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iPhone 12 Pro Max Vs Galaxy Z Fold 2: Which Device is Better?



iPhone 12 Pro Max Vs Galaxy Z Fold 2

Apple has recently announced its iPhone 12 Pro Max, which is being claimed as the most fantastic phone of the decade with features that are upgraded, taking a leap from the basic to the pro level and a camera which is nothing but fascinating.

Samsung’s biggest entry of this year, witnessed by the world is the entry of its Galaxy Z Fold 2, which is one step ahead in the multi-purpose technology. It’s been regarded as one of the most elegant smartphones of the year with flawless technology carrying the essence of a tablet.

Choosing Mr. Perfectionist out of both these miracles of 2020 isn’t a difficult task anymore especially when you get to find a comprehensive list of all of the features encompassing their build. So, be prepared for a quick read, as we are going to provide you some of the striking features existing in between both of them.

iPhone 12 Pro MaxGalaxy Z Fold 2
Great screen.
Longer battery life.
Powerful camera.
Much bigger front Cover Display.
Refined second-gen hinge.
Improved split-screen software.
Feels almost too large.
The most expensive iPhone.
Camera not hugely better than the 12 Pro.
As expensive as phones come.
Lacks Samsung’s best cameras.
No microSD card slot.


iPhone 12 Pro MaxGalaxy Z Fold 2
Dimensions6.33 x 3.07 x 0.29 inches (160.84 x 78.09 x 7.39 mm)6.27 x 5.05 x 0.27 inches (159.2 x 128.2 x 6.9 mm)
Folded159.2 x 68 x 16.8 mm
Weight8.03 oz (228.0 g)9.95 oz (282.0 g)
MaterialsBack: Glass; Frame: Stainless steelBack: Glass; Frame: Aluminum
ResistanceWater, Splash, Dust; IP68
Biometrics3D Face unlock2D Face unlock, Fingerprint (touch)
KeysLeft: Volume control, Other; Right: Lock/Unlock keyRight: Volume control, Lock/Unlock key
ColorsMystic black, Mystic bronze

The distinction starts occurring from the very basic point of their overall build. You find a texture of stainless steel within iPhone 12 Pro Max and an aluminum texture within Z Fold 2. It gives the former a more metallic look as compared to the latter which chiefly appears as an artwork using an alloy.

Another distinction is present in terms of the presence of back and front design within both. The frontal and back glass of the iPhone 12 Pro Max is composed of Gorilla glass, thus making it water and damage resistant. On the contrary, our rival, the Z Fold 2 is composed of ordinary glass lacking resistance, and the back over here is covered with plastic which contributes towards its modest look. Besides, the glass front is accompanied by the metallic built folding hinge adding beauty to its folding property.

Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro Max is much light-weighted compared to its competitor. Here you get to find a weight of 228g which appears quite handy and convenient to carry and put at various places with the utmost ease. On the other hand, the 282g weight of Z Fold 2 mainly arises from its folding nature which turns it into a tablet just by a single fold. So, you are going to expect a bunch of weight from a phone whose nature is of a tablet, it’s an obvious thing.


iPhone 12 Pro MaxGalaxy Z Fold 2
Size6.7 inches7.6 inches
Resolution2778 x 1284 pixels, 458 PPI2208 x 1768 pixels, 372 PPI
TechnologyOLEDDynamic AMOLED
Screen-to-body87.45 %89.00 %
Features60Hz refresh rate, HDR video support, Oleophobic coating, Scratch-resistant glass (Ceramic Shield), Ambient light sensor, Proximity sensorFolding inside the device, 120Hz refresh rate, HDR video support, Ambient light sensor, Proximity sensor
Front cover display6.2 inches, 2260 x 816 pixels, AMOLED, Scratch-resistant glass (Corning Gorilla Glass)

The display not only differs in terms of the screen size but also distinguishes in between the nature of the display. You get to find a Super Retina display with a screen size of 6.7inches within iPhone 12 Pro Max, which is impressive because iPhone’s usually focus on the quality and not on the display size, but here efficient work is done in both areas.

