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Logitech G102 Vs G402: Which is Better for You?



Logitech G102 Vs G402

The choice of a fine mouse meeting up your gaming needs is the primary requisite of a gamer. As a gamer, you always keep on searching the fine brand which could provide you the maximum features in adjustable price.

Logitech is a big name when it comes to delivering quality. It has introduced Logitech G102 and Logitech G402 within the G series. Both of these because of their amazing features specifically built up for gaming purposes come in close rivalry with each other.

Here in this article, you are going to find about interesting features of both of them which constitutes their overall functioning.

Logitech G102Logitech G402
Sleek design.
Amazing DPI controls.
Multi compatibility.
Easy grip.
Minimalistic design.
Easy grip.
Phenomenal tracking.
LIGHTSYNC feature.
Adjustment issues.


Logitech G102 comes with a sleek design carrying the minimal essence within it. Alongside the LED lighting technology that is a feature present in most of the designs today. A smooth design with a weight of 55g is a big deal indeed.

Logitech G402 with a 5-ounce weight is pretty much minimalist. Besides, the black color adds further essence to it. The mouse has a plastic body with active live controls. It means that you can expect battling within the battlefield while gaming.


The most remarkable feature about G102 is its DPI Speed settings where you can control the DPI speeds up to 5 different positions. Access to G HUB software allows you maximized functioning.

Though G402 also supports DPI speed setting, yet the glitches are frequent. Apart from that, the mouse has a USB connection which is a great feature when compared. Because of the presence of Logitech’s G Hub access you can enjoy the realistic controls over here.


Logitech G102 comes with the amazing LIGHTSYNC technology, where automated lightning effects can be experienced while having mega battles like killing, attacking, and bombing the enemies. With a maximum reporting time of 1000 seconds per the report, you can expect faster performance than a traditional mouse.

G402 on the other hand fits quite conveniently into hand and you feel it gripping properly. The DPI switching, phase shifting is also simplistic. Once you have gripped the mouse, everything else falls in its place. Tracking with the help of it is described as an error fee phenomenon.


It is a little different in the prices of both mice. The key reason behind this difference is the number of additional features that are provided in G402. Hence, you can expect to pay 2-3 dollars extra for G402. Otherwise, the mice distinction in terms of features is narrow.

G102 is adjustable with premium features and quite affordable number of bucks when compared to its rival.


By now, you must have gotten all the chief features which are specific to both of the mice. When seen from the lens of sleek design and contrasting yet fascinating features, G402 stands tall as the ultimate winner of this race. The only downside comes in terms of being a bit more expensive than its rival.

G102 in terms of its support and fantastic controls is no less than its rival. Besides, it is not as much priced as its competitor. So, for all those with a tight budget, this can be a great deal.

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