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Sonos Beam Vs Vizio SB3621n-E8: Which to Buy?



Sound Bars have become the new talk of the town because of their convenience. They are considered significant in terms of the latest technology they are immersed with.

Many of the tech giants are credited for the development of the latest technology sound bars which are different from conventional speakers in terms of the difference in between their quality and clarity both. The new era is “smart”, so the sound bars are serving as new smarties of the tech town because of their portability and usage.

VIZIO and Sonos both are the new giants of the tech town because of the technology they carry in their veins. This technology isn’t limited to the development of smart speakers but revolves around transforming a traditional speaker into a smart one.

VIZIO SB3621n-E8 is the new face of technology hailing from VIZIO which is highly regarded within the tech society as well as the ordinary circles as the “extraordinary” one. In its competition comes Sonos beam occupying a specificity of its very own.

Here is a list of features constituting the entire functionality of both of these beasts.

Vizio SB3621n-E8Sonos Beam
DTS Tru Volume.
Trendy design.
Bluetooth connectivity.
Minimal design.
Night mode.
Dolby Digital sound.
No night mode.
No Wi-Fi.
No Bluetooth.
No subwoofer.


There is a considerable difference in between the overall design of both the devices. The basic theme color of both the devices is totally varying. Sonos beam only comes in the default white theme whereas its rival shares a black and silver theme in two different versions.

There is no digital interface at the top of Sonos which can be used to display the pause/play feature compared to the presence of the digital display found at the top of the soundbar.

VIZIO is known for its premium display quality which comes with LED indicators which look fabulous when compared to the minimal display of its rival. Both of the devices come with an on/off switch at one corner. The switch appears quite comfortable within Sonos. It is also worth mentioning that Sonos is primarily known for its comfort and premium quality.

VIZIO however is more smarter than its rival carrying a weight of 6.12 lbs compared to the 6.17lbs of Sonos beam. Both of the soundbars are known for being table-top, stand alone sound bars.


Both of the sound bars show a distinct variety of features in terms of their functioning. Sonos Beam has Airplay 2 which is good news for the Apple users,which enables them to share their music gallery with one another. Unfortunately, you don’t find any such feature within its rival VIZIO.

Another interesting feature appearing within Sonos Beam is the presence of amazing Night Mode where you can make adjustments according to the night conditions. The smart technology appearing within it automatically makes it undergo changes according when the day shifts to night. Sounds get subtle and comfortable at night.

Both of the sound-bars come with a table top adjustment where you can easily mount the speakers according to your convenience wherever you want. Both the sound-bars come with a remote control enabling you to control the sound play and its quality.

Sonos doesn’t possess any Bluetooth feature but it has a stable Wi-Fi and Ethernet connection within it. On the other hand, VIZIO shows a total contradiction to this and has a Bluetooth feature, lacking the Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections.


In terms of sound quality VIZIO is the leader beating up its rival with the presence of a subwoofer which lacks within Sonos. This lack of subwoofer weakens its position as a great sound bar trying to keep pace with the rival. However, VIZIO’s subwoofer has this amazing quality of filtering sounds and blending within the environments around.

There is another distinction in terms of the sound quality. VIZIO offers a wide range of sound effects ranging from Dolby Digital to DTS Tru volume, DTS studio and Tru surround. This gives it an upper edge over its rival giving the sounds a more dramatic effect.


Vizio is a plug and play soundbar which comes which however is supplied by a power cable supporting its connectivity. The remote control however needs to have continuous battery replacements over the passage of time powered by the DURACELL.

On the contrary, Sonos beam does come with a remote along with a type c connectivity. In terms of the reports as submitted by users, Sonos beam is considered more long lasting supporting the playback for a maximum time limit.


Sonos beam is more expensive than that of VIZIO because of the connectivity features it offers. The price initiates at a rate of $150 and extends further. On the contrary VIZIO is quite affordable within the sale season coming at a price range of $130.


In terms of sound quality VIZIO has no match because of its advanced subwoofer and dramatic sound effects including all the major sound effects in its catalogue. This makes it more peculiar than its rival, however there are a bit restrictions in terms of connectivity which gets resolved in Sonos. So, both of the soundbars stand at the same place but VIZIO wins over its rival in terms of the sound quality.

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