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Dell G3 15 Vs Asus TUF Gaming A15: Which One to Buy?



Dell G3 15 Vs Asus TUF Gaming A15

Gaming has become a trend of the time more than an activity or adventure quest. Gaming laptops are popular in gaming circles because of two reasons.

The first reason is their convenient set up and the second one involves the advanced features present within them. Dell is considered as the top tech brand when it comes to the development of advanced scale technology.

G3 from Dell series enjoyed a wide acclaim all over the globe because of its amazing speed. G3 15, a recent laptop from Dell is also enjoying the very same status. ASUS TUF A15, on the other hand is another important laptop with advanced quality features.

Here is a list of all of the features present in between them which specifies both of these giants from each other.

Dell G3 15ASUS TUF A15
FHD Anti-glare IPS.
Multi-gesture supportive touchpad.
HD screen quality.
Nvidia graphic cards compatibility.
Multi-gesture supportive touchpad.
Efficient battery life.
HD graphics.
Awkward camera.
Premium price range.
No maximal contrast ratios.
Low brightness adjustments.
No smart AMP technology.


The overall design is similar within both of the devices. The basic build consists of plastic on the front which comes with a metallic touch within ASUS TUF A15. Dell G3 15 has considerably more weight than its rival. Dell G3 15 has a weight of 2.3kg whereas TUF A15 weighs 2.30kg. Though, the difference exists but it’s so minimal that it isn’t apparent at all.

Both of the laptops are available in jet black themes but Dell G3 15 shows a bit greyish touch from the inside. Both of them are provided with all the essential ports located on either corners of the laptop. This includes a 3.5mm headphone jack, type-c USB and display ports respectively.


The display screen is of the same size within both of the devices. It’s 15.6inches with a resolution of 1080 pixels. This resolution provides HD quality graphics within both of the devices. However, after color contrast testing, the result of maximum contrast ratio was obtained from Dell G3 15. The Nvidia graphic card exists within both of them which adds more to the clarity of the graphics. The refresh rate is quite impressive within both of the devices. It is 144Hz which is a good frequency for obtaining clear graphics. Both have an LED anti-glare IPS panel.

Both of the devices are provided with dual speakers which are situated on both the corners. The smart AMP technology present within G3 15 gives it an upper hand over its rival. Both the rivals also accept external sound source.


The layout of keyboard within both of the devices is pretty much identical as both are RGB backlit in nature. But, the keycaps within Dell G3 15 are quite bigger in size as compared to the other one. But, TUF 15 is purely a gaming keyboard with numeric-pads and extra buttons for controls. On the contrary, you can use the rival for performing two functions at the same time. You can either play games or can type your projects over here, it is designed in a way that it supports both of the functions very smoothly.

The touchpad has not a lot of differences in between both of the models but multi-gestures support is enabled within both of the touchpads which feels smooth and accurate enough to operate.


Both of the devices have a 720pixels camera at the front end of the panel. The camera quality is not much brilliant at all because of the lens aberration. However, Dell G315 still manages the high quality video recordings by using the advanced ADOBE color edit feature. The video adjustments are customized over here and are a likeable feature too.

In terms of battery functioning, both of the devices are similar and contrasting to each other at the same time. Both of the devices use a 3-celled Lithium induced battery. The power requirement capability differs in both. Dell G3 15 uses 51 W AC adapter whereas the other one uses a 150W adapter for its functioning. The same difference exists within the battery life where TUF A15 lasts up to 5.8 hours compared to the 4.9 hours of its rival.


There is a considerable difference in between the prices of both the devices. Dell G3 15 is a bit expensive than TUF A15, the chief reason behind this is the advanced video graphics which give a realistic impact. The premium price of Dell G3 15 originates at $1500 whereas its rival ASUS TUF A15 lies in a mediocre range of $1100.


Indeed Dell G3 15 is the most suitable one of the two because of its advanced quality graphics that are peculiarly built for perfect realistic effects. The amazing contrast ratios, volume tones adjustments make it an ideal purchase for all the gamers by which they can easily control their gaming in a minimal manner. However, if you are hesitant over the premium range in which the laptop is available. You can think about altering it with TUF A15, which is specifically a gaming gadget.

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