The Foldable Dynamic AMOLED screen within Z Fold 2 doesn’t lag behind its contender and gives the former a tough time in terms of its huge screen size. A 7.6 inches screen is no less than a wonder of its kind which prevails within this beast.

As we have mentioned already that when it comes to an iPhone, one must be certain of its display quality because the picture quality within an iPhone is its trademark attribute. As 2778x1284pixels resolution rate is offered here with a 458ppi density. So, be prepared for getting an unforgettable experience while watching movies.

It doesn’t matter how far is Z Fold 2’s skill in terms of screen size, but when the topic shifts to the quality, the ball is always in the court of its rival. As the pixel quality over here is less than the former consisting of 2208x1768pixels with a density of 373ppi. It means that you would be unable to get the kind of picture, you get from its rival.

Galaxy Z Fold 2 Vs iPhone 12 Pro Max


iPhone 12 Pro MaxGalaxy Z Fold 2
RearTriple cameraTriple camera
Main camera12 MP (OIS, PDAF)12 MP (OIS, PDAF)
Second camera12 MP (Telephoto, OIS, PDAF)12 MP (Telephoto, OIS, PDAF)
Third camera12 MP (Ultra-wide)12 MP (Ultra-wide)
Video recording3840×2160 (4K UHD) (60 fps), 1920×1080 (Full HD) (240 fps), 1280×720 (HD) (30 fps)3840×2160 (4K UHD) (60 fps), 1920×1080 (Full HD) (240 fps), 1280×720 (HD) (960 fps)
Front12 MP (Time-of-Flight (ToF), EIS, HDR, Slow-motion videos)10 MP (EIS, HDR)

The camera within both of the models differs in terms of both quantity and nature. iPhone 12 Pro Max is adorned by Quad camera feature, whereas its rival arises in the battlefield with a triple camera as its chief weapon. The Quad camera present within iPhone 12 Pro Max makes up a total of 36MP along with a TOF 3D LIDAR scanner giving the camera a Quad nature. Each one of the cameras situated in addition to the scanner is of 12MP. A dual-LED flash furthers the impact of making it the mightiest one among all.

Z Fold 2 comes with a triple camera together making up a 36MP. The exception over here is the absence of the LIDAR scanner. Every single camera is of 12MP. Besides, you do find an LED flash over here but it is a single one unlike the dual nature of its competitor.

The front camera also appears to be distinguishing within both of the models. Within iPhone 12 Pro Max, there is a dual selfie camera adding its technicality to the simple picture, thus altering it and making it anything more than just a picture. The camera is of 12MP supporting 4k Ultra-HD video recording with its perfect in-depth sensor.

The selfie camera within Z Fold 2 is also significant but isn’t dual. However, the 10MP camera is more than enough to win your heart with its extreme focusing properties and supporting selfies within HDR mode. The video recording over here is also supported by HD and 4K Ultra-HD format.


iPhone 12 Pro MaxGalaxy Z Fold 2
HeadphonesNo 3.5mm jackNo 3.5mm jack
SpeakersEarpiece, LoudspeakerEarpiece, Multiple speakers
FeaturesDolby Atmos32-Bit DAC, Dolby Atmos, aptX-HD, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus

Both of them are supported by stereo speakers supporting sounds in coordination with Dolby Atoms. If you want to get hands free audio, you don’t get to find the characteristic 3.5mm audio jack. It indicates that you are going to rely upon the Air pods and Samsung’s earbuds for fulfilling your sound requirements.

Galaxy Z Fold 2 Vs iPhone 12 Pro Max (2)


iPhone 12 Pro MaxGalaxy Z Fold 2
System chipApple A14 BionicQualcomm Snapdragon 865+ SM8250-AB
ProcessorHexa-core, 64-bit, 5 nmOcta-core, 3100 MHz, Kryo 585, 64-bit, 7 nm
GPUYesAdreno 650
Internal storage128GB (NVMe), not expandable256GB (UFS 3.1), available to use: 220.5 GB, not expandable

Well! It might appear a surprise for many but the real fact is that Z Fold 2 beats iPhone 12 Pro Max when it comes to the processing speed as well as the kind of processor employed. Z Fold 2 contains a Qualcomm SM8250 Snapdragon 865+ processor which fights hard with Apple’s very own A14 Bionic chip which is more powerful than the former. However, when it comes to the fastest processing speed, we find a strong rift between them.

