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Asus Zephyrus G14 Vs Dell XPS 15: Which to Buy?



Asus Zephyrus G14 Vs Dell XPS 15

Gaming laptops are getting prominence within the gaming circles because of their advanced-level compatibility with Nvidia Graphics and its latest technology. Many of the gaming laptops have become the apple of the gamer’s eye because of their qualities.

ASUS and Dell both are the potential competitors within the tech market and both of them are considered as the sources from where one receives nothing but perfection. ROG Zephyrus G14 and XPS 15 are the new faces of innovation within the tech town developed by these giants.

Here is a list of features which constitutes the overall significance of both these laptops.

Asus Zephyrus G14Dell XPS 15
Smart and advanced graphics.
HD screen.
Light weight.
Connectivity ports.
Quad speakers.
Backlit keyboard.
Suitable price.
Smart and wider screen.
4K ultra HD graphics.
Nvidia’s Active-SYNC.
Thunderbolt availability.
Improved camera quality.
Poor quality camera.
No thunderbolt.
Lack of 4K graphics.
Premium price.
Heavy weight.


There is a difference in terms of design of both the models from each other when it comes to the design talk. ROG Zephyrus G14 is an aluminum magnesium alloy whereas its rival has a metallic touch within its built which gives XPS 15 and upper hand over G14.

Same is the case with the basic weight which shows a contrast in both of the devices. XPS 15 has a heavy weight compared to the lightweight Zephyrus 14. In other words, here the competition exists between the 1.6kg Zephyrus with 2.5kg Dell. So, in terms of lightness Zephyrus is more desirable.

Dell XPS 15 in terms of its build provides all the essential connectivity ports alongside the mighty Thunderbolt which is absent within G14, which constitutes only the basic connectivity ports.


From the name itself, one can easily judge that ROG Zephyrus comes in a size smaller than its rival where you only get a 14inches screen compared to the mighty 15inches screen of Dell XPS 15. Besides, the resolution also differs within both of the devices.

XPS 15 provides 4K ultra HD quality graphics whereas G14 has HD graphics in its menu to serve. Both of them are compatible with advanced Nvidia Active-SYN technology but by default graphics look more prominent within XPS 15.

Both of the devices are provided with a pair of dual speakers located on either side of the laptop. XPS 15 has Smart AMP technology which enables sound boosting and amplification. Hence its speakers are dope in terms of usage compared to the average speakers of G14.


XPS 15’d keyboard is a personal favourite of many of the gamers for two prime reasons. Firstly, it’s comfortable enough with a large space and smooth keycaps. Secondly, it has RGB backlighting further aided by the Smart RGB technology. G14’s white backlighting is now becoming a bit outdated. Numpads are located in both of the devices but XPS 15 ones are more comfortable.

The touchpad in both has precision drivers to add smoothness within the touch. But, XPS 15 has position precision technology which is more delicate than its rival who comes with a gesture support.


A supporting webcam is provided to both of the laptops. But, the video quality of XPS 15 is majestic. You can say it’s out of this world because of the ultra 4K quality resolution, the camera also becomes much improved in it and with a variety of color contrast adjustments, and it stands tall among its competitions holding the title of best camera. G14 on the other hand, still has a 720 pixels camera followed by screen blurring most of the time.

Battery life within G14 is more suspect I left to immediate loss because of the 76Wh capacity. But XPS because of its 96Wh capacity provides almost 2.5 hours more battery time than the rival.


There is a huge difference in between prices of both the devices. XPS 15 because of its premium features, falls in the premium range of $2000. Zephyrus G14 on the other hand, is easy going and budget friendly, falling in a mediocre range of $1100 which is a good aspect of this giant.


Dell XPS 15 is hands down the best among both of them. It has a number of advanced features which specify it as a laptop carrying technology in its digital veins. It comes with a 4K graphic quality which isn’t usual for any laptop alongside a supporting touch screen. This makes it the best one so far within the tech market. However, its premium price range turns out an issue for gamers sometimes. If this is the case, then you should better suit yourself with ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 because of its budget-friendly property.

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