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Acer Nitro 5 vs Helios 300 vs Triton 500: Which is Better?



Acer Nitro 5 vs Helios 300 vs Triton 500

Gaming laptops are becoming trendier with the passage of time. They have become the new name for perfection. Many of the tech companies are developing gaming laptops according to the latest needs.

Many of the gamers prefer laptops which are highly developed with the blend of convention and technology with a little addition of newest features within them.

Acer has proved itself to be the champion of innovation which it has brought within gaming laptops. Three latest gaming laptops from Acer are Nitro 5, Helios 300 and Triton 500 which are making rounds because of the technology within them.

Nitro 5Helios 300Triton 500


All three despite originating from Acer are contrastingly different in terms of design. Nitro 5 has the most elegant design of all with a metallic imprint while Triton 500 has the most weight of about 2.2kg. Helios 300 somehow lies in between the features of both these laptops. Nitro 5 has an awesome aluminum top cover which gets replaced with an all-black theme within both of the other rivals. Triton 500 has a fingerprint read which gives it an upper edge towards both of its rival.

The smart technology gets apparent from the very built of the laptop. There is a plethora of ports available at the sides of all three laptops which allow you access with HDMI, USB type-c and a display port.


All three laptops come with a 15.6inches LED screen which provides you HD quality graphics. The graphics lie in the pixel range of 1080pixels which is of course huge but not as huge as the ultra-HD quality. The refresh rates are quite satisfying in all three. We get a 144Hz refresh rate with some additional variants having a refresh rate of 240Hz. The presence of Nvidia GE RTX graphic card and the IPS panel adds more to the style. Nitro 5 is known for its advanced level multi-compatibility.

There are two built in speakers located within all three of the laptops where you get to find the audio customization feature within Helios 300. Because of its advanced level audio tuning, it becomes ideal for games having dramatic sounds.


The layout of keyboard is similar in all three laptops with a backlighting support where you get Nitro 5 supported by the red backlight. The button are not that much big and extra Numpads are located on Triton 500 which lacks in its other two rivals. The keyboard’s overall touch is smooth and appears very convenient while typing. However, the keycaps are not that much big and this is the only downside over here.

The touchpad is similar over all three models where you get smooth precision drivers which are quite intelligent to sense the touch and response.


All three of them have a comprehensive webcam situated at the front side of the screen, right at the very top. The resolution of the camera is not that much high, however the video adjustments are kind of cool within Triton 500. While Helios 300 has much camera blurriness which at times gets annoying.

The battery life has a bit of difference within all three of the models. Helios 300 and Triton 500 are quite same in terms of battery life as they run equally up to 7 hours. This battery life is estimated without any additional usage of internet. Nitro 5 however has an impressive battery life and you get to find a good 8 hours battery life here.


There is a little bit of difference in between prices of Nitro 5 and Helios 300. However, the price difference of Triton 500 is huge, it comes within a premium range, starting from some $2000 bucks. But, the rivals are not that much expensive but lie in a medium range of $1000 to $1600. So, if you get worried about the high price of the Triton 500, both of these can be a good substitute for you.


In terms of features, Triton 500 is the most suitable option out of the three because of its advanced graphics, the fingerprint reader and long battery time. It becomes the best choice if you are looking for a perfect gaming laptop with fascinating features but the main issue is its premium range. For tis, we have a simple suggestion for you, you must consider Helios 300 because it is the runner up in this comparison.

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