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Logitech G403 Prodigy Vs G402 Hyperion Fury: Which to Buy?



Logitech G403 Prodigy Vs G402 Hyperion Fury

Gaming devices are always considered pivotal for gamers. As the popular view is “A fine gaming is impossible without a fine device.” Peripheral devices have always been in-game because of their prominence. Mice are considered a vital part of gaming because of their significance.

Logitech has recently introduced Logitech G403 Prodigy and Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury respectively. Both of these devices come in close rivalry with each other because of the contrasting features. In this article, we are going to present all the signature features of both and everything else you want to know. Just wind your tech-belt tight around you and start this journey with us.

Logitech G403 ProdigyLogitech G402 Hyperion
Sleek design.
Logitech Software support.
LIGTSYNC feature.
Easy controls.
Maximum acceleration.
Advanced DPI settings.
Simple controls.
Advanced tracking speed.
USB availability.
Limited color range.
Not ambidextrous.
Limited RGB controls.
Not ambidextrous.


The initial design of both of the mice is quite similar but with a bit of exception. In G403 6 buttons are present which hold all the major controls including the RGB mode, as compared to its rival G402.

Both of these devices are available in the default themes which is the Black color theme. None of the mice is ambidextrous but supports the right-hand controls which is a downside present within both.


Both of the mice have USB support. An additional feature specified to G402 is the coating of rubber grips which makes tracking easy. Both of them have the same optical sensor within them with support from Logitech Gaming Software.

A sharp difference rises in between the DPI speed settings of both. G403’s speed settings end at 12,000 phenomenal DPI capacity. Aside from this, G403 has a 16.8 million color and brightness levels which is a fascinating feature.


Though, they are close siblings to each other still the difference lies in between the acceleration and tracking capacities of both. The tracking speed within G402 appears maximum as compared to its rival. However, the mini-beast G403 beats it at the acceleration speed. In other words, you get to witness the amazing processing speed with fine controls.

The LIGHTSYNC technology which is specific to G403 acts as a trendsetter and provides the best color combinations during gaming. On the other hand, G402 has RGB light adjustment which is not as apt as its rival yet serves quite efficiently.


There is a sharp difference between the prices of both the mice. G403 because of its advanced LIGHTSYNC feature stands tall at the cost level of $90-$110. However, Logitech G402 is quite expensive when compared to its rival. It falls in the mediocre range.


Originating from the same parent, both Logitech G402 and G403 have features that are similar to each other. However, the exception is made by the advanced technology which defines G403, where you get the LIGHTSYNC feature in addition to the other ones. This makes it an excellent choice. However, the expensive price creates a bit of an issue here.

But, if you are worried about not getting access to the advanced features at a fair price, G402 is your ideal choice with the features that are appealing enough.

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