A Hexa-core processor runs the entire system of iPhone 12 Pro Max, which is fast but not as fast as the Octa-core processor of Z Fold 2, where multi-tasking becomes fun with a speed as that of wind. This distinction is one reason to claim that the processing speed over here eases up the multi-tasking, thus setting it up as the more powerful one among two.

Another distinction exists between the giant RAM of Z Fold 2 and the mediocre RAM of the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The 12GB RAM of Z Fold 2 easily wins the competition and manages up most of your tasks with zero glitches or issues. Although, the 6GB RAM of the iPhone 12 Pro Max is also efficient to take up the maximum activity of the device, yet it is not as fast as the competitor.

Both of the devices exist in three variants concerning their storage memory ranging from 128GB, reaching up to 256GB, and then ultimately ending at 512GB. Both of them don’t support expandable memory in the form of a micro-SD.


iPhone 12 Pro MaxGalaxy Z Fold 2
Device typeSmartphoneSmartphone
OSiOS (14.x)Android (10), Samsung One UI

Here the competition is apparently in between Android and iOS. Both of them are recently upgraded into their newest versions making up the Android 9.0 (Pie) an Android 10.0 and iOS 14.1.0, an iOS 14.2.0. This distinction gives them their attributes including the in-built apps, their security settings, the controls, and access to their respective stores.

When it comes to the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s latest upgrade of iOS 14.2.0, you get to find all the apps in a more organized pattern, additional security settings, impressive addition within the in-built app feature, and a smarter than ever Siri. On the contrary, the Android 10.0 within Z Fold 2 gives all the latest upgrades coming from Google Play services. One noticeable thing about Z Fold 2 is the presence of Samsung’s default One UI 2.5 which gives it improved in-built apps.

Galaxy Z Fold 2 Vs iPhone 12 Pro Max (3)


iPhone 12 Pro MaxGalaxy Z Fold 2
Capacity3687 mAh4500 mAh
TypeLi – Ion, Not user replaceableNot user replaceable
ChargingUSB Power Delivery, Qi wireless charging, MagSafe wireless chargingQualcomm Quick Charge 2.0, Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging, Qi and Powermat wireless charging, Reverse wireless charging
Max charge speedWireless: 15.0WWired: 25.0W; Wireless: 11.0W

The battery life existing within both is different because of their varying battery capacities. iPhone 12 Pro Max has a battery capacity of 3687mAh compared to Z Fold 2’s 4500mAh battery capacity. Both of them have non-removable batteries lasting up to different hours throughout. Z Fold 2’s battery is more powerful than iPhone 12 Pro Max, lasting up to 11 hours approximately compared to the 8 hours of the rival.

Both of them support wireless and fast charging. iPhone 12 Pro Max supports Qi wireless charging, whereas, its opponent Z Fold 2 offers both the reverse and fast wireless charging.


Both of the smartphones are available within almost the same price range. However, the distinction may arise because of the presence of their memory variants. As the memory gets larger, you get to see a higher price range existing. The range of both the phone initiates for $999 and then elevates at the maximum price range of $1749.


Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 seems the better option out of the two chiefly because of its enhanced battery life, a RAM which is well-developed enough to take maximum task handling conveniently, and the newly modeled design which gives you two feels at the same time. This phone cum tablet is considered as the new step within the traditional design.

However, there is no denial of the fact that the camera quality of Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro Max is one in a million because of its Quad nature. Besides, the metallic design (which is more metallic than ever) never disappoints the clientele in their quest for a perfect and elegant phone coming up with maximum features in its bucket.

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