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Logitech G Pro X Vs G633s 7.1 LIGHTSYNC: Which to Buy?



Logitech G Pro X Vs G633s

When it comes to gaming, or rather any activity that demands elevated audio performance, a good pair of headphones takes you a long way. While a good design is important, aspects like comfort, quality, and performance are key indicators of whether a headphone is indeed worthy of its name. A pair of good headphones can be a worthy investment, one that not only provides enjoyment but also improves the overall quality of the function that you are undertaking.

Logitech has been making a name for itself in the industry and is now considered a formidable presence in the market. Both the products in question, Logitech Pro X and Logitech G633 LIGHTSYNC are known not only for being Logitech products but also for their individual qualities as excellent headphones.

This article aims to analyze the different features of both these products and to illuminate their functions

Logitech G Pro XLogitech G633s


The Logitech Pro X has a smooth, sophisticated look, with metal accents that enhance the overall look of the product. The design is simple and stylish, and is more gamer-friendly, especially if one plans on using it for longer hours. The padding is comfortable, and the product is light and sleek, making it user friendly.

In contrast, the Logitech G633 has a heavier, almost clunky design. Comfort-wise this model has its pros and cons. On one hand, the thicker padding does cushion your ears well, but the stiffness and increased weight not only makes it harder to wear it for longer hours, but it also has a tendency to slip off the user’s head.


The Logitech G Pro X has an isolating sound system that allows for a degree of noise reduction without actual noise cancellation. It also has good sound quality considering its price range, making it well worth the purchase.

In contrast, the G633 has less specific features as compared to the Pro X. a focuses more on a cohesive system for a good, immersive gaming experience. While the G633 might not have more of the fancy functions that other gaming headsets might boast of, it makes up for it with the overall good quality in its audio performance.


Microphone performance is a key feature especially if you’re in the search for headphones that are for gaming purposes. The Logitech G633 comes with a microphone that allows for clarity of voice, a definite plus. Also, there is an option to hide the mic for convenience, as well as an option for extending it for better access. It also comes with a variety of options for adjusting the features of the mic and is good for various purposes such as gaming, webchats, normal calls, etc.

The Logitech Pro X comes with a boom mic as well as extra versatility. While the Pro X boasts its blue voice technology, this is also where it lags. The feature in question causes the voice quality to decrease and especially lowers voices of a deeper tone. While this is adjustable to a certain level, the fact remains that the default setting is much more biased towards people with higher voices.


The Logitech G633 LIGHTSYNC comes with a volume knob and padded earpieces which are excellent for comfort purposes. Also included are the mute button, and you get two separated cabled. This especially convenient as this means you can plug them both into your mobile/PC but also direct into your gaming console. The USB cable enables the RGB lighting and surrounds the system for sound.

The Pro X comes with a handy carry case to help store your products accessories, and also with a USB sound card. The G Hub in the USB card allows for an extensive configuration process for features like mic, equalizer, and surround system.


Logitech G Pro XLogitech G633s
DriverHybrid mesh PRO-G 50 mm50 mm
Frequency response20 Hz-20 KHz20 Hz-20 KHz
Impedance35 ohm39 Ohms (passive), 5k Ohms (active)
Sensitivity91.7 dB SPL @ 1 mW & 1 cm93 dB SPL/mW
Mic Size6 mm6 mm
Mic Frequency response100 Hz-10 KHz100 Hz-10 KHz


There is not a substantial price difference between the two pairs of headphones, and it is obvious that they value functionality but also an affordable price range. The Pro X is slightly pricier than the G633 due to having certain features that the G633 does not possess.

However, the G633 gives the Pro X a run for its money in other features, the foremost being that it has almost all the same essential functions that the Pro X possesses.


The above mentioned comparisons illustrate a pretty clear picture of what we are dealing with. Because both headphones are similar in the price range, and work decently considering their price range, it really all boils down to your personal preference of what features you value more. The Pro X has some fancy technology, while the G633 values a more cohesive overall audio experience.

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