternates with the minimal nature of Legion 5.


If you are a person who is hell conscious about trends, ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 should be your first and the foremost choice. The reason behind this is its fabulous design and elegance carried by the metallic structure. Besides, the sensitivity of the touchpad lets you into games with a proper interest of your own.

If you are conscious about the performance, go for Lenovo Legion 5 15”. This little beast is going to amuse you with the display quality and the impressive camera strokes which make this work of art an exceptional one.

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