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Logitech G102 Vs G304: Detailed Comparison



Logitech G102 Vs G304

Gaming is considered an art and gamers tend to provide the best possible ways to turn their gaming into an actual piece of art. The latest devices which are available in town do their best to prove gaming as a piece of art with a realistic background. The controls of the game are an essential part of the development of great gaming experience.

To provide a great gaming experience, Logitech steps ahead and gives a diverse range of mice. Logitech G102 and Logitech G304 are the newbies within tech town. Both are known for their exceptional controls immersed with the latest features. As both have originated from the same parent, hence many of their features are familiar.

Let’s have a look at the features in detail so that you could decide the perfect out of the two by yourself.

Logitech G102Logitech G304
DIP speed settings.
Highly responding buttons.
Scrolling wheel.
Smart controls.
Advanced tensioning button.
HERO sensor.
LIGHTSPEED wireless technology protocol.
Basic design.
Lack of advanced tensioning mechanism.
Small size.
Limited color range.


Logitech is in particular known for providing durability and simplicity. Hence, you find both these models quite simple in design yet durable in the way they function. This is common to both of the mice and we see black color leading up the path with its uniqueness. Both of them are provided with a scroll wheel that works quite efficiently.

There is one exception to G304 and that is what creates the original difference between the two. It is not noticeable but after several times you get familiar that the 6 buttons over here are quite flexible when compared to G102. Also, G302 is a bit smaller in size than its rival.


Logitech is a name that relates to perfection so this perfection can relate to both of the models. Logitech G102 with its signature DIP speed setting feature tends to take up the tech town in its charm. The tracking feature over here is very comfortable but the mouse tilting feature seems absent over here.

Logitech G304 has innumerable interesting features that define its specificity. The most striking feature of G304 is its LIGHTSPEED wireless technology protocol which exceeds up the latency time. This feature makes it stand apart from its rival.


As we all know all Logitech devices specialize in terms of their performance. So, both of these mice have no exception to this rule. G102 with the help of its optical sensor and DIS speed settings controls the chief settings within gaming with pure efficacy.

Talking about the performance of Logitech G304, you are expected to get palm tracking with high-speed motion. This feature sets it up as one of the most advanced mice of the tech town.


There is a sharp difference between the prices of both of the mice. The prime reason for this is because of the contrasting yet signature features of both. Logitech G102 has a fair price because of the minimalistic way in which it is being designed.

With more qualities, come more expenses. This works following the extremely advanced features describing the device. G304 is considerably more expensive because of the greater number of features describing it.


Since both are the siblings of each other, therefore, there are not so many sharp differences between both. A few differences though occur here and these become the reason for elevated prices. Logitech G102 is considerably affordable with features that are fascinating enough. Hence, it can be a great choice.

If you prefer a cool upgrade giving you the finest features, G304 can be your treat but then you have to pay a bit more than its rival and the ball gets into your court.

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