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Alienware M17 R3 Vs Area-51m: Which to Buy?



Alienware M17 R3 Vs Area-51m

Gaming laptops have become the new demand of gamers. They are more convenient than the traditional gaming equipment which is getting quite outdated with passage of time. Many of the leading brands are stepping into the development of gaming laptops which could meet the latest desires of comfort and features both at the same time. Now-a-day third generation of Alienware’s M17 series, also referred as M17 R3 is the latest favorite of gamers. But, it seems that now Area 51m is all set to give it a tough time.

Let’s have a wordy tour of the features present within both of these gaming laptops.

M17 R3Area-51m
Q-Max technology.
Fingerprint unlock.
Nvidia G-SYNC.
Improved video quality.
G-SYNC feature.
Advanced RGB backlit keyboard.
Multi-support gesture.
Aluminum body.
Low quality stereos.High weighted.
Low sound quality.


Though, both are from Alienware, still the difference in the basic design separates them from one another. M17 is smart than its rival carrying a weight of approx. 6.6 pounds under its tag, whereas, Area-51 comes with an 8.1 pound weight which seems too heavy when compared to the former. Besides, the color theme are different for both of the laptops.

For Area-51, dark side of the moon which in fact is the black theme looks phenomenal making it accentuate with the inner silvery theme prevalent. You can also find Lunar light for you which in other words stand for the white theme.

Area-51 is more elegant in terms of its theme build up with a Nebula red and epic silver theme, it adds aesthetics to the overall construction of the laptop. Both of them are provided with the latest basic connectivity ports, just with an exception that Area-51 comes with an additional port regarding power supply along with the newly developed Alienware graphic amplifier port.


The display quality is quite distinct from each other. We get to find a 17inches screen within M17 which adds more decency and perfection. Though, the screen size of Area-51 is exactly same than the former one. Still, the quality of 4K video which is present in M17 is unmatchable by the basic resolution of Area-51. The same variance appears within the refresh rates, where Area-51’s refresh rate still lags behind the 60 Hz of M17.

Both of the laptops are present with two built-in speakers which are stereo speakers actually catching up a few volume glitches every here and there. Area-51 however manages the volume customization. Well! This is the only feature worth talking for an infinite length of time.


The keyboard layout is similar in both of the laptops. Both are RGB FX backlighting supported. However, Area-51 is a bit more efficient in terms of the key thickness and smoothness because here you don’t feel the need of much pressing compared to the other kinds of laptops. The improved thickness has blessed this keyboard with amazing typing processing speed as well as you can steadily control the game with the help of the side numpads present over here.

The touchpad works similarly in both of the devices providing the finest accuracy with M17 having the position precision technology immersed within it.


If Alienware is famous for one thing the most, it’s most probably the quality of webcam it offers within its gaming laptops. The presence of an HD camera within both of the laptops providing the resolution of 1080pixels is an excellent feature within both of the devices alongside with some of the dope video settings.

Both of the devices are available in two distinct battery variants, with 56Wh and 86Wh respectively. Hence, the battery timing is same within both. Without internet surfing and much of the game playing, the battery can last up to a good 6 hours. In the presence of the internet and because of the excessive gaming battery can run as quickly as two hours without any interruption and ultimately the laptop shuts off.


Area-51 is exclusively made for gaming keeping in view the latest features as offered by gaming equipment. Therefore, it has a sky-high price setting down in a premium range. It is not alone over here, its sibling M17 R3 is also excessively charged high because we know it’s precious and its value does count because of the advanced N-SYN technology.


Area-51 is undoubtedly the champion in between two of them because of more number of gaming features. These features vary from providing the latest N-SYN technology to the amazing RGB FX induced keyboard and the specifically constructed keyboard thickness and design. However, the major problem with Area-51 is its premium price which doesn’t seem favorable to many and they still keep on looking for the least priced quality item.

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