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JBL Flip 5 vs Charge 3: Which Speaker is Better?



JBL Flip 5 vs Charge 3

Bluetooth speakers are considered significant in terms of their built. These are the faces of smart speakers which are available within the market. Smart speakers are considered an essential equipment in today’s world where the only thing attached with them is ease.

In terms of their structure and build, these are very different from the conventional speakers which had been capturing users’ minds from a very long period. The tech revolution is responsible for the amazing transformation making the smart speakers the latest demand of the tech town.

JBL is regarded as a brilliant brand when it comes to the development of smart speakers which have nothing but extreme features making up their entire structure. Two of the latest models which have been introduced recently from JBL are Flip 5 and Charge 3 which are busy developing chasm of their own within the tech world.

Here is a detailed comparison in between both of these beasts making them clearly specific from one another in order to set their set their specific magic over the market.

JBL Flip 5JBL Charge 3
Minimal design.
Party Boost.
Bluetooth 4.2.
IPX7 rated.
Trendy design.
Convertible power bank.
High battery time.
Limited streaming.
Sound distortion.
Limited streaming.


At the first look, both of the speakers look quite different from each other. This difference is due to the design difference which exists in between both. Flip 5 is comparatively much simpler, designed in a rod shaped pattern compared to the elongated modern pattern of Charge 3 which looks too cool by the way.

There is a difference in between weights too. Flip 5 weighs 540g which is much less than the advanced and trendy Charge 3 which is killing the scenario with 800g.

Charge 3 has 6 theme options available which is kind of strange compared to its trendy design. Being Bluetooth speakers, both of them do have in-built Bluetooth versions. The only difference exists in between the versions of Bluetooth available between them. Flip 5 has version 4.2 of Bluetooth compared to version 4.1 present in JBL charge 3.


There are a number of contrasting features present in between both. Charge 3 offers a 3.5mm audio jack available for efficient personal musical enjoyment which is absent within Flip 5. This is not the only feature present within it, it has a power bank option available. In other words, this means you can easily convert Charge 3, a portable speaker into a customized power bank of your own thus lighting up the game for you.

In terms of connectivity, Flip 5 offers Party boost feature in order to connect with the adjacent speakers. In addition to Part Boost, Charge 3 has Connect+ in its cup to offer which allows this to connect with other speakers compatible with the Connect+ feature.


In terms of the sound quality, Charge 3 is a pro at giving out clear vocals because of its impressive bass and more focus on high vocals, it is impressive in terms or amplification of low vocals into high ones. The clarity is breath taking over here. You find yourself getting some amazing tones and sound enhancement features.

Flip 5 on the other hand has small drivers, which run perfectly on medium ranged sounds but on high ranged tones, distortion occurs more often because of the not-so-precise drivers. Moreover, you get to see bass deviations over here.


There is an impressive battery life within both of the speakers. The battery life within JBL Flip 5 is 12 hours. This gets 20 hours in case of Charge 3 where the battery serves to its maximum aside from being a full-fledged power bank for any of your smart device.

The batteries are rechargeable within both of the speakers and you get to find a type-c USB port alongside power cables which are durable enough to support charge to the devices for a long period of time.


There is a contrast in between prices of both of the speakers. Though, many of the features correlate yet some features available in Charge 3 make it a high-priced purchase originating at a rate of hundred and fifty bucks which varies according to the demographics. Flip 5 on the other hand remains at a comparatively affordable price of $130 which justifies its features too.


Charge 3 is undoubtedly the champion in between both the speakers where it justifies itself as being the most perfect one. The Connect+ feature attached with it is considered exceptional. The bass and toning along with the power bank feature adds more to the attributes of this speaker. The elongated design is itself an epitome of perfection. The price though is a bit higher, but the features present in it are a compensation for the elevated price.

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