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Logitech G403 Prodigy Vs G304 Lightspeed: Which to Buy?



Logitech G403 Prodigy Vs G304 Lightspeed

Peripheral devices always play a significant role in the development of the overall gaming system. To achieve perfection in terms of control, the gamers tend to find out devices that can turn out as the finest ones in terms of their functioning. Many of the tech industries are already stepping way forward to win the hearts of their clientele by introducing devices that are fine enough in terms of their feature.

Logitech has introduced two latest models recently which are making rounds within the tech town. Logitech G403 Prodigy and Logitech G304 Lightspeed wireless respectively. Both of these devices are considered phenomenal in terms of their functioning. The main features which distinguish both of these devices from each other are mentioned in this article.

Logitech G403 ProdigyLogitech G304 Lightspeed
Advanced customization.
Appealing buttons.
Logitech Software support.
Wireless variant availability.
Simple design.
Comfortable controls.
DPI customization.
Wireless mode.
Flimsy controls.
No Bluetooth availability.
No freewheel.


The design appears quite minimalistic and simple within both. Both of the mice have the characteristic 6 buttons which defines the durability of the mice. Within G403, the buttons however appear a bit cranky when compared to G304, though the buttons over here are stiff too but not as much as a rival.

Within G304, the scrolling wheel appears too comfortable to scroll. A scrolling wheel is also available within G403 but not as much comfortable as the rival. One can simply state that G403’s shift is more on the technical side while G304 satisfies the aesthetic side.


Logitech G403 is an absolute pro in terms of its features. It comes with an RGB mode that can be customized with any of the devices by simply using the assistance of Logitech Gaming Software. Talking about the software compatibility, both of the mice are fully compatible with this software which allows access to several features at the same time. This is probably the best feature present in both of these devices that you can customize it according to your own choice.

Both of the mice support wireless connection, but a downside of G304 is that it requires a USB dongle for its wireless connection which makes it quite hard to go wireless with several devices. At the same time, you have to buy a wireless variant of G403 which costs a lot.


Both of these devices have commendable DPI speed settings. Within G304, you can adjust the speed settings up to four different positions. This is quite interesting because several major functions within the gaming mode such as attacking and killing can be comfortably adopted by using these settings in particular.

The tracking speed however shows a bit of variance within both. G403’s tracking speed is faster than its rival, hence the smooth performance becomes a very convenient phenomenon.


There is a sharp difference between the prices of both devices. Since G304 is a very simple mouse with quite simple controls, hence the price itself is very reasonable which almost starts at $50.

On the contrary, G403 is a perfect all-in-one mouse with advanced technical features. This makes it quite an expensive mouse starting somewhere at $70 with its variants where you are supposed to pay a bit more than this price.


G403 is a fine choice if you need a device that provides you advanced level features. The controls here are quite appealing and one finds himself praising the customization feature of it. However, it is expensive alongside the addition of its variant models.

For those who don’t have a budget as wide as to grab the moon within their reach, they can choose G304 because of its simple and sleek design alongside fascinating features carved in simplicity.

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