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Logitech G604 Vs G502: Which is Better?



Logitech G604 Vs G502

Gaming is turning into a realistic activity where the gamers want to bring hyper-reality within the work of illusion. If we go for the choices of most gamers, they need to have the most powerful controls so that they can turn this virtual adventure into a real one.

Logitech for this purpose has introduced two major gaming beasts, both of which are siblings yet the biggest rivals in terms of their functioning. These two beasts are Logitech G604 Lightspeed and Logitech G502 Hero respectively. Both of these have enchanted the gamers in their charm.

So if you are still wondering to choose in between them. Read this article and all your queries will be sorted out within no time. Come on, let’s have a look at the features in detail.

Logitech G604 LightspeedLogitech G502 Hero
Advance DPI speed setting.
Maximum tracking speed.
Fair price.
Minimalist design.
Comfortable tracking.
Perfect tracking speed.
LIGHTSPEED wireless technology.
Limited color range.
Limited compatibility.
Not ambidextrous.


Logitech G604 LightspeedLogitech G502 Hero
DPI100 to 16,000200 to 16,000
Scroll TypeScroll WheelScroll Wheel
Acceleration40 g / 400 ipsNot Applicable
Number of ButtonsNot Applicable11
Hand OrientationRightRight
Cable TypeNot ApplicableBraided
LED IlluminationSingle ColorRGB Customizable
OS SupportAndroid, Chrome OS, Mac, WindowsChrome OS, Mac, Windows
Dimensions (L x W x H)1.8 x 3.1 x 5.1″ / 45.0 x 80.0 x 130.0 mm4.6 x 2.1 x 6.8″ / 116.8 x 53.3 x 172.7 mm
Weight4.76 oz / 135 g9.1 oz / 258 g


Though both the Logitech G604 and G502 are siblings of each other, yet a very sharp difference exists between both when it comes to the design. Logitech G604 is a bit smaller in size with a weight of 130g than its sibling and comes with 15 controlling buttons that are fully distinguished from each other.

On the contrary, G502 consists of 11 buttons with a weight of 132g. None of them is ambidextrous but supports the right-hand side of mouse tracking. Thus, a bit of difficulty arises for those who are more used to managing to track ambidextrously.


Both of the mice have most of the features quite familiar. Both have optical sensors located on the backside of the mouse and are supported by Logitech gaming HUB software. This in other words means that you can access all the gaming controls specially developed by the software for mice efficiency.

Both of the devices support LIGHTSPEED wireless technology protocol. But, a bit of upper hand is enjoyed by Logitech G604 which also has a Bluetooth mechanism for its function. Besides, its optical sensor is provided by HERO 16k which means an extremely high DPI speed setting.


Because of the presence of ultra-HERO optical sensor G604, the reporting time becomes maximum here, ending somewhere to 16,000 reports per second. The tracking speed also increases over here which is more than 400IPS.

On the contrary, Logitech G502 supports the standard tracking speed of 400IPS, which is fine keeping in view the amazing sensor it has with the easy scrolling. The 32-bit microprocessor present within both of the devices makes the control further reliable and convenient.


Although both are more or less familiar in terms of function yet the prices are contrasting. G502 is a bit more expensive than that of G604 because of the size difference which exists between both. The price ranges in between $90-$100.

G604 is quite affordable for the number of amazing features offered by them. The price ranges somewhere in between $70-$80 dollars.


Both the mice are excellent in terms of their performance. G604 gives several amazing features with a performance that is near to perfection. Another great thing about its functioning is its affordable price which makes it an ideal purchase.

If you are looking for a minimalist version that you can customize as per your requirements, G502 is a good deal too but in that case, you are supposed to pay a bit extra pennies for cracking up the deal.

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