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JBL Flip 5 Vs Sony SRS-XB32: Which is Better?



JBL Flip 5 Vs Sony SRS-XB32

Smart speakers are the latest trend of tech town. They are considered significant not in terms of their functioning but the handy use and the nature of the technology being immersed within their tech veins. This technology is the main reason of their distinction from the conventional speakers.

Bluetooth speakers have recently become a way of life because of their convenience when used within public and private circles. Sony is included in the list of some of the pioneers of audio developers which were considered exemplary in their creation of cool audio gadgets roaming around in the tech market.

On the other side we have JBL, a brand known for the development of its Bluetooth speakers. Both of them when are brought into competition together give a very tough time to each other.

JBL Flip 5 is the latest face of JBL’s innovation whereas sitting closely to it is the new Sony XB32, which is called a “fantastic” addition in the list of some finest speakers.

Here is a comparison list in between both of the speakers which make them peculiar from each other.

JBL Flip 5Sony XB32
Party Boost.
Bluetooth 4.2.
11 variant color themes.
Bass radiator.
Dual bass radiators.
Maximum battery time.
Sony’s official music app compatibility.
Bluetooth 4.2LE.
Limited streaming.
Distortion on high sounds.
Absence of waterproof technology.


In terms of design, both follow the same order under which you get the speakers arranged in the horizontal order to maximize the bass. Flip 5 comes in 11 theme colors altogether which appear trendier compared to the 3 available themes of Sony XB32.

Though both of the speakers are portable yet JBL Flip 5 is IPX7 rated which makes it waterproof compared to its rival lacking this kind of construction. XB32 has an extra passive bass radiator making it extra sensitive towards sounds and adjacent filters. On the other hand Flip 5 is provided by a single default bass radiator.

Both of them are provided by an in-built Bluetooth system which however is more effective in XB32 with a version 4.2 LE compared to the 4.2version of Flip 5.


Sony XB32’s most interesting feature is the presence of in-built flashing lights within it. These flash lights are designed in order to give a party look to the overall environment. You yourself can customize the light colors according to your mood. This feature is new in its development and one doesn’t get to find this within Flip 5. Both these speakers have Part Boost feature enabled within them which gives them wireless connectivity over a variety of other laptops present within the same environment.

XB32 is also significant because of the presence of “Part Chain Feature”. This feature gives you Bluetooth connectivity with other speakers and changes the flash LED according to the type of the sound being played. In other words, once the connectivity is established the music and flash color get in synchronization with each other and a uniform part pattern is obtained. XB32 gives access to Sony’s official Music center app from where you can control the music play within the speaker directly.


XB32 comes with very powerful drivers that control music play uniformly on high and low tones compared to the smart drivers of Flip 5. XB32 has dual bass radiators which ensures maximized sound clarity. Flip 5 on the other hand has an impressive frequency response rate ranging from 65Hz to 20 kHz.

XB32 is provided by a built in microphone which gives you more refined sound compared to Flip 5. XB32’s detailing is impressive in nature. Here you get to find much efficient control over the low tones just as you control the high ones. This means XB32 is nothing but a pro in terms of providing breath taking audio quality.


Both of the speakers come with a rechargeable battery and a type-c USB port with power cables to assist the charging procedure. Battery life of XB32 is more impressive than its rival. You get to find a 24 hours long lasting battery within this little beast which is exceptional. On the contrary, Flip 5’s battery time compared to its rival isn’t impressive at all. Yes! You read it write. It’s not impressive compared to the rival because here you get to find only a 12 hours battery.


Sony’s XB32 is available in a premium price range compared to Flip 5’s mediocre one. XB32’s price initiates at about one hundred and forty five bucks which goes on increasing, in case you are interested in buying the accessories along with it too plus the Sony’s official app premium costs separately. Flip 5 on the other hand is quite affordable in a $120 range.


Sony’s XB32 is undoubtedly the outstanding one. You get to find newly curated features like flash lighting, party chain and humongous memory. All these features tend to make this beast a perfect party choice. If you are fond of bass adjustments which work efficiently on high tones alongside the low ones. It is the perfect choice for you even though being a bit pricey. Once you get your hands on it, you are not going to regret it.

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